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Infrastructure Building Grants/Programs Survey

A group meeting of the COBRE PIs (Joe Fox, Tom Buchanan, Tatyana Polenova, Dave Edwards), CTR lead and ADP Stuart Binder-McCloud, INBRE lead and ADP Steven Stanhope and ADP Research Development “AR” was held on Monday 12/5. The topic of discussion was whether it made sense to collectively share resources and closely coordinate activities deemed as “common good” for infrastructure building grants/programs. The initial meeting targeted NIH supported projects. It was cincluded that some central coordination of CTR and INBRE out of the Research Office would be effective. The discussion then focused on how could COBRE’s benefit/gain from this move.

The outcome was to put together a list of questions for the group to respond to. The objective is to structure this as a federated model (no reporting lines are changed and no F/A is redirected) with coordination from the Research Development office. All the responses will be collected and shared with this group.

If there are any questions, contact the research and development office.

Building Grants/Programs Survey

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