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RO Forms, Policies, and Procedures Search 2019 (Animal)

Animal Subjects in Research
Reporting Misconduct
RO Forms, Policies, and Procedures Search 2019

Policy: Animal Subjects in Research

Animal Use in Research, Teaching and Testing


    This policy addresses the requirement to ensure the humane care and use of vertebrate animals used in research, teaching and testing at the University of Delaware (“UD” or “University”) and applies to all University departments, units, faculty, staff and students.

    1. “Animal Use” shall be defined as the proper care, use and humane treatment of vertebrate animals used in research, testing or teaching.
    2. The Animal Care Program (“ACP”) comprises the collective activities conducted by and at the University that involve Animal Use, such as animal care, veterinary care, associated policies/procedures/practices, associated personnel/management, animal facility operation and management, and Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (“IACUC”) regulatory oversight.
    3. The “IACUC” is a federally mandated University committee that provides institutional oversight over Animal Use by University employees, or by users of the University’s animal facilities, or on University-owned animals housed at non-University operated sites. The IACUC is constituted in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act regulations, the Public Health Service Policy on the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, the National Research Council Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (the Guide), and the Federation of Animal Science Societies Guide for the Use of Agricultural Animals in Research and Teaching (the Ag Guide).
    4. The Institutional Official (“IO”) is the individual who is legally authorized to act for the institution and to oversee and legally certify on behalf of the University that the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA; 7 U.S.C. 2131) and the University’s Public Health Service (PHS) Animal Assurance Statement (PHS Policy on the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, P.L. 99-158, Health Research Extension Act of 1985) are being met.
    5. The “Attending Veterinarian” is the institutional veterinarian responsible for the health and well-being of all animals used in the performance of University research.

    The Provost of the University of Delaware appoints the Deputy Provost for Research & Scholarship as the IO. The Deputy Provost for Research & Scholarship may appoint the Associate Deputy Provost for Research & Regulatory Affairs to act in the capacity of IO.

    The IACUC provides oversight for all UD non-human vertebrate Animal Use, as prescribed by the Animal Welfare Act regulations , the Public Health Service Policy on the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, the Guide, and the Ag Guide.


    The University requires that all projects involving non-human vertebrate Animal Use must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC.

    The University provides at all times humane care and treatment of animals used in research, teaching and testing. Concerns or allegations of misconduct or mistreatment should be directed to either the Attending Veterinarian, the IACUC Chair or the IO. These concerns or allegations may be submitted anonymously. All concerns or allegations will be investigated. Violation of animal welfare regulations will be directed to the IACUC and the IO.

The complete policy and more can be found on the ’s web site.


Policy Details:

OWNER: Provost

SECTION: Research, Sponsored Program, Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Policies

POLICY NUMBER (Legacy): 13-Jun

ORIGINATION DATE: November 3, 2003

REVISION DATE(S): September 6, 2005; January 18, 2008; August 11, 2008; June 18, 2010; July 21, 2015

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