Amber Krauchunas’s Return to Campus Request Summary

SENT TO: Velia Fowler 01/03/2021
Submission Number 1291
Opening Phases Phase 3
Name Amber Krauchunas
Academic Classification Assistant Professor Tenure-Track
PI Email
Emergency Contact / Phone Number 240-481-2502
College College of Arts and Sciences
Lab/Facility WOLF HALL
Physical Distancing and Density Requirements New PI starting my lab. Will keep the number of people in the lab at any given time, including myself, to a maximum of 3. Support room 255 next to the main lab will provide additional space for 1 person to work to keep the number of people in the main lab to a minimum.
Additional team members that will need access
Department Chair Velia Fowler
Department Chair Email
Signature Amber R Krauchunas