Delaware Data Science Symposium: May 12, 2017


The NIH Proposal Academy is a year-long proposal preparation program to assist applicants to become successful NIH researchers. The program includes mentoring, grant writing and graphics assistance, and feedback and review throughout the program. By applying to the program, you are committing the time and effort, if accepted, into developing a full proposal for NIH submission in 2019.

The inaugural NIH Proposal Academy is currently underway. Application information for the 2019-2020 Academy will be available in Spring 2019.


7/15/18 Review complete and Applicant mentor match meeting
8/15/18 Research Idea Abstract due
9/15/18 Applicants receive feedback
10/15/18 Specific Aims due
Late fall 2018 Joe Frascella 1 on 1 with participants: Develop full proposal plan
Spring 2019 Full proposal due, Mock review and feedback
Summer 2019 Graduation with NIH proposal submission
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