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The NIH Proposal Academy is a year-long proposal preparation program to assist participating faculty and researchers to become successful NIH researchers. The program includes science and general mentoring, grant editing and graphics assistance, and feedback and review throughout the program. By applying to the program, you are committing the time and effort, if accepted, into developing a full proposal for NIH submission in 2020.

The timeline to the right is an approximate schedule for component deadlines.  Group meetings and other events will be added throughout the year.

Application Deadline is June 28, 2019

nih academy mentors

2019 Committee Chairs

David Edwards
Associate Dean, College of Health Sciences
Tatyana Polenova
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry


6/28/2019 Application Deadline
8/30/2019 Kickoff Meeting
9/20/2019 Specific Aims Due
11/1/2019 Abstracts Due
11/20/2019 Access to grant writers begins
1/31/2020 Full Proposal Due
3/5/2020 Proposal Feedback
6/5/2020 Proposal Submission to NIH

2019 NIH Proposal Academy Application

This form is currently closed for submissions.

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