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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Comparative Effect of Commercially Available Custom Dynamic Orthoses, (4 yr.)
Elisa Arch

DOD$ 61,133 2019

4D Rheo-SANS Sample Environment for Soft Matter, Biology and Materials Processing, (9 mo.)
Norman Wagner

DOE$ 75,094 2019

Cognitive Behavioral Interventions and Misconduct Behind Bars: A Randomized Control Trial of CBI-CC, (3 yr.)
Daniel O’Connell

DOJ$ 596,458 2019

TRA FHA Scenic and Historic Highways, (1 yr.)
Catherine Morrissey

DOT$ 35,677 2019

Opioid Metrics, (1 mo.)
Mary McDuffie

HHS$ 1,202 2019

Cross-Site Formative Audience Analysis Research to Facilitate Effective Outreach Efforts and Communication Strategies, (6 mo.)
Kami Silk

HHS$ 6,923 2019

Multi-State Examination of Medicaid Opiod Use Disorder Treatment, (11 mo.)
Mary McDuffie

HHS$ 28,340 2019

Nicotinamide Riboside Supplementation for Treating Elevated Systolic Blood Pressure and Arterial Stiffness in Middle-Aged and Older Adults, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
Christopher Martens

HHS$ 217,973 2019

University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, (1 yr.)
Beth Mineo, Laura Eisenman

HHS$ 547,000 2019

Decoding the Non-Canonical Polyubiquitin Chains Using Chemical Approaches, (4 yr.)
Zhihao Zhuang

HHS$ 1,192,524 2019

Toolkit for Fast, Multipurpose and Inducible Bioorthogoal Chemistry, (3 yr. 10 mo.)
Joseph Fox, Xinqiao Jia, Colin Thorpe

HHS$ 1,435,200 2019

Adaptive and Maladaptive Neural Network Responses to Inhibitory Challenges, (4 yr. 9 mo.)
Naomi Samimi-Sadeh, Jeffrey Spielberg

HHS$ 2,969,271 2019

xEMU Composite Hard Upper Torso, (9 mo.)
Danny Molligan, Jason Etherington

NASA$ 1,074,385 2019

Student Travel Grant for 2019 International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis, (1 yr.)
James Clause

NSF$ 10,000 2019

Conference on Finite Geometry and Extremal Combinatorics, (1 yr.)
Qing Xiang

NSF$ 31,376 2019

Integrated Model of CHO Cell Growth, Substrate Uptake and Intracellular Metabolism for Process Design and Control, (1 yr.)
Maciej Antoniewicz

NSF$ 37,500 2019

NSF Oceanographic Instrumentation, (1 yr. 5 mo.)
Timothy Deering

NSF$ 40,480 2019

Soft Ankle Foot Orthosis Using Artificial Muscle, DEAFO, (6 mo.)
Ahad Behboodi

NSF$ 50,000 2019

Establishing Markers for Stability and a Model for Accelerated Prediction of Production (In)stability, (2 yr. 6 mo.)
Kelvin Lee

NSF$ 100,000 2019

Fourier and Fourier-Type Algebras of Lie Groups, (3 yr.)
Mahya Ghandehari

NSF$ 156,432 2019

Designing Magnon-Electron Hybrid Devices with Quantum-Classical Micromagnetics, (3 yr.)
Branislav Nikolic

NSF$ 400,000 2019

Camps: Youth Makers, (8 mo.)
C Crouse

USDA$ 9,560 2019

Hearing-Minded: Women Researchers and the Politics of Deafness in Interwar Britain, (2 yr.)
Jaipreet Virdi Dhesi

General University Research Program$ 5,940 2019

Graduate Student Assistantship from Yale University, (4 mo.)
Saleem Ali

Yale University$ 9,500 2019

General University Research Program Recipient – Hughes, (2 yr.)
Cresean Hughes

General University Research Program$ 9,562 2019

Support for Curriculum Specialists in Cecil County Public Schools Middle School Teachers for ELA Curriculum, (4 mo.)
Sharon Walpole

Cecil County Public Schools$ 10,691 2019

Professional Learning Services for New Castle County Vocational School District to Support Curriculum Alignment, (11 mo.)
Amy Trauth

New Castle County Vocational School Dist$ 11,598 2019

Strengthening Teacher Ability to Reach All Students, (2 yr.)
Sabrin Beg

General University Research Program$ 12,241 2019

Community-Based Intervention for Domestic Violence in Quito, Ecuador, (2 yr.)
Chiara Sabina

General University Research Program$ 14,963 2019

Study of Responses to Local and Global Politics, Media and Propaganda in Post-Cold War Visual Art, Media and Design for Exhibition, Publication and Educational Opportunities, (2 yr.)
Aaron Terry

General University Research Program$ 14,972 2019


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