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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Promoting Tidal and Marine Invasive Species Awareness and Response, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
Katherine Fleming

DOC$ 6,652 2019

Faster-Than-Real-Time Simulation for Resilient DER Integration, (3 yr.)
Steven Hegedus, Christopher Thompson

DOE$ 472,386 2019

Geometry by Example, (3 yr.)
Christina Barbieri

ED$ 207,564 2019

A Multi-Institution Mentorship Consortium Leadership Training, (5 yr.)
Sean Healy

ED$ 465,037 2019

ABC Training, (1 yr.)
Caroline Roben

HHS$ 5,000 2019

ABC Training, (1 yr.)
Caroline Roben

HHS$ 7,000 2019

Planet Youth Coalition SPF-PFS Evaluation Team, (11 mo.)
Meisje Scales, Dana Holz

HHS$ 28,500 2019

ABC Training, (5 yr.)
Caroline Roben

HHS$ 85,000 2019

Botvins Prevention Program, (11 mo.)
C Crouse

HHS$ 92,460 2019

Delaware School Survey Services, (1 yr.)
James Highberger, Rochelle Brittingham

HHS$ 108,000 2019

We Care Innovative Title III Senior Healthcare Program, (3 yr.)
Allison Karpyn, Julia O’Hanlon, Elizabeth Smith

HHS$ 109,958 2019

Small-Scale Transient Structures in the Solar Wind over Two Solar Cycles, (1 yr.)
Michael Shay, Bennett Maruca

NASA$ 97,833 2019

Quantitative Modeling of the Ultraviolet Spectra of Magnetic Massive Stars, (3 yr.)
Christiana Debbrecht, Veronique Petit

NASA$ 128,204 2019

I-Corps: Electrochemical Platform for Chemical Synthesis from Carbon Monoxide, (6 mo.)
Daniel Freeman

NSF$ 50,000 2019

Investigating Virtual Learning Environments, (1 yr.)
Teomara Rutherford

NSF$ 51,830 2019

Enhancing STEM Identity Through E-Mentoring Experiences, (2 yr. 4 mo.)
Teomara Rutherford

NSF$ 87,531 2019

SusChem Collaborative Research: Process Optimization of Novel Routes for the Production of Bio-Based Para Xylene, (10 mo.)
Marianthi Ierapetritou

NSF$ 202,410 2019

Biopesticide Research Under Protocol, (1 yr.)
Mark VanGessel

USDA$ 12,000 2019

Characterization and Deployment of Newly Identified Genes for Durable Resistance to Downy Mildew in Lima Bean, (2 yr. 9 mo.)
Thomas Evans, Nicole Donofrio

USDA$ 49,091 2019

Integrated Weed Management in Cover Crop-Based Field Crop Production, (5 yr.)
Mark VanGessel

USDA$ 210,000 2019

Producing Biodegradable Shoe Soles Using Renewably Source Materials, (9 mo.)
Huantian Cao

Venturewell$ 5,000 2019

The Use of Polysomnography to Track Perceptual Memory Consolidation in Adults with Developmental Language Impairment, (1 yr.)
Frances Earle

American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation$ 25,000 2019

Extended Evaluation of the ASD, iZones and ESSA Turnaround in Tennessee, (10 mo.)
Gary Henry

Vanderbilt University$ 37,560 2019

Delaware Youth Firearms Prevention, (2 yr.)
Christine Visher

Duke University$ 38,686 2019

Estimating the Prevalence of Human Trafficking in Delaware, (1 yr.)
Daniel O’Connell

Criminal Justice Council$ 44,900 2019

ABC Dissemination Training, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Caroline Roben

A E Casey Foundation$ 50,000 2019

Research Fellowship in Ocean Sciences, (10 mo.)
Xinfeng Liang

A.P. Sloan Foundation$ 60,077 2019

Low-Cost Flood Sensing, (11 mo.)
Kevin Brinson, Richard Martin

Delaware Department of Transportation$ 78,304 2019

Media Messages and Public Opinion about Artificial Intelligence, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
Paul Brewer, David Wilson

Charles Koch Foundation$ 93,000 2019

The Role of Oxidative Stress and Endothelial Dysfunction in Sodium-Induced Changes in Pulsatile Hemodynamics, (2 yr.)
Jordan Patik

American Heart Association$ 128,836 2019


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