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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Advanced Undersea Signal Processing Methods, (2 yr.)
Mohsen Badiey, David Knobles

DOD$ 6,000 2019

DARPA Lifelong Learning Machine Systems, (1 yr.)
Cencheng Shen

DOD$ 74,999 2019

Information Retrieval in Clouds, (1 yr.)
Haining Wang

DOD$ 387,644 2019

Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments, (1 yr.)
John Gillespie, Bazle Haque

DOD$ 742,610 2019

1840-1809: Novel and Effective Surface Passivation for High Efficiency n- and p-type Si Solar Cell, (3 yr.)
Ujjwal Das, William Shafarman, Gregory Hanket, Christopher Thompson

DOE$ 800,000 2019

Statewide Traffic Data Analysis and Evaluation, (5 mo.)
Earl Lee

DOT$ 37,500 2019

Outreach, Engagement and Planning for Mobility on Demand Pilot Program, (5 mo.)
Julia O’Hanlon

DOT$ 54,418 2019

Evaluation of New Data Sources for Planning and Operations, (1 yr. 7 mo.)
Earl Lee

DOT$ 84,736 2019

Build Instructional Capacity by Providing Instructional Rounds with Principals and District Office Personnel, (6 mo.)
David Santore

ED$ 22,145 2019

Dissemination ABC Training, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
Caroline Roben

HHS$ 12,960 2019

Family SHADE – Danio Diary, (8 mo.)
Beth Mineo

HHS$ 14,285 2019

Center for Pediatric Research, (1 yr.)
Robert Mason

HHS$ 37,890 2019

Delaware School Surveys, (1 yr.)
Sharon Merriman-Nai

HHS$ 108,000 2019

DRIVEN: Accelerating Medical Entrepreneurship in the Northeast, (1 yr.)
Julius Korley

HHS$ 164,644 2019

The Mobile Toolbox for Monitoring Cognitive Function, (7 mo.)
Jerome Slotkin, David Tulsky

HHS$ 314,499 2019

Mechanical Control of Cell Proliferation and Branching Morphogenesis in the Embryonic Lung, (1 yr.)
Jason Gleghorn

HHS$ 403,536 2019

Unagi-Based Encoded Fluorescent Protein Kinase Sensors, (2 yr.)
Neal Zondlo

HHS$ 421,642 2019

Investigate Potential of Mars and Lunar Resources, (1 yr.)
William Matthaeus, Norman Wagner, Maria Katzarova

NASA$ 100,000 2019

Performance of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Externally Bonded Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Retrofits in Anchorage, AK Earthquake, (1 yr.)
Jovan Tatar

NSF$ 39,850 2019

Multiscale Generalized Correlation: A Unified Distance-Based Correlation Measure for Dependency Discovery, (1 yr. 10 mo.)
Cencheng Shen

NSF$ 142,651 2019

Military 4-H Partnership Youth Camps, (1 yr.)
C Crouse, Sequoia Rent

USDA$ 25,197 2018 2019

Diversification of Cropping Systems: Adaptational Genomic Selection in Maize, (3 yr.)
Randall Wisser

USDA$ 500,000 2019

Mechanisms Regulating Inflammation After Cataract Surgery, (1 yr.)
Samuel Novo

Sigma Xi$ 2,028 2019

Vulnerability of the Largest U.S. Estuary to Acidification: Implications of Declining pH for Shellfish Hatcheries in the Chesapeake Bay, (2 yr.)
Gerhard Kuska

Virginia Institute of Marine Science$ 15,412 2019

Feasibility Study: Cote D’Ivories’s Learning Crisis Through Family and School Based Interventions, (5 mo.)
Kaja Jasinska

Jacobs Foundation$ 19,983 2019

Enhancement of Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring in Delawares Inland Bays, (1 yr.)
Kevin Brinson

Center For The Inland Bays$ 21,757 2019

Analyzing Online Promotional and Merchandising Strategy for Sustainable Cotton in the World Marketplace, (1 yr.)
Sheng Lu, Hye-Shin Kim

Cotton Incorporated$ 23,585 2019

EM11159 Task Order 5, (5 mo.)
Douglas Buttrey

ExxonMobil Corporation$ 28,000 2019

Establishment of Desirable Vegetation on Medians and Roadsides, (5 mo.)
Susan Barton

Delaware Department of Transportation$ 41,685 2019

The Correlation between Track Geometry Defects and Tie Conditions, (1 yr.)
Allan Zarembski

Georgetown Rail Equipment Company$ 49,800 2019


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