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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Coupled Infusion-Cure Modeling Simulation for Low-Cost Composite Parts for Process Defects and Geometric Conformity, (7 mo.)
Suresh Advani

DOD$ 44,846 2019

Physics-Based Approach to Computational Design of Molecular Solids, (3 yr.)
Krzysztof Szalewicz

DOD$ 472,360 2019

High-Efficiency Reversible Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells, (2 yr. 3 mo.)
Yushan Yan

DOE$ 250,001 2019

Measurements and Modeling to Improve Prediction of Vulnerability of Coastal Water Resources and Ecosystems to Salinization by Storm Surges and Sea-Level Rise, (3 yr.)
Gerald Kauffman

DOI$ 195,215 2019

Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, (7 mo.)
Trevor Nelson, Oyenike Olabisi

DOS$ 200,000 2019

National Security Language Initiative for Youth-Short Term Summer Programs in China, (10 mo.)
Jianguo Chen

DOS$ 312,742 2019

An Artificial Intelligence Traffic Data Analysis Tool for Advanced Traffic Management, (6 mo.)
Mahyar MovahedNejad

DOT$ 25,000 2019

Travel Demand Modeling Support, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
Earl Lee

DOT$ 72,085 2019

Center for Child and Family Health Consulting, (6 mo.)
Caroline Roben

HHS$ 4,320 2019

Wright County Health and Human Service Servicd Agreement, (1 yr.)
Caroline Roben

HHS$ 4,320 2019

Promoting Integration of Primary and Behavioral Health Care (PIP) Evaluation, (6 mo.)
Laura Rapp

HHS$ 28,000 2019

Developing, Implementing and Evaluating a Video-based Lesson Series for Health and Science Educators, (9 mo.)
Kami Silk

HHS$ 77,026 2019

Provider-Assisted HIV Partner Notification and Testing Intervention for Prisoners in Indonesia, (2 yr. 10 mo.)
Valerie Earnshaw

HHS$ 93,352 2019

Elucidating a New Function for Topoisomerase II in Meiotic Chromosome Segregation, (2 yr.)
Aimee Jaramillo-Lambert

HHS$ 152,432 2019

Molecular Mechanism of Ca2+- Induced Mitochondrial Shape Transition in Metazoans, (4 yr. 11 mo.)
Jeffrey Caplan

HHS$ 198,134 2019

Evaluation Planning Service for the State Opioid Response Grant, (9 mo.)
Laura Rapp, Daniel O’Connell

HHS$ 268,470 2019

Semantic Literature Annotation and Integrative Panomics Analysis for PTM-Disease Knowledge Network Discovery, (1 yr.)
Cathy Wu, Vijay Shanker, Hongzhan Huang, Cecilia Arighi

HHS$ 365,327 2019

Using Hippocampal-Prefrontal Theta Synchrony to Enhance Spatial Working Memory, (1 yr. 10 mo.)
Amy Griffin

HHS$ 375,268 2019

Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative, (2 yr.)
Beth Mineo

HHS$ 432,505 2019

Actin Cytoskeleton Regulation of Lens Architecture, Transparency and Mechanics, (1 yr. 5 mo.)
Velia Fowler

HHS$ 555,225 2019

RNA-Binding Proteins in Early Eye Development, (5 yr.)
Salil Lachke

HHS$ 1,728,392 2019

Mechanisms of Vascular Dysfunction with Advancing Reproductive Age, (5 yr.)
Megan Wenner, Ryan Pohlig

HHS$ 2,295,151 2019

Research Infrastructure Development (RID) in Delaware, (3 yr.)
William Matthaeus, James MacDonald

NASA$ 375,000 2019

Role of Turbulence in Suprathermal Particle Energization Statistics of Intermittency Discontinuities and Dissipation in Interplanetary Turbulence from Earth Orbit to the Outer Helisophere, (3 yr.)
Tulasi Parashar, Alexandros Chasapis Giannakopoulos, William Matthaeus

NASA$ 523,109 2019

Convergence: RAISE Nearshore Water-Land Interface During Extreme Storms, (3 yr.)
Holly Michael

NSF$ 50,603 2019

RAPID: Neutron Monitors in the 21st Century, (1 yr.)
John Clem

NSF$ 165,983 2019

ARS DNA Sequencing, (1 yr.)
Brewster Kingham

USDA$ 44,000 2019

Thomas Kaminski

The Brain Injury Association of Delaware$ 1,000 2019

Attitudes and Behaviors of Undergraduate Dietetics Students Toward Alternative Food Production Practices, (1 yr.)
Kristin Wiens

FoodService Systems Management Education$ 2,000 2019

Introductory Training in Bookworms K-5 Reading and Writing to Woodbridge School District Teachers, (3 mo.)
Sharon Walpole

Woodbridge School District$ 3,600 2019


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