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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Investigation on the Topic of Crab Pot Fishing Efforts in the Inland Bays, (8 mo.)
Arthur Trembanis, Katherine Fleming

DOC$ 20,000 2019

MARACOOS: Preparing for a Changing Mid-Atlantic, (1 yr.)
Matthew Oliver

DOC$ 50,000 2019

The Contribution of Land Subsidence to Relative Sea-Level Rise Along the Delaware Bay Coastline in Central Delaware, (8 mo.)
Thomas McKenna, Changming He, David Wunsch, Daniel Warner

DOC$ 78,281 2019

MARACOOS: Preparing for a Changing Mid-Atlantic, (1 yr.)
Matthew Oliver

DOC$ 340,792 2019

Catalyst Testing, (10 mo.)
Feng Jiao

DOE$ 49,994 2019

Methane Storage with Porous Cage-Based Composite Materials, (3 yr. 2 mo.)
Eric Bloch

DOE$ 918,501 2019

Adult Recidivism Reduction Employment Project Evaluation, (1 yr.)
Daniel O’Connell

DOJ$ 51,974 2019

Load Rating of Bridges with Missing As-Built Plans, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
Harry Shenton, Jovan Tatar

DOT$ 45,000 2019

Coaching and Professional Development to Support iImplementation of Bookworms Curriculum in K-5th Classrooms, (8 mo.)
Jaime True Daley

ED$ 7,200 2019

University of Delaware Coastal Monitoring Program, (11 mo.)
Edward Whereat

EPA$ 147,649 2019

Professional Development Award, (6 mo.)
Alison Wessel

HHS$ 1,416 2019

Randomized Trial of Nutrition Labeling Interventions in Vending Machines, (11 mo.)
Amy Bleakley

HHS$ 11,312 2019

The Impact of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Warning Labels on Consumer Beliefs and Behaviors, (11 mo.)
Amy Bleakley

HHS$ 19,437 2019

Novel Stigma/Structural Interventions for Increasing HIV/STI Testing Among BMSM, (1 yr.)
Valerie Earnshaw

HHS$ 21,191 2019

Dynamic Treatment Regimens of Physical Activity for Persons with Osteoarthritis, (1 yr. 11 mo.)
Daniel White

HHS$ 51,288 2019

Factors Impacting Locomotor lLearning Following Stroke, (1 yr.)
Margaret French

HHS$ 62,227 2019

Biophysical Properties of the HIV-1 Capsid and its Interactions with MxB, (1 yr.)
Juan Perilla

HHS$ 93,329 2019

Develop Literature Mining Tool for Extracting Context Specific Glycan-Protein Information, (1 yr.)
Vijay Shanker

HHS$ 123,127 2019

Understanding the Protein Interactions Required for Virus Assembly, (3 yr. 9 mo.)
Tatyana Polenova

HHS$ 326,304 2019

Master Players Concert Series, (1 yr.)
Xiang Gao

NEA$ 25,000 2019

Lithospher-Scale Anisotropic Imaging Across the Eastern North American Margin’s Ocean-Continent Transition, (11 mo.)
Colton Lynner

NSF$ 115,472 2019

Investigating the Influences of Hydrothermal and Respired Carbon in Intermediate Waters of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean During the Last Deglaciation, (2 yr. 11 mo.)
Chandranath Basak

NSF$ 255,788 2019

Retraining-Free, Concurrent Test and Diagnosis in Emerging Neural Network Accelerators, (3 yr.)
Chengmo Yang

NSF$ 264,998 2019

Understanding and Enhancing Proprioception Via Model-Based Human-Robot Interactions, (4 yr.)
Jennifer Semrau, Omar Medina, Fabrizio Sergi, Hyosub Kim

NSF$ 748,231 2019

Miticide Resistance Monitoring For Spider Mites in Delaware Specialty Crops, (2 yr. 9 mo.)
David Owens

USDA$ 15,383 2019

Cost Benefits of Common Insecticide Practices Used to Prevent Soybean Pest Problems in Delaware, (2 yr. 5 mo.)
David Owens

USDA$ 28,221 2019

Biological Control of Two Spotted Spider Mites in Cucurbits, (2 yr. 9 mo.)
David Owens

USDA$ 33,919 2019

Child and Adult Care Food Program, (1 yr.)
Diana Morello-DeSerio

USDA$ 104,371 2019

Beginning Farmer Workshops, (1 yr.)
Daniel Severson

University of Vermont$ 16,321 2019

To Evaluate the Effect of Different DFM Consortia in Chickens Challenged with Clostridium Perfringens, (1 yr.)
Brian Ladman

DuPont Company$ 21,430 2019


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