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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Malware Analysis for the Generation of Important Characteristics (MAGIC), (2 yr.)
John Cavazos

DOD$ 185,208 2018

CMOS Compatible, Optically Upconverted, Multifunctional Phased Array System, (3 yr.)
Dennis Prather

DOD$ 695,751 2018

ARO SWIR Obscurant Study, (1 yr.)
Keith Goossen

DOD$ 50,000 2018

Development of Rare Event Simulation Methods for Improved Mechanistic Understanding of Mineral Surface Reactivity, (3 yr.)
Adam Wallace

DOE$ 537,265 2018

National Security Language Initiative for Youth-Short Term Summer Programs in China, (10 mo.)
Jianguo Chen

DOS$ 311,981 2018

Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, (7 mo.)
Trevor Nelson, Daniel Bottomley

DOS$ 234,333 2018

Instructional Leadership, Management and School Culture for Gauger-Cobbs Middle School, (11 mo.)
Emily Poag

ED$ 13,000 2018

Florida Developmental Disabilities Network Collaborative Leadership Program, (1 yr. 4 mo.)
Steven Eidelman, Nancy Weiss

HHS$ 101,504 2018

Foliar Feeding Beetle Efficacy, (1 yr.)
Brian Kunkel

USDA$ 8,380 2018

Northeast Region Minor Crop Pest Management Program, (1 yr.)
Mark VanGessel, Barbara Scott

USDA$ 34,840 2018

Closing the Si Cycle in Rice Agroecosystems to Sustainably Control as and Cd Uptake by Rice Grown Under Alternate Wetting and Drying (Awd), (3 yr.)
Angelia Seyfferth

USDA$ 492,500 2018

Professional Development for the Academy of Dover Teachers, (11 mo.)
Amy Trauth-Nare

Academy Of Dover Charter School$ 6,868 2017

Biomolecular Interaction Technologies, (2 yr.)
Christopher Roberts, Eric Furst

Biomolecular Interaction Technologies Ct$ 110,000 2018

Development of a Climate Resiliency Resource Inventory Portal, (5 mo.)
Christina Callahan

Delaware Department of Natural Resources$ 37,493 2018

Development of a Coastal Storm Hazard Early Warning and Decision Support Dashboard for Delaware, (11 mo.)
Christina Callahan

Delaware Department of Natural Resources$ 49,755 2018

Intercomparison Between Gas Mapping Lidar and Tracer Correlation Methods for Landfill Methane Emissions Quantification, (2 yr.)
Paul Imhoff

Environmental Research & Education Found$ 76,709 2018

Defining the Boundaries of Anaerobic Microbial Transformations of Methane, (1 yr.)
Jennifer Biddle

ExxonMobil Corporation$ 203,892 2018

Data Analytics Framework for the Smart Asthma Management System with Bluetooth-Enabled Personal Inhalers, (2 yr.)
Junbo Son

General University Research Program$ 7,500 2018

Mapping the Lives of Chronic Pain Sufferers and Access to Disability Assistance, (2 yr.)
Paul Jackson

General University Research Program$ 10,434 2018

Comparing fNIRS-Based Cortical Activation During Social Cooperation Between Children with and without ASD., (2 yr.)
Anjana Bhat

General University Research Program$ 15,000 2018

The Relationship Among Sleep, Executive Function and Diabetes Management in Late Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes, (2 yr.)
Xiaopeng Ji

General University Research Program$ 15,000 2018

Psychological and Perceptual Contributions to Biased and Accurate Pain Care, (2 yr.)
Peter Mende-Siedlecki

General University Research Program$ 16,694 2018

Transition Education & Careers in Computer Information Science & Engineering, (10 yr.)
Brian Freedman, Debra Yarrington, Kenneth Barner, Kathleen McCoy

JPMorganChase$ 7,500,000 2018

Develop Integrated Analog Photonic Modulator Components Compatible with Photonic Foundry Production, (11 mo.)
Dennis Prather

Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc.$ 33,190 2018

Illuminating Cellular Trafficking Pathways Using a Pathogen-Derived Lipid Probe, (1 yr.)
Colleen Pike

Sigma Xi$ 1,000 2018

Tell it Like it is: Student Stories of Racial Interactions and Campus Climate, (2 yr.)
Rosalie Dow

Spencer Foundation$ 49,936 2018

Security Assessment for Law Enforcement Officers Seminar Training, (6 mo.)
Jeffrey Evans

State of Delaware-Dept. of Justice$ 10,564 2018

Thomas Kaminski

The Brain Injury Association of Delaware$ 3,570 2018

Stewardship Assistant Intern, (2 mo.)
Jeffrey Buler

The Nature Conservancy$ 5,000 2018

4-H Youth Development, (10 mo.)
Christina Morrow

UD 4H$ 9,035 2018


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