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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

A Highly Efficient Multi-Dimensional Semi-Lagrangia Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Vlasov Simulations, (6 mo.)
Jingmei Qiu

DOD$ 72,246 2018

Making Waves in the Classroom – Engaging Students in STEM Through Hands-on Coastal Oceanography and Engineering, (1 yr.)
Jack Puleo

DOD$ 440,017 2018

Training, (1 yr.)
Mary Dozier

DOJ$ 3,240 2018

Multi-Scale Investigation of Metastable Phases in Sustainable Polymers, (2 yr.)
John Rabolt, Isao Noda, D Chase

NSF$ 285,000 2018

Dynamic Degradation of Proteins by Ubiquitination Provides a Novel Therapeutic for Controlling Elevated Protein Levels, (3 yr.)
Wilfred Chen

NSF$ 300,000 2018

Blue-Noise Graph Sampling Arce, (3 yr.)
Gonzalo Arce, Sebastian Cioaba

NSF$ 300,000 2018

Simulation and Numerical Analysis in Elastodynamics, (3 yr.)
Francisco Sayas Gonzalez

NSF$ 325,000 2018

CyberInfrastructure Technology Advancement for Delaware Upgrade to Internet2, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
Jason Cash, Fraser Gutteridge, William Totten, Sharon Pitt, Doke Scott

NSF$ 447,089 2018

Metal Catalyzed Methods for the Preparation of Organosilanes and Related Reactions, (3 yr.)
Donald Watson

NSF$ 479,676 2018

Fine-Grain Multithreading Through Hardware/Software Co-Design, (3 yr.)
Kenneth Barner

NSF$ 522,897 2018

Losing Nemo- The Impact of Changing Seas on Mutualistic Behavioral Interactions, (5 yr.)
Danielle Durham

NSF$ 750,000 2018

Porting the MPS/University of Chicago Radiative MHD Models to GPUs Using OpenACC, (4 mo.)
Sunita Chandrasekaran

NSF$ 56,555 2018

Evaluation and Optimization of Innovative, Mycoremediation Technologies to Remove Pathogens and Antibiotics from Dairy Manure, (3 yr.)
Anastasia Chirnside, Kalmia Kniel

USDA$ 469,999 2018

Optimization of Starter N Fertilizer Application for Corn Planted into a Cereal Rye Cover Crop, (2 yr.)
Jarrod Miller, Mark VanGessel

Maryland-College Park,University of$ 23,469 2018

Instant k-Space Tomography for Spatial-Spectral Monitoring, (1 yr.)
Dennis Prather

Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc.$ 45,000 2018

Support for Secondary Social Studies Teachers on Professional Learning of Standards-Based Instruction and Assessment, (1 yr.)
Francis O’Malley

Red Clay Consolidated School District$ 8,326 2018

Glider Deployment in the White Shark Cafe, (10 mo.)
Matthew Oliver

Schmidt Ocean Institute$ 35,518 2018

MicroRNA-124 Regulates the Delta/Notch Signaling Pathway to Control Mesodermal Cell Fate Specification, (1 yr.)
Kalin Konrad

Sigma Xi$ 1,000 2018

Choices, (3 yr. 4 mo.)
Benjamin Oser

The National Collegiate Athletic Assoc.$ 30,000 2018

Provide Training and Coaching in Bookworms Reading and Writing for Thomas Edison Charter School, (1 yr.)
Sharon Walpole

Thomas Edison Charter School$ 12,374 2018

Bracing for Impact: The Role of Aerial Roots in Maize Stability, (2 yr.)
Erin Sparks

UD Research Foundation$ 25,000 2018

Assessing Stability and Change in Inhibitory Brain Networks Related to Psychopathology and Risky Behavior, (2 yr.)
Naomi Samimi-Sadeh

UD Research Foundation$ 25,000 2018

Investigating the Impact of Diet on Amyloid-beta Toxicity in C. elegans, (2 yr.)
Jessica Tanis

UD Research Foundation$ 25,000 2018

The Origin and Fate of Magnetic Massive Stars, (2 yr.)
Veronique Petit

UD Research Foundation$ 25,000 2018

Probing the Estuary’s Skin: Environmental Controls on the Chemical Composition of Delaware Bay’s Surface Microlayer, (2 yr.)
Andrew Wozniak

UD Research Foundation$ 25,000 2018

Topographic Controls on the Rapid Melting of Marine-Terminating Glaciers in Patagonia, (2 yr.)
Carlos Moffat Varas

UD Research Foundation$ 25,000 2018

Cloudlet Management: Enabling Cooperative Edge Computing, (2 yr.)
Lena Mashayekhy

UD Research Foundation$ 25,000 2018

Optimizing Nanoparticle Delivery to Lung Dendritic Cell Subsets for Development of New Pulmonary Therapeutics, (2 yr.)
Catherine Fromen

UD Research Foundation$ 25,000 2018

Plasmonic Nanomaterials Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Fuel Cells, (2 yr.)
Tingyi Gu

UD Research Foundation$ 25,000 2018

Combining fNIRS and Eye-Tracking Measures to Examine Dynamic Changes in Neuroplasticity and Language Skills in Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Infants, (2 yr.)
Giovanna Morini, Kaja Jasinska

UD Research Foundation$ 25,000 2018


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