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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Grain/Turbulence-Scale Numerical Simulation of Heterogeneous Sediment Transport and their Parameterization in Coastal Models, (2 yr.)
Tianjian Hsu

DOD$ 127,626 2018

ONR Ship Support, (1 yr.)
Jon Swallow

DOD$ 360,558 2018

A Modular L-Shaped Array for 3D Measurements in Shallow Water, (1 yr.)
Mohsen Badiey

DOD$ 499,707 2018

Syntrophic Co-Cultures of Clostridium Organisms to Produce Higher Alcohols and Other C6-C8 Metabolites, (3 yr.)
Eleftherios Papoutsakis

DOE$ 1,499,231 2018

Mechanical Integrity of Memory Systems in Mild Cognitive Impairment, (4 yr. 9 mo.)
Curtis Johnson, David Edwards, Matthew Cohen, Ryan Pohlig

HHS$ 2,336,636 2018

Oceanographic Technical Services, (5 yr.)
Timothy Deering

NSF$ 9,115 2018

Oceanographic Instrumentation, (1 yr.)
Timothy Deering

NSF$ 20,000 2018

Bleaching Phenotypes of Acute VS Chronic Coral Bleaching Susceptibility and Resilience for Standardized Coral Resilience Diagnostic, (2 yr.)
Mark Warner

NSF$ 109,361 2018

How Transient Electrical and Magnetic Signals Relate to Changes in Recharge-Driven Redox State and Iron Mineral Transformations, (3 yr.)
Estella Atekwana

NSF$ 116,351 2018

Predicting Current-Use Pesticides and Emerging Flame Retardants in a Changing Arctic – Fate and Phototransformation, (3 yr.)
Yu-Ping Chin

NSF$ 160,350 2018

qRNA-PAINT as a Method for High-Throughput, Quantitative, Single Molecule Analysis of Cellular RNAs and their Networks, (2 yr.)
Jeffrey Caplan

NSF$ 299,932 2018

Enabling Quantum Leap: Topological Nanoparticles as Potential Room-Temperature Qubits, (2 yr.)
Stephanie Law Toner

NSF$ 300,000 2018

PIC: Hybrid Integration of Electro-Optic and Semiconductor Photonic Devices and Circuits with the AIM Photonics Institute, (3 yr.)
Dennis Prather

NSF$ 359,674 2018

Connecting Hydrology, Biology, and Geochemistry in a Coastal Wetland: Feedbacks between Ecosystem Processes Toward Predictive Understanding, (2 yr.)
Holly Michael

NSF$ 374,175 2018

Biomechanical Engineering Foundations in Impactful Research, Science and Technology, (3 yr.)
Jill Higginson

NSF$ 376,553 2018

Novel Functionality in Programming Models to Productively Abstract Wavefront Parallel Pattern, (3 yr.)
Sunita Chandrasekaran

NSF$ 399,703 2018

Unravelling Mechanisms of Fe Oxidation Using Synthetic Biology and Biochemistry, (3 yr.)
Clara Chan

NSF$ 500,000 2018

Solar-Driven Carbon Dioxide Utilization for Environmental Sustainability, (4 yr.)
Feng Jiao, Bingjun Xu

NSF$ 500,000 2018

Physics of Dune Erosion During Extreme Surge and Wave Events, (3 yr.)
Jack Puleo

NSF$ 598,957 2018

Perceptual Determinants and Neural Bases of Racial Bias in Pain Care, (2 yr.)
Peter Mende-Siedlecki

UDRF$ 24,997 2018

Renewal of the Beneficial Insect Lab, (1 yr.)
Douglas Tallamy

USDA$ 5,000 2018

NAHLN Member Laboratory Work Plan, (1 yr.)
Calvin Keeler, Brian Ladman

USDA$ 137,000 2018

Design, Analysis, and Testing for Composite Oil Tank, (2 mo.)
Danny Molligan

Parker Hannifin Corporation$ 42,000 2018

12th Night Robbins Support, (1 yr.)
Sanford Robbins

Richenthal Foundation$ 7,500 2018

Professional Development for Educators at Seaford School District in the Areas of Literacy, Mathematics and Science, (1 yr.)
Amy Trauth

Seaford School District$ 41,914 2018

Reimagine Goals of Improving Instruction and Understanding of Next Generation Science Standards, (1 yr.)
Amy Trauth

Smyrna School District$ 5,500 2018

Professional Development for Educators at St. Georges Technical High School Improving Understanding and Implementation of Next Generation Science Standards, (1 yr.)
Amy Trauth

St. Georges Technical High School$ 9,845 2018

Delaware Clinical and Translational Research ACCEL Program State of Delaware, (5 yr.)
Stuart Binder-Macleod, Thomas Buchanan, Allison Karpyn, Susan Giancola

State of Delaware-General$ 5,000,000 2018


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