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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Delaware Environmental Observation System, (1 yr. 9 mo.)
Kevin Brinson

DHS$ 123,685 2017

Dry Floodproofing of Marine Operations Building, (3 yr. 5 mo.)
Mark Seifert, Bruce Campbell, Frank Bramante

DHS$ 762,209 2017

Climate Resiliency Resource Inventory and Needs Assessment, (5 mo)
Christina L Callahan

DOC$ 25,395 2017

Creating Workforce Ready Students that Develop Transferable, Interactive Software Designed to Encourage Free-Choice Learning at National Estuarine Research Reserves, (2 yr)
Terrence G Harvey

DOC$ 22,006 2017

Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments 2017, (1 yr)
John W Gillespie, Suresh Advani, Joseph Deitzel, Bazle Haque

DOD$ 640,510 2017

Design and Fabrication of Highly Linear Electro-Optic Modulators, (1 yr 5 mo)
Dennis W Prather

DOD$ 189,186 2017

Lumilant/ARO Wavelength Specific Dielectric Obscurants Using Electromagnetically Engineered Nanoparticles, (1 yr 9 mo)
Mark Steven Mirotznik

DOD$ 352,644 2017

Development of Wavemakers in NHWAVE for Rogue Wave Modeling Study, (8 mo)
Fengyan Shi

DOD$ 35,000 2017

Brain MR Elastography in Athletes with Repeated Subconcussive Head Impacts, (1 yr. 3 mo.)
Curtis Johnson, Thomas Buckley

DOD$ 151,789 2017

Low Power Silicon Photonics, (3 yr)
Dennis W Prather

DOD$ 823,338 2017

Crystallographically Anisotropic and Highly Pure MnBi Alloys for Permanent Magnets, (2 yr)
George Hadjipanayis

DOE$ 212,819 2017

Preparation of a Simulation Model to Simulate the Filtration of Radioactively Contaminated Wash Waters, (1 yr 4 mo)
John Michael Byrne

DOE$ 22,527 2017

R Package Development and Data Certification for the National Park Services Units of the National Capital Region and the Northeast, (2 yr 7 mo)
W G. Shriver

DOI$ 89,989 2017

Implementing the Land Bird Monitoring Protocol for the National Park Service Units of the National Capital Region Network, (4 yr 6 mo)
W G. Shriver

DOI$ 175,938 2017

Statewide Traffic Data Analysis and Evaluation, (11 mo)
Earl Eugene Lee II

DOT$ 88,924 2017

TRA FHA Scenic + Historic Highways Phase XIV, (10 mo)
Rebecca J Sheppard, Catherine Morrissey

DOT$ 149,903 2017

TRA FHA Scenic and Historic Highways Phase XV, (11 mo.)
Catherine Morrissey, Michael Emmons

DOT$ 149,998 2017

University of Delaware Coastal Monitoring Program, (9 mo)
Edward B Whereat

EPA$ 147,649 2017

University of Delaware Coastal Monitoring Program, (11 mo.)
Edward Whereat

EPA$ 147,649 2017

HIV Prevention, (10 mo.)
Sharon Merriman-Nai

HHS$ 45,000 2017

Delaware Medical Reserve Corp (DMRC) Recruitment for Diabetes and Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs Implementation, (7 mo)
Bethany A Hall-Long, Ingrid S Hansen

HHS$ 87,278 2017

Production Environment for the Composite of Post-Event Well-being, (3 yr.)
James Kendra

HHS$ 473,994 2017

Effects of Lipidomic Diversity on GPCR, (5 yr.)
Edward Lyman

HHS$ 1,661,171 2017

ECHO Pro Research Resource: A Developmentally-Based Measurement Science Framework for Assessing Environmental Exposure and Child Health, (11 mo)
Jerome Slotkin, David Tulsky

HHS$ 67,237 2017

Cu-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Reactions for Novel Dental Composite Materials, (1 yr 4 mo)
Christopher J Kloxin

HHS$ 149,616 2017

Novel Stigma/Structural Interventions for Increasing HIV/STI Testing Among BMSM, (8 mo)
Valerie A Earnshaw

HHS$ 97,048 2017

What is the Structure of NGC 1624-2’s Giant Magnetosphere, (1 yr)
Veronique Petit

NASA$ 53,933 2017

Evaluation of Graphene-Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits for High-Speed, Light Weight and Radiation Hard Optical Communication in Space, (3 yr.)
William Matthaeus, Bennett Maruca, Tingyi Gu

NASA$ 118,976 2017

Multiple Spacecraft Space-Time Correlation — Method and Implementation, (3 yr)
William H Matthaeus

NASA$ 342,000 2017

Theoretical Support for the ISOIS Instruments and the Solar Probe Plus Mission, (9 mo)
William H Matthaeus

NASA$ 25,000 2017


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