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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

DNREC Pond Level Monitoring Year III, (6 mo)
Kevin Brinson

DHS$ 64,515 2017

Replacement Sensors for DEOS Network, (6 mo)
Kevin Brinson

DHS$ 25,000 2017

The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), (5 yr)
Kelvin Lee, Kathleen Sanford

DOC$ 70,000,000 2017

Katrina Tomecek DE Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship 2017, (1 yr)
James Falk

DOC$ 56,500 2017

Lauren Knapp DE Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship 2017, (1 yr)
James Falk

DOC$ 56,500 2017

Incidental Mortality in Sea Scallops Investigating Predator Response and Size Selective Rates of Mortality from BACI Image Surveys, (2 yr)
Arthur Trembanis, Douglas Miller

DOC$ 556,748 2017

Horizon: Validation of an Improved Method for Rapid Characterization of Protein Aggregates in Biologic Drugs for Increased Quality and Safety, (2 yr.)
Christopher Roberts

DOC$ 90,001 2017

Resin Infusible Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Broadgoods for Fatigue Dominated Applications, (1 yr 11 mo)
Joseph Deitzel

DOD$ 225,000 2017

CO2 Fuel Effort, (1 yr)
Raul Lobo

DOD$ 204,900 2017

Cy2017 ONR Ship Support, (11 mo)
Jon Swallow

DOD$ 577,089 2017

New Directions in the Development of Atomic Clocks, (3 yr)
Marianna Safronova

DOD$ 624,677 2017

Application of C and N Stable Isotope Analysis to Evaluate and Quantify Degradation of DNAN and NTO, (2 yr 9 mo)
Neil Sturchio

DOD$ 1,014,223 2017

2017 American Councils DOS ECA National Security Language Initiative for Youth-Short Term Summer Programs in China, (10 mo)
Jianguo Chen, Chung-min Tu

DOS$ 304,110 2017

Ongoing Research, Evaluation and Preservation of the Indian River Inlet Bridge Structure Health Monitoring System-Yr 2, (1 yr)
Michael Chajes, Harry Shenton

DOT$ 70,842 2017

Ongoing Professional Development and Coaching in Math for Elementary Teachers at St. Peter Cathedral School, (8 mo)
Faith Muirhead

ED$ 5,398 2017

8 Days of In-Classroom Coaching On Responsive Classroom, (9 mo)
Emily Poag

ED$ 5,785 2017

Development of Mushroom Mycelium Based Biocomposites for Fashion Products, (1 yr.)
Huantian Cao, Kelly Cobb

EPA$ 18,148 2017

Services to Provide Delaware School Surveys, (1 yr)
Sharon Merriman-Nai, Steven Martin

HHS$ 108,000 2017

Unresolved Post-Concussion Balance Deficits and Subsequent Musculoskeletal Injury, (2 yr.)
Thomas Buckley

HHS$ 164,482 2017

Collagen-Based Targeting for Improving Delivery and Efficacy of Osteoarthritis Drugs, (2 yr)
Kristi Kiick, Christopher Price

HHS$ 366,470 2017

Arsenic-Mediated Fibrosis and Developmental Dysregulation in the Fetal Lung, (2 yr.)
Jason Gleghorn

HHS$ 410,549 2017

Pressure in Lung Development and Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, (5 yr)
Jason Gleghorn, Randall Duncan

HHS$ 1,940,972 2017

Identifying the Role of Developmental and Mechanical Cues Required for Tendon-Bone Attachment Maturation and Healing, (1 yr)
Megan Killian

HHS$ 165,720 2017

Practicing Safety Mindfulness Project for Mothers in Drug Treatment, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Michael Mackenzie

HHS$ 14,700 2017

University of Delaware and University of Oklahoma Service Agreement, (1 yr.)
Mary Dozier

HHS$ 14,001 2017

Fair Housing Project to Detect Differences in the Quality of Maintenance of Real Estate Owned Residential Properties Located in New Castle County, Delaware, (1 yr)
Steven Peuquet

HUD$ 27,044 2017

Collaborative Research on Deep Ocean Warming and Surface Warming Hiatus, (8 mo)
Xiao-Hai Yan

NASA$ 15,000 2017

Graphical Software for Analyzing Multi-Instrument Measurements of Solar-Wind Ions, (2 yr)
Bennett Maruca

NASA$ 146,295 2017

GMU/NSF RIPS Type 2: Quantifying Disaster Resilience of Critical Infrastracture-Based Societal Systems with Emergent Behavior and Dynamic Interdependencies, (1 yr)
Joanne Nigg, Rachel Davidson

National Science Foundation$ 301,571 2017

Science of Learning: Collaborative Networks, (2 yr)
Roberta Golinkoff

National Science Foundation$ 120,421 2017


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