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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

DPAS II Professional Development, (11 mo.)
David Santore

DDOE$ 19,255 2018

Objective Clinical Prescription of Passive-Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthoses to Optimize Patient Outcomes, (3 yr.)
Elisa Arch

DOD$ 500,000 2018

CRA MEDE Congressional Plus Up, (1 yr. 5 mo.)
John Gillespie

DOD$ 811,900 2018

Rescue, Preservation and Access: Delaware Geological Survey’s Atlantic OCS Sample and Data Repository, (1 yr.)
Mojisola KunleDare, Peter McLaughlin

DOI$ 38,923 2018

National Ground Water Monitoring Network Survey, (2 yr.)
Alan Andres

DOI$ 86,347 2018

Geologic Map of the Coastal Plain Portion of Newark West and Newark East Quadrangles, (1 yr.)
Kelvin Ramsey

DOI$ 107,110 2018

Bio-Digester for On-site Digestion of Food Waste, (1 yr.)
Daniel Cha

DSWA$ 58,150 2018

Professional Development and In-Class Support to Appoquinimink High School Science Teachers to Increase Alignment of Instruction to the Next Generation Science Standards, (11 mo.)
Amy Trauth

ED$ 4,892 2018

Leadership Coaching for Four Assistant Principals and Three Principals, (1 yr.)
David Santore

ED$ 25,000 2018

Efficacy of the DCCS Program, (1 yr.)
Steven Amendum

ED$ 553,281 2018

Produce Safety Training, (10 mo.)
Gordon Johnson

HHS$ 41,326 2018

Develop a Protocol for Preparing and Sequencing Reduced Representation Genomic Libraries Using Next-Generation Sequencing Technology to Discover and Genotype Sequence Polymorphisms, (5 mo.)
Randall Wisser

USDA$ 21,780 2018

Develop a Protocol for Preparing and Sequencing Reduced Representation Genomic Libraries Using Next-Generation Sequencing Technology to Discover and Genotype Sequence Polymorphisms, (1 yr.)
Randall Wisser

USDA$ 22,880 2018

Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey, (1 yr.)
Nancy Gregory

USDA$ 1,300 2018

Realizing a Community’s Collective Impact to Improve Fruit and Vegetable Consumption, (1 yr.)
Allison Karpyn

USDA$ 100,000 2018

Programmatic Success Strategies for At-Risk Students, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Leslie Allshouse

American Society for Clinical Pathology$ 10,000 2018

Professional Development for Support to High School Teachers to Promote Understanding of the Delaware Social Studies Standards, Grade-Level Learning Progressions and Development of Aligned Curriculum and Assessments, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
Michael Feldman

Appoquinimink School District$ 4,688 2018

Professional Development to Four Schools Implementing Bookworms Reading and Writing, (1 yr.)
Sharon Walpole

Appoquinimink School District$ 25,493 2018

Impact of Mathematical Problem Posing on Students’ Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Learning Outcomes, (3 yr.)
Jinfa Cai

Beijing Knowbox Technology$ 105,556 2018

Professional Development to Implement Bookworms Reading and Writing to Immaculate Heart of Mary Teachers, (1 yr.)
Sharon Walpole

Brandywine School District$ 3,044 2018

Professional Development to Implementt Bookworms Reading and Writing curriculum at Maple Lane Elementary, Hanby Elementary, and Lancashire Elementary schools, (1 yr.)
Sharon Walpole

Brandywine School District$ 45,080 2018

Energy Assessment Program, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
Keith Goossen

Delaware Army National Guard$ 20,000 2018

Snow Monitoring, (10 mo.)
Kevin Brinson, Christopher Hughes

Delaware Department of Transportation$ 81,095 2018

Social Marketing Program: Get Up and Do Something, (11 mo.)
P Peterson

Delaware Dept of Health & Social Service$ 10,000 2018

Mobile Diabetes and Heart Disease Worksite Wellness Initiative, (1 yr.)
P Peterson

Delaware Dept of Health & Social Service$ 49,940 2018

Delaware INBRE, (8 mo.)
Steven Stanhope

Delaware Economic Development Office$ 1,000,000 2018

Nutrient Management Education Program, (1 yr.)
Amy Shober, Sydney Riggi

Delaware Nutrient Management Commission$ 110,000 2018

Multi-material Additive Manufacturing of RF Electronics, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
Mark Mirotznik

DeLUX Engineering, Inc.$ 113,314 2018

Exploring the Livelihood Strategies of Women in Situations of Displacement, (2 yr.)
Georgina Kathleen Ramsay

General University Research Program$ 14,920 2018

Developmental Disabilities Strategic Direction Training, (3 mo.)
Caitlin Bailey

Illinois Council on Developmental Dis$ 19,856 2018


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