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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

SURF 2017 Gaithersburg, (5 mo.)
Murray Johnston

DOC$ 8,686 2017

Submerged Cultural Resource Survey of the Kiska Island National Historic Landmark Maritime Battlefield, (2 yr.)
Mark Moline

DOC$ 28,010 2018

Compact Passive Millimeter Wave Sensor for GPS-Denied Navigation, (1 yr. 10 mo.)
Dennis Prather

DOD$ 231,606 2017

New Castle County FY17 NR/TBS, (1 yr.)
Catherine Morrissey

DOI$ 24,605 2017

Assessing the Ecological Effectiveness of Hurricane Sandy Marsh Restoration Activities Regionwide, (6 yr. 2 mo.)
Greg Shriver

DOI$ 2,463,814 2018

4-H National Mentoring Program, (1 yr. 3 mo.)
C Douglas Crouse, Carol Scott

DOJ$ 234,602 2017

On-Call Planning and Policy Support for Connected-Automated Vehicles and Smart Cities, (5 mo.)
Philip Barnes

DOT$ 61,923 2018

East Dover Elementary 4-H After School Program – 21st Century Project, (9 mo.)
C Crouse, Sequoia Rent

ED$ 5,222 2018

2018 Inclusion Conference, (4 mo.)
Beth Mineo

ED$ 7,481 2018

Upward Bound Math/Science (UBMS) Program, (5 yr.)
Camille Johnson

ED$ 332,287 2018

Delaware Groundwater Monitoring Network, (8 mo.)
Changming He, Alan Andres, Thomas McKenna

EPA$ 16,983 2018

Pesticide Safety Management, (1 yr.)
Michelle Rodgers

EPA$ 25,322 2018

Learn the Signs: Act Early Ambassador Program, (2 yr.)
Brittany Powers

HHS$ 8,000 2018

SIM State-Led Evaluation, (1 yr.)
Erin Knight, Mary McDuffie

HHS$ 77,910 2017

Strategic Prevention Framework for Prescription Drugs, (6 mo.)
Tammy Anderson

HHS$ 36,750 2017

Delaware Youth Tobacco Survey Study, (1 yr.)
Sharon Merriman-Nai

HHS$ 46,960 2018

Prediction of Portal Pressure with Liver and Spleen MR Elastography and 4D Flow Phase-Contrast MRI, (1 yr.)
Curtis Johnson

HHS$ 60,255 2018

Organization for the Study of Sex Differences Annual Meeting, (3 yr.)
Jaclyn Schwarz

HHS$ 79,828 2017

2017-18 PT/PHD Predoctoral Training Program, (1 yr.)
Lynn Snyder-Mackler, Stuart Binder-Macleod, Thomas Buchanan, Gregory Hicks, Darcy Reisman

HHS$ 302,381 2017

A Vascularized, In Vitro, Organotropic Metastasis Model to Generate Dormant Micrometastases, (2 yr. 11 mo.)
John Slater

HHS$ 593,226 2017

Delaware INBRE, (1 yr.)
Steven Stanhope, Jeffrey Caplan, Jeremy Crenshaw, Lisa Jaremka, Curtis Johnson, Brewster Kingham, Laura Lessard, Christopher Modlesky, Susanne Morton, Shawn Polson, Jessica Tanis, Erik Thostenson, Cathy Wu

HHS$ 3,676,470 2017

Study of Chloroplast Stromules During PCD and Inter-organellar Communication, (1 yr.)
Jeffrey Caplan, Chandra Kambhamettu

HHS$ 1,056,659 2018

Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Reactions for Novel Dental Composite Materials, (1 yr.)
Christopher Kloxin

HHS$ 145,189 2018

Create and Test 10 Standards-Based Lessons for DRC Using Library of Congress Primary Source Materials, (1 yr. 3 mo.)
Michael Feldman, Francis O’Malley

LC$ 20,000 2018

The Relationship of Cascade, Reconnection, and Heating in Heliospheric Plasma Turbulence, (3 yr.)
Michael Shay, Alexandros Giannakopoulos, William Matthaeus, Tulasi Parashar

NASA$ 915,481 2017

Secondary Mathematics, In-The-Moment, Longitudinal Engagement Study (SMiLES), (3 yr.)
Amanda Jansen

NSF$ 495,747 2017

Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Electrochemical Studies of Framework Substituted Silicon, Germanium and Tin Clathrates, (3 yr.)
Svilen Bobev

NSF$ 275,002 2017

Building a Validation and Verification Suite for Open MP 4.5, (6 mo.)
Sunita Chandrasekaran

NSF$ 57,740 2017

Small Business Administration Cooperative Agreement, (2 yr.)
J Bowman

SBA$ 611,112 2018

2017 Air Force/4-H Partnership Youth Camps, (7 mo.)
C Douglas Crouse, Sequoia Rent

USDA$ 35,263 2017


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