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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Develop Lightweight Composite Materials in Support of the U.S. Navy Hyper Velocity Projectile Program, (4 mo.)
Bazle Haque

DOD$ 50,000 2018

Systematic Studies of Metal Organic Framework Growth in Mixed Matrix Membranes, (9 mo.)
Thomas Epps

DOD$ 40,000 2018

Process Intensification for Bio-Paraxylene, (4 yr.)
Basudeb Saha, Raul Lobo, Dionisios Vlachos

DOE$ 1,330,863 2018

Production of Environmentally-Acceptable BioLubricants for Hydropower Applications, (9 mo.)
Basudeb Saha

DOE$ 64,852 2018

Nanomaterial Construction through Peptide Computational Design and Hierarchical Solution Assembly, (3 yr.)
Darrin Pochan

DOE$ 600,000 2018

Professional Development for K-8 Science Teachers with the Science Fusion Curriculum, (11 mo.)
Amy Trauth

ED$ 7,728 2018

The 21st Century CLC Program, (9 mo.)
Alison Travers

ED$ 7,823 2018

DHHS ABC Training, (1 yr.)
Mary Dozier

HHS$ 40,200 2018

Postpartum Smoking Relapse Prevention by Breastfeeding Promotion, (2 yr.)
Yukiko Washio

HHS$ 10,736 2018

Predicting Sleep, Smoking and Lung Health Disparities in At-Risk Black African American Adults, (4 yr. 8 mo.)
Freda Patterson

HHS$ 798,273 2018

Lithium Effects on the Brain’s Functional and Structural Connectome in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder, (1 yr.)
Jeffrey Spielberg

HHS$ 187,133 2018

MRI: Acquisition of a AFM-Raman Microscope, (3 yr.)
Karl Booksh

NSF$ 558,228 2018

Intracellular Survival Strategies of Amoeba-Resistant Bacteria, (5 yr.)
Maria Neunuebel

NSF$ 750,496 2018

Analysis of the Ribonucleases of Arabidopsis Thaliana, (3 yr.)
Pamela Green

NSF$ 768,695 2018

Toward the Molecular Unpacking of the PaaC Domain, a Novel Plasmodesmata-Association and Activation Cassette, (3 yr.)
Jung-Youn Lee

NSF$ 800,005 2018

Embedding Regional Hurricane Risk Management in the Life of a Community: A Computational Framework, (5 yr.)
Rachel Davidson

NSF$ 1,999,619 2018

Assist in Rearing Wood-Boring Insects Such as Emerald as Borers and Asian Longhorned Borers and their Natural Enemies, (1 yr.)
Douglas Tallamy

USDA$ 38,500 2018

Evaluation of Cover Crop Termination Timing, Soil Nitrate Availability and Crop Emergence, (3 yr. 1 mo.)
Jarrod Miller

USDA$ 191,445 2018

Expanding Opportunities for Improved-Ag Water Use Data through the Ag Data Reporting Incentive Program, (1 yr. 7 mo.)
Kent Messer

Albany State University$ 56,400 2018

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment among Late Adolescents: Sleep Variability, Napping and Inflammatory Biomarkers, (1 yr.)
Xiaopeng Ji

American Nurses Foundation$ 5,000 2018

Collaborative Study of Race in the Americas: Team Building in the 21st Century, (1 yr. 4 mo.)
KC Morrison

American Political Science Association$ 25,000 2018

Professional Development for Educators Secondary Mathematics Teachers at Brandywine School District, (10 mo.)
Faith Muirhead

Brandywine School District$ 165,500 2018

Parenting Plus: Expanding the Evidence-Base, (1 yr.)
Ryan Beveridge

Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Fdn, Inc.$ 50,000 2018

Three, Half-Day Professional Development Sessions for Paraprofessionals, (4 mo.)
Emily Poag

Capital School District$ 10,250 2018

Professional Development for Bookworms Reading and Writing to Seventeen Elementary Schools in Cecil County, (9 mo.)
Sharon Walpole

Cecil County Public Schools$ 107,100 2018

Professional Development for Training and Support to Improve the Understanding and Assessment of Secondary and Elementary Social Studies Standards, (11 mo.)
Michael Feldman

Colonial School District$ 3,515 2018

Post-Incarceration Engagement Project, (2 yr.)
Christine Visher

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs$ 25,400 2018

Engineering Aerial Roots for Plant Stability, (2 yr.)
Erin Sparks

Unidentified$ 10,000 2018

Professional Development for Middle and High School Teachers with Delaware Social Studies Standards and Grade-Level Learning Progressions, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
Michael Feldman

Woodbridge School District$ 5,611 2018


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