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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Unraveling the Biology, Chemistry and Nanoscience of Natural and Synthetic Melanins, (3 yr.)
Arthi Jayaraman

DOD$ 679,044 2018

Hydrogen/Metal Hydride Based Heat Pump System for Large HVAC Applications Utilizing an Ionic Liquid Desiccant Subsystem, (1 yr.)
Ajay Prasad

DOE$ 225,328 2018

In-State Peer Exchanges to further Data-Driven Safety Analysis on Local Roads, (2 mo.)
Earl Lee

DOT$ 15,000 2018

Delaware’s Statewide Seat Belt Use Observational Survey Data, (3 mo.)
Edward Ratledge

DOT$ 21,244 2018

ABC Training, (2 yr.)
Mary Dozier

ED$ 10,800 2018

21st CCLC Grant for 4H Afterschool Plan for Lake South, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
C Crouse

ED$ 70,000 2018

21st CCLC Grant for 4H Afterschool Plan for Showell, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
C Crouse

ED$ 150,000 2018

21st CCLC Grant for 4H Afterschool Plan for Shue, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
C Crouse

ED$ 225,000 2018

21st CCLC Grant for 4H Afterschool Plan for Milford, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
C Crouse

ED$ 240,000 2018

High-Intensity Interval Training to Recover Walking Post-Stroke, (4 yr. 11 mo.)
Darcy Reisman

HHS$ 924,808 2018

Botvins State of Delaware School Site Recruitment, (3 mo.)
C Crouse

HHS$ 45,000 2018

Low Velocity Impact Performance and Modeling of CA Composites for Space Suit Applications, (2 yr.)
Bazle Haque

NASA$ 220,000 2018

Epigenetic Influences Supporting Developmental Change in Spinal Cord Plasticity and Motor Behavior, (3 yr.)
Tania Roth

NSF$ 269,837 2018

Tracking Glyphosate and its Degradation Products in the Environment and Biasing Degradation Towards Less Harmful Products, (3 yr.)
Deb Jaisi

USDA$ 450,000 2018

Development of A Novel Nanofertilizer Using Phosphorus Recovered From Agricultural Wastes, (3 yr.)
Deb Jaisi, Yan Jin

USDA$ 462,000 2018

Development of an Innovative Mass Vaccine Administration Method at Poultry Hatcheries, (2 yr.)
Hong Li, Robert Alphin, Haiqiang Chen, Eric Benson, Brian Ladman

USDA$ 474,306 2018

EIP – Extension Implementation, (1 yr.)
Mark VanGessel, Barbara Scott, Cory Whaley, Valann Budischak, William Cissel, Carrie Murphy, Brian Kunkel, Tracy Wootten

USDA$ 532,042 2018

Professional Development for Teachers in Brandywine School District, (2 mo.)
Sharon Walpole

Brandywine School District$ 5,120 2018

Cardinal Health urEssential Award Grant Agreement, (5 yr.)
Esther Biswas, Mary McLane

Cardinal Health, Inc.$ 25,000 2018

Erythroid-Specific Regulation of Mitochondrial Iron Import and Heme Synthesis by FAM210B, (1 yr.)
Yvette Yien

Cooley’s Anemia Foundation$ 32,500 2018

Mosquito Adult Light Trap Collections — Species Identification and Enumeration, (6 mo.)
Charles Bartlett

Delaware Department of Natural Resources$ 3,937 2018

DHSS DPH Ship Implemenatation Knight, (1 yr.)
Erin Knight, Roger Hesketh

Delaware Dept of Health & Social Service$ 48,073 2018

Kent and Sussex Counties 4-H Afterschool Programs, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
C Crouse, Rene Diaz, Sequoia Rent

Delaware State Housing Authority$ 80,000 2018

Validation of a Necrotic Enteritis Disease Model and Direct Fed Microbials (DFM) Pilot Study, (1 mo.)
Brian Ladman

DuPont Company$ 15,578 2018

Bridge Decks: Mitigation of Shrinkage Cracking, (3 yr.)
Paramita Mondal

Illinois, University of$ 105,189 2018

Nutrient Management Education Program, (2 yr. 11 mo.)
Amy Shober, Sydney Riggi

Kent Conservation District$ 40,000 2018

Literacy Support and Coaching in Bookworms Reading and Writing for North Laurel Elementary School, (3 mo.)
Sharon Walpole

Laurel School District$ 1,406 2018

Lipidomic Diversity and Clustering of Ras GPases, (2 mo.)
Edward Lyman

Los Alamos National Laboratory$ 50,001 2018

Interaction Dynamics and the Development of Structure in Ti-Pure System, (1 yr.)
Norman Wagner

The Chemours Company$ 276,000 2018

PADE City of Wilmington, (10 mo.)
Christina Morrow

Wilmington, City of$ 19,000 2018


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