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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Surf 2018 Gaithersburg, (5 mo.)
Charles Riordan, Susan Groh

DOC$ 17,638 2018

The Role of Langmuir Cells in Sediment Suspension and Oil-mineral Aggregation, (2 yr.)
Joseph Kuehl

DOC$ 63,505 2018

Coherent Lagrangian Pathways in 3D+1 Submesoscale Transport in CALYPSO, (5 yr.)
Helga Huntley, Albert Kirwan

DOD$ 453,316 2018

4-H National Mentoring Program, (1 yr. 3 mo.)
C Crouse

DOJ$ 58,177 2018

Mathematica Policy Research Proposal to Serve as the Regional Educational Laboratory for the Mid-Atlantic Region, (1 yr.)
Jeffrey Klein, Henry May

ED$ 12,978 2018

Detection of Chromosomal Translocations by Single Molecule RNA Imaging, (6 mo.)
Mona Batish

HHS$ 312,064 2018

Interdisciplinary Engineering Career Development Center in Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences, (6 mo.)
Megan Killian

HHS$ 67,500 2018

Extreme Energy Particle Astrophysics with ANITA-V, (1 yr.)
John Clem, David Seckel

NASA$ 504,059 2018

Material Culture Conservation Education and Training, (2 yr.)
Debra Norris

NEH$ 150,000 2018

A High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Multi-Scale Approach for Kinetic-Hydrodynamic Simulations, (7 mo.)
Jingmei Qiu

NSF$ 137,612 2018

High Order Multi-Scale Numerical Methods for All-Mach Number Flows, (3 yr.)
Jingmei Qiu

NSF$ 262,410 2018

Ship Operations, (5 yr.)
Jon Swallow

NSF$ 342,509 2018

In-Situ Studies of the Electrochemical Deposition of Functionalized Poly(thiophene) Copolymers, (3 yr.)
David Martin

NSF$ 441,000 2018

Manufacturing USA: Biomanufacturing of Cell Microparticles from Stem Cells As Novel Thrombotic Therapeutic Agents, (3 yr.)
Eleftherios Papoutsakis, Donna Woulfe

NSF$ 500,000 2018

Farmers Market Healthy Recipe Demonstration Project, (6 mo.)
Maria Pippidis

USDA$ 8,065 2018

Preparing and Sequencing Reduced Representation Genomic Libraries Using Next-Generation Sequencing Technology to Discover and Genotype Sequence Polymorphisms Across Genomes, (1 yr.)
Randall Wisser

USDA$ 21,986 2018

Methane Storage with Metal-Organic Polyhedra-Based Materials, (2 yr. 2 mo.)
Eric Bloch

American Chemical Society$ 110,000 2018

The Influence of Fitness and Physical Activity on the Neurovascular Actions of Dietary Salt, (2 yr.)
Austin Robinson, William Farquhar

American Heart Association$ 104,060 2018

Biogen Lectureship, (1 yr.)
Brian Bahnson

Biogen Idec Inc.$ 2,500 2018

PADE Kingswood Community Center 2, (10 mo.)
Christina Morrow

Kingswood Community Center$ 10,500 2018

PADE Kingswood Community Center 3, (10 mo.)
Christina Morrow

Kingswood Community Center$ 10,500 2018

Lipidomic Diversity and Clustering of Ras GPases, (2 mo.)
Edward Lyman

Los Alamos National Laboratory$ 50,001 2018

Determining if Nelson’s Sparrows Reproductive Success Differs Between Mendall Marsh and a Reference Site, (1 yr.)
W Shriver

Mallinckrodt US, LLC$ 151,529 2018

The Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbon in the Environment III, (1 yr.)
Helga Huntley, Henry Chang, Albert Kirwan

Miami, University of$ 499,999 2018

Building Capacity for Integrated Governance at the Food-Water-Energy-Nexus in Cities on the Water, (3 yr.)
Andrea Sarzynski

National Science Foundation$ 229,686 2018

Hero Help Program, (9 mo.)
Daniel O’Connell

New Castle County Police$ 15,000 2018

Flow of Structuring Gels, (1 yr.)
Norman Wagner

Procter & Gamble Company$ 140,000 2018

The Early Prevention and Intervention Center, (1 yr.)
Mary Dozier

Purdue Pharma L.P.$ 50,000 2018

Experimental Study on Optically Transparent and RF Reflective Glass, (1 yr.)
Mark Mirotznik

Sea Corp$ 80,796 2018

Grant in Aid Research Irem C, (1 yr.)
Cathy Wu

Sigma Xi$ 1,000 2018


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