March 2017 47 Projects


Systems Biology Models for COPD, Babatunde Ogunnaike, 1 yr.

Air Liquide America $ 79,720.00

2017 American Councils DOS ECA National Security Language Initiative for Youth-Short Term Summer Programs in China, Jianguo Chen, Chung-min Tu, 10 mo.

American Councils for International Education $ 304,110.00

Evaluating the Impact of Bovamine on Performance, Nutrient Digestibility, and Digestive Function in Lactating Dairy Cows, Limin Kung, Tanya Gressley, 2 yr.

Chr. Hansen A/S $ 106,685.00

Ongoing Professional Development and Coaching in Math for Elementary Teachers at St. Peter Cathedral School, Faith Muirhead, 8 mo.

Christina School District $ 5,398.00

Fair Housing Project to Detect Differences in the Quality of Maintenance of Real Estate Owned Residential Properties Located in New Castle County, Delaware, Steven Peuquet, 1 yr.

Community Legal Aid Society $ 27,044.00

Resin Infusible Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Broadgoods for Fatigue Dominated Applications, Joseph Deitzel, 1 yr 11 mo.

Composites Automation LLC $ 225,000.00

Prepare Outstanding Individuals to Successfully Lead School Districts and Charter Schools, Jacquelyn Wilson, 5 mo.

Delaware Department of Education $ 27,258.00

DNREC Pond Level Monitoring Year III, Kevin Brinson, 6 mo.

Delaware Department of Natural Resources $ 64,515.00

Ongoing Research, Evaluation and Preservation of the Indian River Inlet Bridge Structure Health Monitoring System-Yr 2, Michael Chajes, Harry Shenton, 1 yr.

Delaware Department of Transportation $ 70,842.00

Services to Provide Delaware School Surveys, Sharon Merriman-Nai, Steven Martin, 1 yr.

Delaware Dept of Health & Social Service $ 108,000.00

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education Plan for Delaware, Sue Snider, 9 mo.

Delaware Dept of Health & Social Service $ 591,066.00

Replacement Sensors for DEOS Network, Kevin Brinson, 6 mo.

Delaware Emergency Management Agency $ 25,000.00

Can Plant Population Play a Role In Reducing Lodging Losses In Soybeans From Dectes Stem Borer?, William Cissel, Phillip Sylvester; Cory Whaley, 1 yr.

Delaware Soybean Board $ 4,494.00

Assessing the Impacts of Row Spacing and Fungicide Timing on Disease Control and Profitability in Double Crop Soybean Production Systems, Nathan Kleczewski, 1 yr.

Delaware Soybean Board $ 6,370.00

Effect of Fertigation on Irrigated Full Season Soybeans, Cory Whaley, James Adkins, Phillip Sylvester, 1 yr.

Delaware Soybean Board $ 11,664.00

Evaluating the Response of Full Season Soybeans to Various Soil Moisture Levels, Cory Whaley, James Adkins, Phillip Sylvester, 1 yr.

Delaware Soybean Board $ 12,197.00

Increasing Yield and Profitability of Double-Crop Soybean, Cory Whaley, Phillip Sylvester, 1 yr.

Delaware Soybean Board $ 12,278.00

Weed Management for No-Till Rye Seeded Soybeans and Double-Cropped Soybeans, Mark VanGessel, Quintin Johnson, Barbara Scott, Kurt Vollmer, 1 yr.

Delaware Soybean Board $ 15,793.00

8 Days of In-Classroom Coaching On Responsive Classroom, Emily Poag, 9 mo.

Elwyn $ 5,785.00

Pushing the Boundaries: Using Advanced Technology to Locate and Rapidly Assess Cultural Sites in Multiple Underwater Environments within NOAA’S Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Arthur Trembanis, 2 yr.

Friends of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary $ 60,000.00

CO2 Fuel Effort, Raul Lobo, 1 yr.

General Technical Services, LLC $ 204,900.00

GMU/NSF RIPS Type 2: Quantifying Disaster Resilience of Critical Infrastracture-Based Societal Systems with Emergent Behavior and Dynamic Interdependencies, Joanne Nigg, Rachel Davidson, 1 yr.

George Mason University (flow-through from NSF) $ 301,571.00

Collaborative Research on Deep Ocean Warming and Surface Warming Hiatus, Xiao-Hai Yan, 8 mo.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory $ 15,000.00

Engaging At Risk Female High School Students In Life Planning Through a Power For Life Program, Gail Wade, 10 mo.

March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation $ 5,870.00

Support NASSP in Implementation to Coordinate PPLCs In National Convening, Alison Dubinski, 10 mo.

Nat. Assoc. of Secondary School Principals $ 22,000.00

Graphical Software for Analyzing Multi-Instrument Measurements of Solar-Wind Ions, Bennett Maruca, 2 yr.

National Aero and Space Administration $ 146,295.00

The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), Kelvin Lee, Kathleen Sanford, 5 yr.

National Institute of Standards & Technology $ 70,000,000.00

Collagen-Based Targeting for Improving Delivery and Efficacy of Osteoarthritis Drugs, Kristi Kiick, Christopher Price, 2 yr.

National Institutes of Health $ 366,470.00

Pressure in Lung Development and Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Jason Gleghorn, Randall Duncan, 5 yr.

National Institutes of Health $ 1,940,972.00

Lauren Knapp DE Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship 2017, James Falk, 1 yr.

National Oceanic/Atmospheric Admin. $ 56,500.00

Katrina Tomecek DE Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship 2017, James Falk, 1 yr.

National Oceanic/Atmospheric Admin. $ 56,500.00

Incidental Mortality in Sea Scallops Investigating Predator Response and Size Selective Rates of Mortality from BACI Image Surveys, Arthur Trembanis, Douglas Miller, 2 yr.

National Oceanic/Atmospheric Admin. $ 556,748.00

Linking Gas Phase Precursors with Aerosol Size, Number and Chemical Composition in New Particle Formation, Murray Johnston III, 3 yr.

National Science Foundation $ 442,657.00

Engineering Thermal Energy Transport Using Embedded Nanoparticles, Joseph Feser, 5 yr.

National Science Foundation $ 500,532.00

Regulatory Pathways of the Osmotic Stress Response in Bacteria, Ethna Boyd, 3 yr.

National Science Foundation $ 659,183.00

Evaluating the Nesting Ecology of American Black Duck in Coastal North Carolina, Christopher Williams, 2 yr 10 mo.

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission $ 234,903.00

Identifying the Role of Developmental and Mechanical Cues Required for Tendon-Bone Attachment Maturation and Healing, Megan Killian, 1 yr.

Northwestern University $ 165,720.00

Cy2017 ONR Ship Support, Jon Swallow, 11 mo.

Office of Naval Research $ 577,089.00

New Directions in the Development of Atomic Clocks, Marianna Safronova, 3 yr.

Office of Naval Research $ 624,677.00

Science of Learning: Collaborative Networks, Roberta Golinkoff, 2 yr.

Rutgers, State University of New Jersey (flow-through from National Science Foundation) $ 120,421.00

Application of C and N Stable Isotope Analysis to Evaluate and Quantify Degradation of DNAN and NTO, Neil Sturchio, 2 yr 9 mo.

Strategic Environmental Resources and Development Program $ 1,014,223.00

BIAD Youth Heading Kaminski, Thomas Kaminski, 1 yr.

The Brain Injury Association of Delaware $ 3,156.00

Understanding the Predator Recognition Process through Gut Microbial Community in Coral Reef Fishes, Danielle Durham, Jennifer Biddle, 1 yr.

The Mindlin Foundation $ 10,000.00

Develop Analysis Programming, Samuel Lee, 4 mo.

Thomas Jefferson University $ 5,729.00

Undergraduate Research and Education Exploring One Health: Protecting Our Food Supply, Animal Health, and the Environment, Mark Parcells, Behnam Abasht, Ryan Arsenault, Eric Benson, Amy Biddle, Erin Brannick, Haiqiang Chen, Robert Dyer, Tanya Gressley, Dallas Hoover, Rolf Joerger, Calvin Keeler, Kalmia Kniel, Limin Kung, Hong Li, Robin Morgan, Carl Schmidt, Changqing Wu, 3 yr.

U.S. Department of Agriculture $ 350,179.00

Marker Assisted Selection for Ascites Resistance in Broilers, Carl Schmidt, 1 yr 4 mo.

University of Arkansas $ 64,378.00

Conference on Advancing Behavioral and Experimental Economics Methods and Applications to Sustainable Environmental and Agricultural Mgmt, Leah Harris Palm-Forster, Kent Messer, 1 yr.

USDA – National Institute of Food and Agriculture $ 52,564.00

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