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UD Research Magazine Vol 7 No 1
The University of Delaware Research magazine, a free publication issued three times a year, showcases the discoveries, inventions and excellence of the University’s faculty, staff and students. UD is classified nationally as a “research university with very high activity.” We’re proud to show you why!


Partnerships in progress

Multiple partnerships took wing in the past year to ensure UD’s scholarly efforts have the broadest and most sustained impact. Learn about the collaborations that ensure a UD world-class educational experience while serving as a major force for economic development.

A NIIMBL Approach

The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), headquartered
at the University of Delaware, is at the forefront of making these medicines more accessible to Americans.

Suit Me Up for Mars

What will astronauts wear on the Red Planet? NASA wants every protective measure available in place and UD researchers are delivering with suits that can handle whatever space might throw at them.

Filling a Real Demand for Simulated Care

Nursing instructor Amy Cowperthwait and her students are inventing products with a common goal: teaching compassionate patient care. Cowperthwait’s startup links students, engineers, business experts on quest to teach challenging medical procedures.

The Quiet Revolution

Trevor A. Dawes learned how libraries can change people’s lives when he was a college student. Now, he’s leading the charge to make the UD Library, Museums and Press an even greater force for good.

The hidden lives within a portrait

A 1746 portrait would launch a global journey into 18th-century life and present the past in a way never done before. The portrait was of Anne Shippen Willing, and what she wore would lead historian Zara Anishanslin on a journey to the far corners of the world—and launch a bold new way of looking at the past.

At Sea in the Arctic

What’s it like to do research in the Arctic? What ‘s it like to be on a ship for 4 to 6 weeks off Greenland? How do you work and sleep with 24 hours of daylight? Oceanographer Andreas Muenchow gives us a glimpse into his world.

News briefs

Sharpening the olympic competitive edge, fighting brain cancer, driving into the future, partners in disaster research and giving credit where credit is due.


The UD community celebrates its first Gates Cambridge Scholar, two fellows in the National Academy of Inventors, and the first woman to receive the Soil Science Society of America’s Soil Physics Award.


YouTube video
Jim Richards has been on the University’s faculty since 1980 and serves as distinguished professor of kinesiology and applied physiology in the College of Health Sciences. His research interests include device design, measurement technique optimization, gait analysis and sport biomechanics. His work with elite skaters draws interest from around the world.
Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong took the first moon step at 10:56 p.m., Delaware time, just six hours and 39 minutes after he and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. fulfilled the age-old dream of landing on the moon. We invite you to relive the excitement of the first moon landing by exploring the July 21, 1969 edition of the “The Morning News.”
YouTube video
From left, Prasad Dhurjati and Deni Galileo, professors of chemical engineering and biological sciences, respectively, have developed a new way to study the motion and spread of brain cancer cells.
Test your knowledge


From the Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Innovation

Some marvelous momentum is driving the world of University of Delaware research, scholarly and creative activities these days. …

The right stuff for going where no one has gone before

Several new NASA grants have emerged through CCM’s partnership with ILC Dover on the Mars prototype spacesuit Z-2 as researchers and UD-linked businesses work to improve materials and performance of the suit….

Research in Progress

University of Delaware researchers switched the innovation engine into full throttle in 2017, producing discoveries and inventions, winning major grants, inking new partnerships and preparing graduate and undergraduate students for a future of exploration. Here, we spotlight just a few of the year’s big moments.

Test Your Knowledge: Exploring the Red Planet

NASA wants to put humans on Mars by the early 2030s. University of Delaware researchers are helping to develop spacesuits for that mammoth expedition. So what do you know about Mars? Let’s test your knowledge.


That feeling when you've reached the summit! Congratulations to all of #UDel's new doctors and their faculty advisers. You've come a long way and we shared your joy at the Doctoral Hooding ceremony. Celebrate! @UDGradStudents #UDGrad2023 UDResearch photo
Families, friends, faculty and #UDel leaders are gathered for the 2023 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony, celebrating students who have achieved the highest academic degree. Congratulations doctors! UDResearch photo
Congratulations to #UDel's Jodi Hadden-Perilla, whose innovative computational research has earned an @NSF Early Career Award. Hadden-Perilla uses everything from supercomputers to crochet hooks in her study of viruses. @udcas @ChemistryUD UDResearch photo
Rocket science rendezvous: Nicky Fox, head of science for @NASA, visited #UDel Friday to talk with students and researchers. She met up with physicist Bennett Maruca and his team, who have been preparing research for a sounding rocket launch in June. @NASAScienceAA @udcas UDResearch photo
Patent experts from the World Intellectual Property Organization and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office visited #UDel to update inventors, attorneys and others on protecting intellectual property rights. @WIPO @uspto UDResearch photo



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