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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Adaptable Sensors for Shipping Container Screening, (8 mo.)
Tingyi Gu

DHS$ 55,010 2020

Samuel Fielding Delaware Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship 2020, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Kathryn Coyne

DOC$ 69,000 2020

Predictive Approaches for Stability of Therapeutic Proteins, (1 yr.)
Christopher Roberts

DOD$ 91,660 2020

A Human-Machine Symbiotic System for the Extraction of High-level Behaviors from a Macroscopic View of Swarms, (1 yr. 5 mo.)
Panagiotis Artemiadis

DOD$ 524,258 2020

Throughput Optimization for the Tailorable Universal Feedstock for Forming (TuFF) Process, (5 mo.)
Joseph Deitzel

DOD$ 75,000 2020

Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing for Printable Chemical Sensor, (1 yr. 4 mo.)
Mark Mirotznik

DOD$ 300,000 2020

Realizing Large-Scale Integrated RF Photonic Signal Processing Systems, (10 mo.)
Vishal Saxena

DOD$ 40,664 2020

In Silico Prediction of Fate and Risk-Determining Properties of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), (3 yr.)
Dominic DiToro

DOD$ 200,027 2020

Barrier Island Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics During an Extreme Event, (3 yr.)
Jack Puleo

DOD$ 254,999 2020

Light-weight and Conformable Solar Modules, (3 mo.)
Robert Opila

DOE$ 12,500 2020

Irex Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, (8 mo.)
Daniel Bottomley, Trevor Nelson, Oyenike Olabisi

DOS$ 200,000 2020

Synthesis Study of Jointless Bridge Design and Detailing, (2 yr.)
Harry Shenton, Michael Chajes, Monique Head

DOT$ 69,295 2020

Bonding of Overlays to Ultra-High Performance Concrete, (1 yr. 4 mo.)
Jovan Tatar, Monique Head, Paramita Mondal

DOT$ 98,743 2020

Structural Performance Verification of Structural Pipe Liners for Corrugated Metal Pipes, (1 yr. 4 mo.)
Monique Head, Michael Chajes, Harry Shenton, Jovan Tatar

DOT$ 108,304 2020

Evaluation of the Regional Educational Laboratories, (1 yr. 11 mo.)
Henry May, Elizabeth Farley-Ripple

ED$ 220,782 2020

Delaware’s Special Education Administrative Leadership (SEAL) Program, (4 yr. 8 mo.)
Deborah Boyer, Susan Giancola, Beth Mineo

ED$ 1,434,794 2020

An Evaluation of Turning Around North Carolina’s Lowest Performing Schools: A State Partnership Evaluation, (1 yr.)
Gary Henry

ED$ 83,477 2020

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Study, (6 mo.)
Tia Barnes, Susan Giancola

HHS$ 39,999 2020

Management of the Delaware Medical Reserve Corps Unit, (6 mo.)
Bethany Hall-Long

HHS$ 83,490 2020

Renewal of Delaware Center for Neuroscience Research, (1 yr.)
Jeffrey Rosen

HHS$ 1,100,143 2020

ABC Training, (1 yr.)
Caroline Roben

HHS$ 5,000 2020

Comprehensive Tools and Models for Addressing Exposure to Mixtures During Environmental Emergency-Related Contamination Events, (7 mo.)
Jennifer Horney

HHS$ 18,662 2020

Testing of Lightweight, Impact-Resistant, Hybrid Composites with STF Energy Absorbing Layers, (6 mo.)
Maria Katzarova

NASA$ 34,549 2020

U.S. Students Participation of the 22nd Course of ISCRA, (1 yr.)
Todor Stanev, Frank Gerhard Schroeder

NSF$ 15,000 2020

NSF Student Travel Grant for 2020 ACM SIGCOMM Symposium, (1 yr.)
Rui Zhang

NSF$ 15,000 2020

University of Delaware IUCRC: Center for Heirarchical Emergent Materials (CHEM), (1 yr.)
David Martin, Norman Wagner, Darrin Pochan, Arthi Jayaraman

NSF$ 15,000 2020

Testing the Fidelity of Neodymium Isotopes as a Paleocirculation Tracer in the Southeast Indian-Southern Ocean, (8 mo.)
Chandranath Basak

NSF$ 37,023 2020

The Evaluation of Ocean Reanalyses in Determining Trends in Global Ocean Heat Content, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Xinfeng Liang

NSF$ 168,494 2020

Modeling and Analysis of Sensorimotor Dynamics in Inter-leg Coupling Leads to Novel Model-based Approach to Human Gait Rehabilitation, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Panagiotis Artemiadis

NSF$ 194,640 2020

Evaluating the Causes of Protracted Explosive Eruptions at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, (2 yr.)
Kendra Lynn, Jessica Warren

NSF$ 255,595 2020


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