Limited Submissions

A variety of sponsoring agencies offer research, career, scholar or educational funding opportunities that limit the number of applications that can be submitted from a single institution. An internal selection process has been established by the Research Development Office to assist with limited submission opportunities. The portal also serves as host for receiving proposals for the three traditional internal seed grant competitions that are administered by the UD Research Office. Please subscribe to the limited submission list serv for announcements of funding opportunities that conform to this protocol.

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Application Selection Process

Internal applications are reviewed by a panel of researchers whose expertise is as close as possible to the content area. Primarily reviewers internal to UD are used but in exceptional cases external reviewers may be utilized. For large multidisciplinary proposals research deans of the colleges provide further review and help to make final decisions. If the review process is different from the norm it will be so noted on the announcement and website. Every effort is made to get at least two if not three anonymous reviews for every proposal submitted and to make the process fair and transparent. Reviewers’ feedback is provided as a guidance for both successful and unsuccessful applications.

Dissemination Process

The Research Development Office makes every effort to identify limited submission opportunities and provide information on limited submissions in a timely manner; however, if a researcher should identify a limited submission that is not in the opportunities list, please forward the announcement to: Announcements are posted to the limited submission listserv and the Internal RO Competition Portal. The online system streamlines the processes for dissemination, application and review of internal applications.

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The Research Development Office is always searching for new reviewers. If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, please sign up today.

Internal Application Process

Researchers who are interested in submitting an application to any of the limited submissions should first review the announcement carefully to ensure eligibility. If eligible, applicants are required to complete the steps described below. 

  1. Potential applicants should click on the “Apply today!” button at the bottom of the relevant announcement. This will take applicants to the Internal RO Competition Portal.
  2. Investigators should apply directly through the Internal RO Competition Portal using their UD login credentials. Requirements for each competition, reviewer rubric and copies of successful past proposals, when available, may be found on the online application.
  3. All internal white papers must follow the template found here. Applications not adhering to this requirement will be returned without review.

Abbreviated Competitions

In certain cases, there is not enough time to run a traditional internal competition. When those situations arise, the Research Development Office will call for an abbreviated competition. These abbreviated competitions will consist of submitting a one-page project description to . The RDO will then conduct an ad hoc review and notify winners with as much time as possible for proposal preparation. Information indicating that a competition is abbreviated will be disseminated via email and can also be found on the online portal.

Note: Limited Submission applications no longer need to be submitted through UD’s financial system. A confirmation notice will be forwarded upon receipt of your application.

For more information, contact:

Ciara M. O’Connell


K. Eric Wommack, PhD
Senior Associate Vice President for Research

Jennifer Doran
Administrative Assistant
Ph: (302) 831-6703

David Barczak
Communications Manager
Ph: (302) 831-8169

John McMillan
Computing Support Specialist
Ph: (302) 831-8621

Ciara O’Connell
Research Development Manager
Ph: (302) 831-7088

Jennifer Roth
Research Education Coordinator
Ph: (302) 831-3777

Research Development
Ph: (302) 831-7088


*NOTE: The University of Delaware’s Office of General Counsel oversees all legal services for the University of Delaware. Matters pertaining to research (including research-related agreements, research-related compliance, and research-related intellectual property) may be directed to the Research Office, which will coordinate with the General Counsel’s Office, as appropriate.
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