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The University of Delaware derives its research funding from a broad base of sources reflecting a diversity of initiatives across our seven colleges. This page includes contracts and grants that are received for research projects, public service/extension projects, education activities and equipment over the course of the month highlighted below. To view previous activity select the month/year in the Archive sidebar.


August 2022 (63 Projects)

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Recently Funded Projects

State of Delaware Match to The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals Renewal, (5 yr.)
Kelvin Lee

DEDO $30,000,000.00 2022

Large-Scale CoPe: Coastal Hazards, Equity, Economic prosperity, and Resilience, (5 yr.)
Rachel Davidson

NSF $16,440,122.00 2022

University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service, (5 yr.)
Beth Mineo

HHS $3,006,551.00 2022

Improving the Retention of Speech-Perceptual Learning in Adults With and Without Language Disorder, (5 yr.)
Frances Earle

HHS $2,069,739.00 2022

Elucidating the Molecular and Neural Structure of Female Sexual Reward, (4 yr. 11 mo.)
Lisha Shao

HHS $1,965,165.00 2022

Graduate Training Program in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Biomedical Data Science, (5 yr.)
Shawn Polson

HHS $1,425,395.00 2022

Hydrothermal Vent Systems Mediate the Formation and Fate of Refractory Aromatic Carbon in the Deep Ocean, (3 yr.)
Andrew Wozniak

NSF $1,035,261.00 2022

Expansion of the DATI Device Inventory and Implementation of AT Policy and Funding Guidance, (3 yr.)
Beth Mineo

DOE $1,016,001.00 2022

High Performance W-Band GaN Power Amplifiers for cCoud Doppler Radar Arrays, (3 yr.)
William Matthaeus

NASA $750,000.00 2022

Swash Zone Dynamics Driven by Obliquely Incident Waves, (3 yr.)
Jack Puleo

NSF $654,897.00 2022

The Role of Genetic and Non-Genetic Factors and Causal Mechanisms Underlying Cataract Susceptibility For Better Risk Prediction, (4 yr.)
Salil Lachke

HHS $520,557.00 2022

DPAS ADM Training; DPAS District Support; YR2 AP Induction Coaching; Policy Briefs; Equity Pipeline; PPI Keynote Speakers; YR1 Leader Induction Program; Equity Field Guide, (11 mo.)
David Santore

DDOE $496,500.00 2022

A Conservative Low Rank High Order Tensor Approach for Nonlinear Vlasov Equations, (3 yr.)
Jingmei Qiu

DOD $425,507.00 2022

The Heated Wind- and Wave-Driven Ocean Surface Boundary Layer: Synergistic Analyses of Observations and Simulations, (3 yr.)
Tobias Kukulka

NSF $399,900.00 2022

Emergency Poultry Disease Response and Policy International Symposium and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Quality Assurance Symposium, (1 yr.)
Brian Ladman

USDA $369,953.00 2022

Visual Adaptations in Hydrothermal Vent Shrimp and the Role in Feeding Modalities and Habitat Selection, (3 yr.)
Jonathan Cohen

NSF $367,141.00 2022

Acquisition of BioLayer Interferometer Octet RH16 for Label-Free Detection of Biomolecular Interactions, (3 yr.)
Zhihao Zhuang

NSF $365,567.00 2022

Exploiting Performance Correlations for Accurate and Low-Cost Performance Testing for Serverless Computing, (3 yr.)
Lori Schmittle

NSF $252,958.00 2022

Synthetic Methane Fixation Cascades Based on Engineered Membrane Vesicles for Biofuel Cell Applications, (3 yr.)
Wilfred Chen

NSF $251,126.00 2022

Investigating How Digital Identification Technologies Reduce User Friction in Online Services, (1 yr. 7 mo.)
Nektarios Georgios Tsoutsos

The Venture Center $250,000.00 2022

Support of Delaware Teacher Growth and Support System (DTGSS) Implementation, (11 mo.)
Amy Grundy

DDOE $217,250.00 2022

CRESP and DDOE TLEU Branch Partnership Studying the Connections and Gaps Between Education Research and School Practices, (1 yr.)
Henry May

DDOE $192,005.00 2022

Predictive Flood Risk Assessment of Road Network in Delaware Coastal Communities, (2 yr.)
Kevin Brinson

DOT $161,288.41 2022

21st Century Community Learning Center, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
Deborah Boyer

DDOE $154,840.00 2022

Delaware Student Success Project, (1 yr.)
Kelly Sherretz

DDOE $146,740.00 2022

Novel Swellable Ionomers for Enhanced PFAS Sorption and Destruction, (2 yr.)
Pei Chiu

DOD $120,000.00 2022

Effective Deployment of UAV Technology for Improved Project Delivery and Enhanced Asset Management, (2 yr.)
Christopher Meehan

DOT $117,048.59 2022

Role of Dissolved Organic Matter in Alkalinity of Developed and Pristine Estuarine Waters, (2 yr.)
Elizabeth Whitney

DOC $116,880.00 2022

Assessment of Technology Integration and Coordination Across Solar Panel Charging Equipment and Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations, (1 yr.)
Steven Hegedus

DOT $112,728.00 2022

Commercial Space Capabilities Research: Small Reentry System for Commercial Payload Return, (1 yr.)
William Matthaeus

NASA $100,000.00 2022

Developmental Disability, COVID and Public Health: The Experience of Delawareans, (2 yr.)
Jennifer Horney

HHS $95,319.00 2022

Development of Delaware-Specific Calibration Factors for Use with the Highway Safety Manual, (2 yr.)
Ardeshir Faghri

DOT $87,719.01 2022

Measuring Consolidation and Local Television News Content, (1 yr.)
Danilo Yanich

Knight Foundation $84,171.00 2022

University of Delaware NMP12, (1 yr. 3 mo.)
C Crouse

DOJ $77,927.00 2022

Force-Based Manipulations Research Network, (11 mo.)
Dawn Elliott

HHS $66,375.00 2022

Phase III Biochar Amendment of Highway Greenspace Study MOU, (1 yr.)
Paul Imhoff

Maryland Transportation Authority $65,000.00 2022

The Impacts of Global Large-Scale Land Acquisitions on Local Socio-Ecological Systems, (1 yr.)
Kopo Veronicah Oromeng

Schlumberger Foundation Inc. $59,518.00 2022

RSA Acquisition of Goods and Services, (5 mo.)
Brewster Kingham

USDA $56,900.00 2022

Delaware Senior Center GIA Funding Formula – Annual Project Partnership and Full Assessment Facilitation, (1 yr.)
Julia O’Hanlon

State of Delaware $56,638.00 2022

Going Viral with Extracellular Vesicles: Virus Biology Informs Next-Generation EV Therapeutics, (2 yr.)
Mona Batish

Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $54,990.00 2022

Stratification of Multi-Modal Trip Generation Rates by OSPC Investment Levels, (1 yr.)
David Racca

DOT $53,298.00 2022

Adoption and Implementation of Illustrative Mathematics for Secondary Schools in Capital School District, (1 yr.)
Faith Muirhead

Capital School District $52,650.00 2022

Delaware Equitable Planning for Local Adaptation Needs, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
Danielle Swallow

DHS $50,000.00 2022

Message Mapping for Enhanced EV Adoption in Delaware, (1 yr.)
Jennie Saxe

DOT $47,415.97 2022

Electro-Optic Photonic Integrated Circuits in Thin Lithium Niobate, (2 mo.)
Dennis Prather

NASA $45,000.00 2022

Textiles for Extreme Surface Environments and High Oxygen Atmospheres, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Huantian Cao

NASA $45,000.00 2022

The Role of Motivational Conflict in Developmental Stuttering, (2 yr.)
Evan Usler

UDRF $35,000.00 2022

Using Open-Source Technology to Track Weigh Gain in an Animal Model of Obesity, (2 yr.)
William Kenkel

UDRF $33,994.00 2022

Groundwater Quality and Infiltration Monitoring Task, (1 yr.)
Rachel McQuiggan

DOT $33,805.00 2022

Empowering the Next Generation of Cancer Professionals: The Fox Chase Cancer Center-University of Delaware Partnership for Undergraduate Research and Career Development, (5 yr.)
Latoya Watson

HHS $30,196.00 2022

Delaware’s Statewide Seat Belt Use Observational Survey Data for OHS, (3 mo.)
Edward Ratledge

DOT $24,150.00 2022

Support for Schoold Districts to Develop Their Capacity in Addressing Issues Related to School Climate, (11 mo.)
Kevin Fitzgerald

DDOE $19,715.00 2022

Emergency Response Suicide Prevention Evaluation, (7 mo.)
Solange Ealy

HHS $19,400.00 2022

The Motor Impact of Mindfulness Meditation on Voice Production, (2 yr.)
Aude Cardona

Mind and Life Europe $17,343.03 2022

To increase Academic Enrichment and School Connectedness of Participants, Including Families, Caregivers and Teachers, (1 yr.)
C Crouse

Capital School District $15,646.00 2022

Coaching K-5 Teachers to Support Implementation of the Bookworms Curriculum, (11 mo.)
Jaime True Daley

DOE $15,600.00 2022

Why Stuttering Occurs: Investigating the Brain Bases of Motivational Conflict during Speech, (2 yr.)
Evan Usler

GUR $15,000.00 2022

21st Cent CCLC Grant – MOU between Capital School District, William Henry Middle School and UD, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
C Crouse

Dept of Educ $13,912.00 2022

21st Cent CCLC Grant – MOU between Capital School District, Booker T Washington Star and UD, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
C Crouse

Dept of Educ $12,955.00 2022

21st Cent CCLC Grant – MOU between Capital School District, East Dover E. and UD, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
C Crouse

Dept of Educ $12,955.00 2022

Sensorimotor Exploration and Adaptation in Healthy and Parkinson’s Disease Populations, (1 yr.)
Joshua Cashaback

Oak Ridge Associated Universities $5,000.00 2022

Differential Effect of First Complementary Food Types on the Infant Gastrointestinal Microbiome: A Randomized Controlled Feeding Trial, (1 yr.)
Lynn Ferro

American Society for Nutrition $2,000.00 2022

The Effects on Children and Parents of Educating Parents About Ways to Play with Babies, (1 yr.)
Julie Orlando

American Physical Therapy Association $1,500.00 2022

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