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The University of Delaware derives its research funding from a broad base of sources reflecting a diversity of initiatives across our seven colleges. This page includes contracts and grants that are received for research projects, public service/extension projects, education activities and equipment over the course of the month highlighted below. To view previous activity select the month/year in the Archive sidebar.


September 2019 (48 Projects)

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Recently Funded Projects

Citizen Corp, (11 mo.)
Beth Mineo

DHS $ 10,000

Novel Eulerian Two-Phase Simulations for Burial Dynamics of Munitions, (1 yr.)
Tianjian Hsu

DOD $ 169,719

Extending Industrial Assessment Centers to Underserved Areas, (3 yr.)
Keith Goossen, John Byrne

DOE $ 510,001

Lewes National Register Historic District Update Survey, (11 mo.)
Catherine Morrissey

DOI $ 5,177

Professional learning and Coaching to Red Clay Consolidated School District Mathematics Teachers to Support Curriculum Implementation and Instruction, (10 mo.)
Faith Muirhead

ED $ 223,130

Imaging Genetics Study of Twins Who Stutter, (5 mo.)
Ho Ming Chow

HHS $ 7,474

Training in Social Processes of HIV/AIDS, (1 yr.)
Valerie Earnshaw

HHS $ 43,443

Examining Parental Child Care Decision-Making: Mixed Methods Study of Parental Search Strategies, (2 yr.)
Rena Hallam

HHS $ 50,000

Understanding Child Care Decision-Making for Families who have Young Children with Disabilities, (2 yr.)
Rena Hallam

HHS $ 50,000

A Longitudinal Study of Neural Network Development in Children Who Stutter, (2 yr.)
Ho Ming Chow

HHS $ 108,852

Multi-Level Analysis of Affective Inhibitory Control, (3 yr.)
Rabea-Nadia Bounoua

HHS $ 135,048

Regulation of Heme Synthesis by Mitochondrial Proteins, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
Yvette Yien

HHS $ 1,994,837

Unraveling Fibrosis with Dynamic Microenvironments and Molecular Tools, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
April Kloxin

HHS $ 2,398,500

New Directions Early Head Start, (1 yr.)
Heidi Beck

HHS $ 2,621,643

Mechanisms Underlying the Protective Vascular Effects of Dietary Potassium in Humans, (4 yr. 11 mo.)
Shannon Lennon, Chandran Sabanayagam, William Farquhar, Ryan Pohlig

HHS $ 2,852,030

Measuring Symptom Clusters in People with Sudden-Onset Disabilities, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
David Tulsky, Pamela Kisala, Mari Griffioen, Jerome Slotkin, Callie Tyner, Aaron Boulton

HHS $ 3,744,154

Theoretical Support for the IMAP Mission, (1 yr. 3 mo.)
William Matthaeus

NASA $ 10,000

Resident Ensemble Players, (1 yr.)
Sanford Robbins

NEA $ 75,000

Community Resiliency in the Face of Coastal Hazards and Renewable Energy Transition Conference, (1 yr.)
Jeremy Firestone

NSF $ 92,699

Frequency Domain Conversion of Computer Aided Design Files to Enable Encryption, Authentication and Feature Search Function, (1 yr.)
Nektarios Georgios Tsoutsos

NSF $ 157,238

An Open Source Software Ecosystem for Plasma Physics, (5 yr.)
Tulasi Parashar

NSF $ 273,452

Understanding Liquid Phase Tandem Catalysis on Zeolite Encapsulated Metal Nanoparticles, (3 yr.)
Bingjun Xu

NSF $ 300,000

Engineering Catalyst Materials for Carbon Utilization, (3 yr.)
Feng Jiao

NSF $ 350,168

Consistent Distributed Visual-Inertial Estimation and Perception for Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, (3 yr.)
Guoquan Huang

NSF $ 380,049

Community Portal for High-Precision Atomic Physics Data and Computation, (3 yr.)
Marianna Safronova

NSF $ 559,999

Graduate Research Fellowship Program, (5 yr.)
Charles Riordan

NSF $ 608,000

ProteoCell: The Fat Free Cell, (3 yr.)
Millicent Sullivan

NSF $ 710,763

MRI: Acquisition of a Big Data and High Performance Computing System to Catalyze Delaware Research and Education, (3 yr.)
Rudolf Eigenmann

NSF $ 1,399,992

Microbial Inoculants for the Improvement of Alfalfa Crop Productivity and Health, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Harsh Bais

USDA $ 12,453

Investigating How Soil Health Practices Impact Subsurface Legacy Phosphorus Loss from Soil on the Delmarva Peninsula, (2 yr. 1 mo.)
Amy Shober

USDA $ 14,713

Carbon Analysis of Understory and Overstory Fluxes in Changing Urban and Natural Systems, (2 yr. 1 mo.)
Rodrigo Vargas Ramos

USDA $ 15,000

Acquisition of Goods and Services, (1 yr.)
Douglas Tallamy

USDA $ 17,000

Animal Health Research Program, (2 yr.)
Mark Rieger

USDA $ 18,954

Managing Notifiable Avian Influenza, (1 yr.)
Calvin Keeler

USDA $ 174,026

Educational Affiliation and Biomedical Services, (9 mo.)
Esther Biswas

The Nemours Foundation $ 21,600

Energy Assessment Program, (4 mo.)
Keith Goossen

Comcast NBCUniversal $ 24,000

Mobile Diabetes and Heart Disease Worksite Wellness Initiative, (1 yr.)
P Peterson

Delaware Dept of Health & Social Service $ 49,983

Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Organic Acids and Natural Identical Compounds on Growth Performance, Intestinal Microbiome, Intestinal Barrier Function and Development of Stress Associated Gut-Health Biomarker in Broilers, (1 yr.)
Yihang Li

Vetagro $ 51,874

Chincoteague Inlet Modeling Study, (1 yr.)
Arthur Trembanis

Virginia Institute of Marine Science $ 60,000

Healthy Living Initiative, (1 yr.)
C Crouse

National 4-H Council $ 63,000

Groundwater Quality Monitoring Task, (10 mo.)
Alan Andres

Delaware Department of Transportation $ 67,530

4-H Afterschool Program at Kirk Middle School, (1 yr.)
C Crouse

Criminal Justice Council $ 75,000

Robust Visual-Inertial Estimation in Challenging Environments, (2 yr.)
Guoquan Huang $ 80,000

The Kids Count in Delaware Annual Fact Book, (11 mo.)
Janice Barlow, Kimberly Lowman

DE Office of Management and Budget $ 90,500

Delaware Reading Project and Delaware Social Studies Education Project, (1 yr.)
Sharon Walpole

Delaware Department of Education $ 150,000

Alternative Routes to Certification, (1 yr.)
Francis Livoy

Delaware Department of Education $ 310,000

Adapting Curriculum and Classroom Environments for Student Success, (1 yr.)
Esley Newton

Delaware Department of Education $ 866,341

Delaware INBRE 4 State, (4 yr. 11 mo.)
Steven Stanhope

Delaware Economic Development Office $ 5,000,000

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