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The University of Delaware derives its research funding from a broad base of sources reflecting a diversity of initiatives across our seven colleges. This page includes contracts and grants that are received for research projects, public service/extension projects, education activities and equipment over the course of the month highlighted below. To view previous activity select the month/year in the Archive sidebar.


August 2020 (68 Projects)

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Recently Funded Projects

Mid-Atlantic Gliders Supporting Hurricane Intensity Forecasts, (2 yr.)
Gerhard Kuska, Matthew Oliver

DOC$ 699,638

Advancing and Integrating Animal-borne Tags into Regional Ocean Observatories in the Northwest Atlantic, (3 yr.)
Aaron Carlisle, Matthew Oliver

DOC$ 1,176,902

Open Call for Science and Technology Created by Early-Stage Teams, (3 mo.)
Daniel Freeman

DOD$ 7,500

Technical Training Software Platform Using Machine Learning and Augmented Reality for Air Force Maintenance and Service Operation, (3 mo.)
Daniel Freeman

DOD$ 7,500

Automated Deep Reconnaissance of Malware, (3 mo.)
Christina Pellicane

DOD$ 8,333

Commercial Risk Management Solutions Using AI-Based Predictive Tools for Asset Management and Proprietary Trading Space, (2 mo.)
Daniel Freeman

DOD$ 8,333

Green Roofs for a Sustainable Air Force, (3 mo.)
Christina Pellicane

DOD$ 8,333

Hospital Acquired Infections Training with Wearable Technology in the Air Force, (5 mo.)
Christina Pellicane

DOD$ 8,722

Enhancment of Scene Projector Evaluation And Research Facility, (10 mo.)
Fouad Kiamilev, Christopher Jackson

DOD$ 577,383

Quantifying Microbial Roles in Environmental Iron Oxidation Via an Integrated Kinetics, (2 yr.)
Clara Chan

DOE$ 269,999

National Register Update of Canal Lockkeeper’s House, (1 yr. 3 mo.)
Catherine Morrissey

DOI$ 28,897

Understanding of Atlantic Sturgeon Migratory Patterns: Integrating Telemetry and Genetics for Distinct Population Segment-specific Insights, (3 yr. 1 mo.)
Matthew Breece

DOI$ 395,357

A PRIM A Primer on the Cost of Marine Fuels Compliant with the IMO 2020 Rule, (3 mo.)
James Corbett

DOT$ 81,450

4H Afterschool Continuation Plan for Lake South, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
C Crouse

ED$ 70,000

4H Afterschool Continuation Plan for Showell, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
C Crouse

ED$ 150,000

4H Afterschool Continuation Plan for Milford, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
C Crouse

ED$ 240,000

Early Head Start Child Care Expansion, (10 mo.)
Heidi Beck

HHS$ 54,220

A Plasticity and Reprogramming Paradigm for Therapy Resistance at the Single Cell Level, (1 yr.)
Abhyudai Singh

HHS$ 57,072

Accelerated Magnetic Resonance Elastography for Brain Stiffness Analysis in Children with Classic Autistic Disorder, (3 yr.)
Grace Mcilvain

HHS$ 136,560

Prevention and Behavioral Health: Mobile Response Stabilization Service, (9 mo.)
Brian Freedman

HHS$ 150,000

Reducing Clinician Stigma and Disparities in HIV Testing, Prevention, and Linkage to Care in Malaysia, (3 yr.)
Valerie Earnshaw, Jonathan Cox, Zachary Collier

HHS$ 579,257

Elucidating Biogenesis and Cargo Sorting Mechanisms for Discrete Extracellular Vesicle Subpopulations in C. elegans, (5 yr.)
Jessica Tanis

HHS$ 1,645,565

Mechanisms of Neural Crest Induction and Craniofacial Disorders, (4 yr. 9 mo.)
Shuo Wei

HHS$ 1,861,050

Discovery of Chemical Probes and Therapeutic Leads, (4 yr. 11 mo.)
Joseph Fox, Stephanie Kerschbaum, Catherine Grimes, Juan Perilla, William Chain, Patrick McMahon, Donald Watson, Sylvain Le Marchand, PapaNii Asare-Okai, Eric Bloch, John Famiglietti, Shi Bai, Maria Neunuebel, Catherine Fromen, Melinda Duncan, Joshua Neunuebel, Moisc

HHS$ 11,868,452

PUNCH Project Theoretical and Computational Support, (6 mo.)
William Matthaeus

NASA$ 22,368

Examining the Global Ocean Vertical Salt Transport with a Dynamically Consistent Ocean State Estimate, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Xinfeng Liang

NASA$ 46,610

Composite Manufacturing Technologies for Aerospace Performance at Automotive Production Rates, (4 yr.)
John Gillespie, Dirk Heider, Shridhar Yarlagadda

NASA$ 5,893,843

Porting the MPS/University of Chicago Radiative MHD Models to GPUs Using OpenACC, (4 mo.)
Sunita Chandrasekaran

NSF$ 61,928

Enzyme-Free Detection of SARS-CoV2 Using a PAINT-Based Single-Molecule Microscopy Assay, (1 yr.)
Jeffrey Caplan

NSF$ 199,993

A Statistical Learning Framework for Phylogenetic Inference: Information, Uncertainty and Geometry, (2 yr.)
Vu Dinh

NSF$ 219,573

Integrated Optoelectronic Optimization of Thin-Film Solar Cells with Light-Trapping Structures, (3 yr.)
Peter Monk

NSF$ 349,824

Umpolung Methods with Electron Rich Aromatic Systems: Aza-ortho-Xylylenes, and N,N-Dialkylaniline N-Oxides in Synthesis, (3 yr.)
William Chain

NSF$ 450,000

Graph-Based Quantum Error Correcting Codes, (3 yr.)
Javier Garcia-Frias

NSF$ 500,000

Overcoming Challenges in Classification Near the Limit of Determination, (3 yr.)
Karl Booksh

NSF$ 500,000

Reverse Engineering Methods for Elucidating the Molecular Assembly Mechanisms of Thermoresponsive Peptide-Based Conjugates, (3 yr.)
Arthi Jayaraman

NSF$ 518,481

Measurements of Turbulence and Coherent Structures on Bothside of an Wind-Driven Air-Water Interface, (3 yr.)
Fabrice Veron

NSF$ 549,848

Transformation and Cross-shelf Export of Freshwater from Antarctic Shelves, (5 yr.)
Carlos Moffat Varas

NSF$ 787,525

Acquisition of Goods and Services, (1 yr.)
Douglas Tallamy

USDA$ 10,000

Development of Biological Control Methods for Management of Spotted Lanternfly, (1 yr.)
Charles Bartlett

USDA$ 23,404

Biological Nitrogen Removal in Sediment Plumes of Watershed Models, (3 yr.)
Shreeram Inamdar

USDA$ 263,901

Predicting and Evaluating Pax6 Targets in Aniridia Related Keratopathy, (3 mo.)
Adam Pater-Faranda

Fight for Sight$ 2,500

Connections PADE Summer 2020 Partner Organization, (2 mo.)
Christina Morrow

Connections$ 5,000

Phillis Wheatley Elementary School Afterschool and Summer Program, (10 mo.)
Alison Travers

Woodbridge School District$ 6,325

After School STARS and Summer Program at Woodbridge Middle School, (10 mo.)
Alison Travers

Woodbridge School District$ 7,823

Cloudlet Management: Enabling Cooperative Edge Computing, (1 yr.)
Lena Mashayekhy

University of Delaware Research Foundn$ 13,000

Upper Limb Proprioceptive Plasticity and Learning in Sub-Acute Stroke, (1 yr.)
Jennifer Semrau

University of Delaware Research Foundn$ 14,883

An Online Toolkit for Making Mealtimes More Meaningful and Functional, (2 yr.)
Sarah Curtiss

General University Research Program$ 14,924

Interaction-Based Professional Development for Inclusive Preschool Classroom Teams, (1 yr.)
Tia Barnes

Foundation for Child Development$ 15,000

Changes in Neuroarchitecture and Neurochemistry that Result from Reading Intervention, (1 yr.)
Stephanie Del Tufo

University of Delaware Research Foundn$ 15,000

Elucidate the Mechanism of tdpt-1 Mutant-Mediated Suppression of top-2(it7) Lethality, (1 yr.)
Aimee Jaramillo-Lambert

University of Delaware Research Foundn$ 15,000

Functional Characterization of Post-Transcriptional Regulation in Congenital Cataract, (1 yr.)
Mona Batish

University of Delaware Research Foundn$ 15,000

Bookworms Implementation in Four Seaford Elementary Schools, (10 mo.)
Jaime True Daley

Seaford School District$ 20,800

Exploring the Impact of Scaffolds on CT Skills within a Robot Obstacle Course Task, (2 yr.)
Teomara Rutherford

University of Delaware Research Foundn$ 28,480

Professional Development in US History for Grades 8-11 in Colonial School District, (10 mo.)
Michael Feldman

Colonial School District$ 30,000

Nanostructure and Dynamics of Complex Lipid Membranes by Integrated IXS and Molecular Simulation, (5 mo.)
Edward Lyman

Brookhaven National Laboratories$ 31,900

Private Duty Nursing Workforce Capacity Study: Children with Medical Complexity, (7 mo.)
Susan Giancola, Brittany Powers

Delaware Dept of Health & Social Service$ 48,974

Mobile Diabetes and Heart Disease Worksite Wellness Initiative, (1 yr.)
P Peterson

Delaware Dept of Health & Social Service$ 49,995

Investigating Agricultural Burning and Improving Crop Residue Management to Reduce Particulate Matter Emissions in the Arkansas Delta Region, (1 yr.)
Brandon McFadden

Arkansas State University$ 58,020

Delaware Department of Education College Success Report, (11 mo.)
Jeffrey Klein

Delaware Department of Education$ 69,455

Induction Coaching, (11 mo.)
Tracy Hudson

Delaware Department of Education$ 71,488

Effects of Peanut Consumption on Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Cognitive Function, (1 yr.)
Sheau Ching Chai

The Peanut Institute$ 85,000

Delaware Energy Assessment Program, (1 yr.)
Keith Goossen

Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility$ 87,000

Prison Research and Innovation Network, (1 yr.)
Daniel O’Connell, Christine Visher

Urban Institute$ 100,000

Coastal Resilience through Regeneration in Northeast Wilmington, (1 yr.)
Jennifer Horney, Roger Hesketh, Anna Wik, Martha Narvaez, Julie Bruck

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation$ 124,411

Delaware Victim Needs Assessment, (1 yr. 3 mo.)
Ronet Bachman

Criminal Justice Council$ 149,998

Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Knee Osteoarthritis, (1 yr.)
Daniel White

Lisa Dean Moseley Foundation$ 296,197

Demonstration of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Power and Value of V2G Grid Services, (3 yr.)
Willett Kempton

Exelon Corporation$ 603,747

Financial Need of Students Due to the Disruption of Campus Operations from Coronavirus Under the CARES Act, (1 yr.)
Mary Booker

US Office of Education$ 6,087,404

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