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The University of Delaware derives its research funding from a broad base of sources reflecting a diversity of initiatives across our seven colleges. This page includes contracts and grants that are received for research projects, public service/extension projects, education activities and equipment over the course of the month highlighted below. To view previous activity select the month/year in the Archive sidebar.


May 2023 (30 Projects)

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Recently Funded Projects

Toolkit for Fast, Multipurpose and Inducible Bioorthogonal Chemistry, (3 yr. 9 mo.)
Joseph Fox, Catherine Grimes, Colin Thorpe

HHS $1,974,044.00 2023

PhD Program Faculty Fellows Support Funds, (4 yr.)
Bintong Chen, Gonzalo Arce, Keith Decker, Hui Fang, Xiao Fang, Paul Laux, Wei Qian

JPMorganChase $1,593,717.00 2023

ECA Excellence in Chinese Language and Culture NSLI-Y, (9 mo.)
Jianguo Chen, Chung-min Tu

DOS $772,428.00 2023

Targeting Mechanosignaling in Pediatric Brain Cancer, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
Darrin Pochan

HHS $689,380.00 2023

The Role of Exosomes in Marek’s Disease Virus Pathogenesis and Immunity, (5 yr.)
Mark Parcells

USDA $650,000.00 2023

Expanding the Diversity of Iron Oxidation Mechanisms Via Genetics, Microscopy and `Omics in Leptothrix, (3 yr.)
Clara Chan, Jessica Clinton

NSF $617,000.00 2023

Accelerating General-Purpose Encrypted Computation on Diverse Hardware, (5 yr.)
Nektarios Georgios Tsoutsos

NSF $534,581.00 2023

Build Long-term Climate Resilience in 21st-Century Regional Urban Land Systems through Integrated Data-driven Research and Education, (5 yr.)
Jing Gao

NSF $524,464.00 2023

Racial Disparities in Pain Care: A Comprehensive Integration of Patient-and Provider-Level Mechanisms with Dyadic Communication Processes Using a Mixed-Methods Research Design, (4 yr. 9 mo.)
Peter Mende-Siedlecki

HHS $514,876.00 2023

Collaborative Research: Scalable Manufacturing Platform for Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition, (3 yr.)
Andrew Teplyakov

NSF $415,804.00 2023

The Role of Turbulent Coherent Structures on the Evolving Seabed, (3 yr.)
Tianjian Hsu

NSF $380,940.00 2023

School Choice Policy Research Center: A National Research Partnership to Improve School Choice for Disadvantaged Students, (2 yr.)
Amy Schwartz

Dept of Educ $320,808.00 2023

Spintronics Based on Novel Antiferromagnetic Materials with Spin-Momentum Locking, (3 yr.)
John Xiao

King Abdullah University of Sci & Tech $210,000.00 2023

Novel Methods for Non Destructive Testing Using Electromagnetic Waves, (1 yr.)
Peter Monk

DOD $196,831.00 2023

Managing Notifiable Avian Influenza, (1 yr.)
Calvin Keeler

USDA $175,724.00 2023

The Inverse Backscattering Problem and the Inverse Fixed Angle Scattering Problem, (3 yr.)
Rakesh Rakesh

NSF $132,364.00 2023

Undergraduate Research to PhD National Mentoring Program, (3 yr.)
Lori Schmittle

Computing Research Association $126,146.90 2023

Mechanisms of Sexually Dimorphic Microglia Response to Neonatal Hypoxic Ischemia, (2 yr. 11 mo.)
Jaclyn Schwarz

NEMOURS $101,529.62 2023

Antecedents and Consequences of Earthquake-Related Conspiracy Theories in Turkey, (1 yr.)
Joanne Miller

NSF $100,827.00 2023

Wafer-Scale Growth of Site-Determined Wavelength-Tunable Quantum Emitters in Atomically-Thin (2D) Semiconductors, (1 yr.)
Matthew Doty

II-VI Foundation $95,000.00 2023

Examining US Fishery Policy Implementation, (1 yr.)
Kimberly Oremus

Natural Resources Defense Council $51,879.00 2023

Delaware Spanish Teacher Study Abroad Pilot Program, (4 mo.)
Barbara Moltchanov, Julia Dominguez

DDE $35,513.00 2023

Stimuli Responsive Electroactive Materials for Sustainable Fuel Production, (2 yr.)
Emil Hernandez-Pagan, Joel Rosenthal

UDRF $35,000.00 2023

DE National Guard Internship, (1 yr.)
Jack Puleo

Delaware Army National Guard $25,000.00 2023

Pediatricians in Delaware Report, (9 mo.)

HHS $16,299.50 2023

Investigation of Non-Small Cell lung Cancer Erlotinib-Resistance Via Raman Microscopy, (2 yr.)
Ariel Alperstein

GUR $15,000.00 2023

Agency and Object Prominence in Linguistic Cognition: Investigating Sentence Processing in Copala-Triqui, (2 yr.)
Rebecca A Tollan

GUR $14,881.00 2023

Identifying and Culturing Slug Parasitic Nematodes in Maryland, (8 mo.)
Michael Crossley

Maryland Soybean Board $8,106.00 2023

Identifying and Culturing Slug Parasitic Nematodes in Delaware, (8 mo.)
Michael Crossley

Delaware Soybean Board $7,884.00 2023

A Global Dataset of Monthly Irrigated and Rainfed Cropped Areas for the 21st century, (1 yr.)
Endalkachew Abebe Kebede

NSF $5,000.00 2023

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