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The University of Delaware derives its research funding from a broad base of sources reflecting a diversity of initiatives across our seven colleges. This page includes contracts and grants that are received for research projects, public service/extension projects, education activities and equipment over the course of the month highlighted below. To view previous activity select the month/year in the Archive sidebar.


September 2021 (94 Projects)

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Recently Funded Projects

NIIMBL Research, Development and Testbeds to Help the Nation Prevent, Prepare for and Respond to Coronavirus, (3 yr.)
Kelvin Lee, Wilfred Chen, Abraham Lenhoff, Christopher Roberts

DOC $83,000,000.00

Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Cardiovascular Health, (4 yr. 9 mo.)
David Edwards, Jeffrey Caplan, Ibra Fancher, William Farquhar, Curtis Johnson, Shannon Lennon, Christopher Martens, Shannon Robson, John Slater

HHS $11,843,999.00

COATs: Collagen-Mimetic Peptide and Therapeutic Gene-Modified Collagens for Cell-Mediated Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
Millicent Sullivan, Kristi Kiick

HHS $5,194,340.00

Cardiovascular Consequences of Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophinopathies, (4 yr.)
Melissa Witman, David Edwards, Ryan Pohlig

HHS $3,202,193.00

Bioenergy Production Based on an Engineered Mixotrophic Coculture for Enhanced CO2 Fixation, (3 yr.)
Eleftherios Papoutsakis, Marianthi Ierapetritou

DOE $2,752,577.00

Delaware LEND Program, (5 yr.)
Beth Mineo

HHS $2,751,584.00

Protein Knowledge Networks and Semantic Computing for Disease Discovery, (4 yr. 11 mo.)
Cathy Wu

HHS $2,166,895.00

Circular Economy of Composites Enabled by TUFF Technology, (3 yr.)
Joseph Deitzel

DOE $1,799,983.00

Size, Trophic and Spatial-Temporal Scaling of Environmental Selection in Pelagic Species, (3 yr.)
Matthew Oliver, Aaron Carlisle

NASA $1,301,600.00

The Simpson Neutron Monitor Network, (3 yr.)
John Clem

NSF $1,194,735.00

Discovery of Distributed Pathways for Plastic Conversion in the Yellow Mealworm Microbiome, (1 yr.)
Kevin Solomon, Mark Blenner

DOE $1,100,001.00

Cell-Mediated Antiretroviral Drug Transport in the Lymph Node, (2 yr.)
Jason Gleghorn

HHS $878,912.00

Supporting Teachers to Develop Equitable Mathematics Instruction Through Rubric-Based Coaching, (4 yr.)
Erica Litke

NSF $651,546.00

A Novel Eulerian Two-phase Numerical Simulation Tool for Scour Burial of Munitions, (3 yr. 5 mo.)
Tianjian Hsu

DOD $617,993.00

Extending Integrated Pest Management Knowledge and Practice to Delaware Stakeholders, (1 yr.)
David Owens

USDA $608,702.00

Data Management and Storage System for Shared Resource Facilities, (1 yr.)
Shawn Polson

HHS $599,621.00

Hatch Multistate, (1 yr.)
Calvin Keeler

USDA $534,477.00

EDGE FGT: Establishing Functional Genomics in Anaerobic Fungi for Applications in Agriculture, Sustainability and Carbon Cycling, (3 yr.)
Kevin Solomon

National Science Foundation $520,000.00

DMREF: Rheostructurally-Informed Neural Networks for Geopolymer Material Design, (4 yr.)
Norman Wagner

NSF $513,693.00

Design of an Engineered Pplant Growth Promoting Rhizobacterium for Controlled Release in the Rhizosphere, (3 yr.)
Aditya Kunjapur

USDA $500,000.00

Linking Brace Root Development and Function in Maize, (4 yr.)
Erin Sparks

NSF $478,844.00

Impacts of Surface Ocean Surfactant Sources and Transformations on Their Chemical Composition and Air-Sea Relevant Properties, (3 yr.)
Andrew Wozniak

NSF $452,301.00

Integrative Data Analysis to Identify Persistent Post-Concussion Deficits and Subsequent Musculoskeletal Injury Risk, (1 yr. 11 mo.)
Thomas Buckley, Austin Brockmeier, Wei Qian

HHS $419,798.00

Test and Evaluation for a SLED Array Multispectral Scene Projector, (7 mo.)
Fouad Kiamilev

DOD $411,183.00

Emergency Poultry Disease Response and Policy International Symposium and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Quality Assurance Symposium, (1 yr.)
Brian Ladman

USDA $365,553.00

University of Delaware Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, (1 yr.)
Michelle Rodgers, Diane Oliver

USDA $313,297.00

Alternative Routes to Certification, (1 yr.)
Kristina Najera

Delaware Department of Education $310,000.00

Estuarine Circulation Controls on Fate and Transport of Marine Debris: A Case Study in Delaware Bay, (2 yr.)
Tobias Kukulka, Jonathan Cohen

DOC $300,373.00

Silviculture in the City: Advancing Urban and Climate Adapted Management Strategies for Forested Natural Areas in the Northeastern U.S. Through Science and Training, (3 yr. 5 mo.)
Tara Trammell

USDA $299,465.00

Revised Procurement Technical Assistance Program Option Period Step 2, (1 yr.)
J Bowman

DOD $299,267.00

The Zonal Overturning Circulation, (3 yr.)
Xinfeng Liang

NSF $298,034.00

Classical and Semi-Classical Molecular Dynamics in Ultrastrong Laser Fields: Essential Training for the STEM Pipeline During COVID, (3 yr.)
Barry Walker

NSF $296,224.00

Acylated Peptides: Spontaneous Phase Separation, Emulsification and Colloidal Stability by Neutron Scattering, (1 yr.)
Norman Wagner

Eli Lilly And Company $265,001.00

Indigenous and Latinx Delaware: Community Fellowship and Historical Inquiry, (1 yr.)
Barry Joyce

LOC $254,689.00

Certificate in Data Science and Analytics for JPMC Employees, (1 yr.)
Bintong Chen

JPMorganChase $243,000.00

Redding Consortium Support, (1 yr.)
Kelly Sherretz

State of Delaware-General $240,000.00

Back from the Past? Assessing Potential of Relict, Hydric Soils for Wetland and Floodplain Restorations, (2 yr.)
Shreeram Inamdar

EPA $228,556.00

Geologic Map of the Frederica and Bennetts Pier Quadrangles in Delaware, (1 yr.)
Kelvin Ramsey

DOI $194,361.00

Lessen the Impact of the Global Panemic on NAHLN Laboratory Operating Budgets, (1 yr.)
Calvin Keeler

USDA $187,200.00

Delaware Nutrient Management Program, (10 mo.)
Amy Shober

Delaware Nutrient Management Commission $180,000.00

Trust-Network Emergence Amongst Resource-Constrained Human-Agent Teams, (3 yr. 4 mo.)
Jasmin Cloutier

DOD $178,755.00

Inventory of Grassland and Shrubland Birds and Raptor Populations at Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, (2 yr. 4 mo.)
W Shriver

DOI $171,058.00

Building Capacity for PCOR About COVID-19 Vaccination in the Long Term Care Workforce, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
Christine Skubisz

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Inst. $158,134.00

Water Resources Research Act Program, (1 yr.)
Gerald Kauffman

DOI $125,000.00

Lessen the Impact of the Global Panemic on NAHLN Laboratory Operating Budgets, (1 yr.)
Calvin Keeler

USDA $124,000.00

Principal Preparation Program for Certification, (1 yr.)
Alison Travers

Delaware Department of Education $110,000.00

Stratigraphic Equivalency in the Stratigraphically Complex Coastal Aquifer Systems of the Middle Atlantic Coastal Plain, (1 yr.)
Kelvin Ramsey

DOI $101,996.00

Reliability Evaluation of the Integrated Photonic Receiver Subsystems with All-Optical Signal Processors, (3 yr.)
William Matthaeus, Charles Cotton, Tingyi Gu, Bennett Maruca

NASA $100,000.00

Strengthening COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution in Delaware: Creating an Accessible and Inclusive Experience for People with Disabilities, (10 mo.)
Sarah Mallory

Delaware Dept of Health & Social Service $99,980.00

Planning Grant: Engineering Research Center for Rapid Evaluation of Coastal Ocean and Nearshore, (1 yr.)
Herbert Tanner

NSF $99,573.00

Leveraging Simulations in Preservice Preparation to Improve Mathematics Teaching for Students with Disabilities, (3 yr.)
Lynsey Gibbons

NSF $96,204.00

Virtual and/or School-Based Support Via Individual Teacher Coaching and Observation, and Leadership Coaching to Improve Bookworms Implementation, (1 yr.)
Jaime True Daley

Dept of Educ $94,250.00

Professional Learning Support for Grades K-5 Illustrative Mathematics Adoption Training and Implementation, (10 mo.)
Faith Muirhead

Dept of Educ $93,600.00

Deldot Snow Monitoring, (10 mo.)
Kevin Brinson, Christopher Hughes

Delaware Department of Transportation $90,810.00

Carvel Research and Education Center and Warrington Irrigation Research Farm, (1 yr.)
Mark Isaacs

Delaware Department of Agriculture $80,000.00

Radio America Production of Educational Audio and Video Features for the Center for Economic Educations and Entrepreneurship, (4 mo.)
Carlos Asarta Pedraza

Donner Canadian Foundation $78,360.00

Developing A2i Spanish Adaptive Progress Monitoring Assessments for PK-3rd Grade, (4 yr.)
Henry May

Dept of Educ $70,210.00

Evaluation of Biochar Amendment to DE Route 301 Roadway Soils for Reduction in Stormwater Runoff Volume and Nutrient Removal, (10 mo.)
Paul Imhoff

Delaware Department of Transportation $62,713.00

2021 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Award, (3 yr.)
Anthony Stohr

DOD $60,195.00

Creating a Performance Portable Software Ecosystem for Applications of Interest to NCI-DOE, (1 yr.)
Sunita Chandrasekaran

HHS $57,912.00

Refining Side Scan Sonar as a Tool to Support Management of Asian Carp, (1 yr.)
John Madsen

DOI $50,000.00

Illustrative Math Coaching and Professional Learning, (11 mo.)
Faith Muirhead

Caesar Rodney Sch District $46,800.00

University of Delaware Renewable Resources Extension Act, (2 yr.)
Michelle Rodgers, Jennifer Volk

USDA $46,449.00

Elementary Illustrative Math Coaching, (11 mo.)
Faith Muirhead

Dept of Educ $46,150.00

Can we Modify Gait Asymmetry After ACL Reconstruction?, (2 yr.)
Elanna Arhos

HHS $46,036.00

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Biocontrol Agents against Emerald Ash Borer Infesting Ash and White Fringe Tree in Urban Forests, (1 yr.)
Douglas Tallamy

USDA $45,206.00

Crop Protection and Quarantine Acquisition of Goods and Services, (1 yr.)
Douglas Tallamy

USDA $45,000.00

A Simple and Quantitative Clinical Assessment of Neuromuscular Recovery After ACL Injury, (2 yr. 4 mo.)
Thomas Buchanan

HHS $44,043.00

Middle and High School Illustrative Math Coaching, (11 mo.)
Faith Muirhead

Dept of Educ $42,050.00

Biochar Stormwater Research for Hanover Demonstration Project, (1 yr.)
Paul Imhoff

The Borough of Hanover, Pennsylvania $40,000.00

Novel LiAl-CO2 Solid-State Batteries for Venus Mission, (6 mo.)
Kun Fu

NASA $37,500.00

Assessing Cross Resistance and Baseline Sensitivity to SDHI Fungicides in F. Graminearum, (2 yr.)
Alyssa Koehler

USDA $36,728.00

Middle and High School Illustrative Math Coaching and Professional Learning, (10 mo.)
Faith Muirhead

Dept of Educ $35,100.00

Undesirability and Her Sisters: Black Women’s Visual Work, (9 mo.)
Tiffany Barber

Getty Research Institute $35,000.00

Crop Protection and Quarantine Acquisition of Goods and Services, (1 yr.)
Douglas Tallamy

USDA $31,550.00

Multimodal Learning and its Human-Centered Applications, (2 yr.)
Xi Peng $30,000.00

Turning the Combine from a Weed Seed Spreader into a Weed Seed Predator, (2 yr. 8 mo.)
Mark VanGessel

USDA $29,969.00

Using Humor and Improvisation to Build Communication Skills About Farm and Agricultural Worker Stress and Mental Health, (4 mo.)
Maria Pippidis

National Young Farmers Coalition $25,000.00

Mispillion and Cedar Creek Watershed Economic Valuation and Management Plan, (1 yr. 10 mo.)
Danielle Swallow

Partnership for Delaware Estuary, Inc. $16,649.00

IR-4 Minor Crop Pest Management, (1 yr.)
David Owens

USDA $16,000.00

Increase Aacademic Enrichment and School Connectedness of Participants, Families, Caregivers and School Teachers, (11 mo.)
C Crouse

Capital School District $15,000.00

An E-Waste Materials Flow Analysis for Science-Based Regulatory Reform in the U.S. Virgin Islands, (2 yr.)
Kalim Shah

General University Research Program $15,000.00

North East Regional Soil Survey Conference, (11 mo.)
Bruce Vasilas

USDA $15,000.00

The Brave Community Workshop, (2 yr.)
Janine de Novais

General University Research Program $14,995.00

Virtual One-Oay Institute to Support High-Quality Implementation of the Bookworms Reading and Writing Curriculum, (10 mo.)
Jaime True Daley

Dept of Educ $13,000.00

Differentiated Instruction Coaching in K-5 Classrooms, (11 mo.)
Jaime True Daley

Dept of Educ $11,700.00

Crop Protection and Quarantine Acquisition of Goods and Services, (11 mo.)
Douglas Tallamy

USDA $10,000.00

Professional Coaching to Improve Bookworms Reading and Writing Curriculum Implementation, (10 mo.)
Jaime True Daley

Thomas Edison Charter School $9,750.00

Hypersonic Stability of Cone Geometries with Various Wall Conditions, (4 mo.)
Joseph Kuehl

Materials Research & Design, Inc. $5,126.00

Researching the Causes of Underutilized US Marine Fish Stocks, (1 mo.)
Kimberly Oremus

Natural Resources Defense Council $4,904.00

Symposium on Science, Technology and Innovation, (2 mo.)
Kalim Shah


NSF Student Travel Grant for IEEE Cluster, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Sunita Chandrasekaran

NSF $3,750.00

Lake Forest East Elementary School Differentiated Instruction, (11 mo.)
Jaime True Daley

Dept of Educ $2,925.00

Clinical Trials and Observational Studies Preceptorship in Knee Osteoarthritis, (1 yr.)
Daniel White

Rheumatology Research Foundation $1,000.00

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