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The University of Delaware derives its research funding from a broad base of sources reflecting a diversity of initiatives across our seven colleges. This page includes contracts and grants that are received for research projects, public service/extension projects, education activities and equipment over the course of the month highlighted below. To view previous activity select the month/year in the Archive sidebar.


October 2018 – 75 Projects

Recently Funded Projects

Investigations in Fisheries Ecology, Matthew Oliver, 1 yr.

DOC $ 65,000

U.S. East Coast Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program, James Kirby, Fengyan Shi, 1 yr.

DOC $ 69,009

Translating Metabolic Responses to Mechanical Insult into Early Interventions to Prevent PTOA, Shridhar Yarlagadda, John Gillespie, 4 yr.

DOD $ 642,253

Wave, Sediment and Structure Interactions in Surf and Swash Zones, Nobuhisa Kobayashi, 3 yr.

DOD $ 120,000

Composites Research, Engineering and Advanced Technology (CREATE), John Gillespie, Joseph Deitzel, John Tierney, 1 yr.

DOD $ 200,000

Novel Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Tunable Infrared Notch Filters, Mark Mirotznik, 3 yr.

DOD $ 599,628

Implementing the Avian Monitoring Protocols for the Northern Colorado Plateau I and M Network of the National Park Service, W Shriver, 2 yr. 5 mo.

DOI $ 48,650

Longitudinal Examination of Victimization Experiences of Latinos (LEVEL): Extending the Bias Victimization Study, Chiara Sabina, 3 yr.

DOJ $ 95,655

Administrative Support for the Technology Transfer Center (T2 Center), Earl Lee, 9 mo.

DOT $ 553,835

Reducing Stormwater Runoff and Pollutant Loading with Biochar Addition to Highway Greenways, Paul Imhoff, 2 yr.

DOT $ 100,000

Transportation Justice Study, David Racca, 3 mo.

DOT $ 14,066

Professional Development to Support ELA Teachers at Alfred G. Waters Middle School to Build Understanding of Reading Strategies, Sharon Walpole, 10 mo.

ED $ 3,315

Christina School District Seminars for Delaware Teachers Institute, Patricia Hermance, 7 mo.

ED $ 16,250

Leadership Coaching and Professional Development to Expand Professional Collaboration and Specialized Instruction Capacity of Co-Teaching Teams in the Indian River School District, Alison Travers, 9 mo.

ED $ 32,225

Professional Development and Coaching to Expand Professional Collaboration and Specialized Instruction capacity of Co-Teaching Teams at Laurel Middle School, Alison Travers, 10 mo.

ED $ 21,609

New Castle County Vocational School District Seminars for Delaware Teachers Institute, Patricia Hermance, 7 mo.

ED $ 6,250

Red Clay Consolidated School District Seminars for Delaware Teachers Institute, Patricia Hermance, 7 mo.

ED $ 18,750

Reduction of Energy, Water, and Hazardous Material Technical Assistance for Food and Beverage Manufacturers in the Mid-Atlantic Region, Keith Goossen, 2 yr.

EPA $ 223,231

Service Agreement Between University of Delaware and Charles County Dept of Health, Mary Dozier, 1 yr.

HHS $ 4,320

DPH/HRSA Oral Health, Beth Mineo, Mary McDuffie, 1 mo.

HHS $ 10,000

Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnerships for Success: State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroups, Laura Rapp, 1 yr.

HHS $ 150,000

Secondary Analyses of RCT Data on Infant Formula and Nutritional Programming, Jillian Trabulsi, 2 yr.

HHS $ 63,942

Hippocampal-Thalamo-Prefrontal Circuitry Damage in an Animal Model of FASD, Anna Klintsova, 1 yr. 11 mo.

HHS $ 391,883

Directly Testing the Magnocellular Theory of Dyslexia, Keith Schneider, 4 yr. 9 mo.

HHS $ 1,895,328

Disc Mechanics and Altered Loading in Degeneration., Dawn Elliott, Barry Bodt, 5 yr.

HHS $ 2,423,592

Profiles and Progress in Spanish English Bilinguals with Language Impairment: Development of a Criterion Reference Measure, Aquiles Iglesias, 3 yr.

HHS $ 384,546

Developmental Monitoring and Language, Beth Mineo, Susan Giancola, Brittany Powers, 1 yr.

HHS $ 563,000

Fabrication, Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Aligned Short Fiber Composites, Bazle Haque, 11 mo.

NASA $ 50,000

Characterizing Coronal Structure and the Young Solar Wind, William Matthaeus, Rohit Chhiber, 3 yr.

NASA $ 640,439

Marine Heat Waves in Midlatitude Regions: Role of the Coastal Wind Mode Near Eastern Ocean Boundaries, Carlos Moffat Varas, 4 yr.

NASA $ 42,147

Life on Clays: Evaluating Fe(II)-Smectites as Electron Donors on Early Earth and Other Planetary Bodies, Clara Chan, 1 yr.

NASA $ 348,616

Women of Consequence, Ambitious, Ancillary and Anonymous Workshops for Students, Lynnette Overby, 8 mo.

NEA $ 3,300

Community Music School, Tamara Smith, 1 yr.

NEA $ 10,000

Master Players Concert Series, Xiang Gao, 1 yr.

NEA $ 20,000

Mechanisms of Light Control of Root Growth, Erin Sparks, 1 yr.

NSF $ 154,566

Exploring the Space of CHO Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) and Potential Applications, Eleftherios Papoutsakis, 1 yr.

NSF $ 100,000

University of Delaware I-Corps Site, Daniel Freeman, 2 yr.

NSF $ 159,999

Tunable Qubits in Hybrid Photonic Materials as a Acalable Platform for Quantum Photonic Devices, Matthew Doty, Joshua Zide, Stephanie Law Toner, 3 yr.

NSF $ 999,995

Water Security in Delaware’s Changing Coastal Environment, Kent Messer, Amy Shober, Donald Sparks, Daniel Leathers, Christopher Kloxin, George Parsons, John Rabolt, Amy Slocum, Holly Michael, Wei-Jun Cai, Thomas Hanson, Andrew Novocin, Jennifer Volk, Richard Martin, Karl Booksh, Deb Jaisi, Leah Palm-Forster, 5 yr.

NSF $ 19,199,993

Cyberinfrastructure Tools for Precision Agriculture in the 21st Century, Rodrigo Vargas Ramos, 1 yr. 9 mo.

NSF $ 213,264

Federal and State Technology Partnership Program, J Bowman, Louis DiNetta, William Johnson, Joy Goswami, Jacob Blacksten, Stephanie O’Leary, 1 yr.

SBA $ 125,000

Laboratory Support for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Spotted Wing Drosophila, Spotted Lantern Fly and Others, Douglas Tallamy, 1 yr.

USDA $ 35,000

How to Control Small Hive Beetles with Entomopathogenic Nematodes, Deborah Delaney, Ivan Hiltpold, Brian Kunkel, 2 yr. 10 mo.

USDA $ 19,646

Evaluating Monitoring Techniques and Natural Enemies for Improving Cucurbit Pest Management, David Owens, Ivan Hiltpold, 2 yr. 10 mo.

USDA $ 26,931

Utilizing Poultry Byproduct Compost for Vegetable Production, Gordon Johnson, 2 yr. 10 mo.

USDA $ 41,764

Development and Testing of Lima Bean Varieties with Improved Plant Architecture and Stress Tolerances, Emmalea Ernest, 2 yr. 10 mo.

USDA $ 47,508

Get Up and Do Something Website & Facebook Page to Promote Healthy Behaviors Among the WIC Population, P Peterson, 1 yr.

USDA $ 30,000

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education Plan for Delaware, Gina Crist, O Snider, 1 yr.

USDA $ 272,000

Smith Lever, Michelle Rodgers, 1 yr.

USDA $ 1,344,100

Discover, Identify and Evaluate the Biology, Ecology, and Efficacy of Exotic Predators and Parasitoids as Classical Biological Control Agents of Invasive Arthropod Pests of Agricultural Crops, Douglas Tallamy, 9 mo.

USDA $ 14,000

Molecular Markers for Detection of Quarantine Significant Phytoplasmas in Agriculturally and Environmentally Important Plants, Nicole Donofrio, 1 yr.

USDA $ 63,998

Crop Insurance Education in Delaware, Laurie Wolinski, 1 yr. 6 mo.

USDA $ 224,549

Training for EPDR & VDLQA Certificate Programs, Eric Benson, Brian Ladman, Robert Alphin, 1 yr.

USDA $ 270,000

USDA Hatch Multistate Appropriations, Mark Rieger, 1 yr.

USDA $ 499,301

Delaware Hatch, Mark Rieger, 1 yr.

USDA $ 1,129,569

Northeast Extension Risk Management Education (ERME) Center, Laurie Wolinski, 1 yr.

USDA $ 2,365,704

Professional Development for Secondary ELA Teachers at Appoquinimink School District to Support Reading Instruction, Sharon Walpole, 2 mo.

Appoquinimink School District $ 947

Appoquinimink Seminars for Delaware Teachers Institute, Patricia Hermance, 7 mo.

Appoquinimink School District $ 6,250

CDS/Air Force i-SLEDS, Fouad Kiamilev, 6 mo.

Chip Design Systems $ 74,328

DASL Recruitment, Selection and Development of Aspiring School Leaders in the State of DE, Alison Travers, 11 mo.

Delaware Department of Education $ 95,000

Delaware Reading Project and Delaware Social Studies Education Project, Sharon Walpole, 1 yr.

Delaware Department of Education $ 150,000

Wilimington Education Improvement Commission (WEIC), Daniel Rich, Francis O’Malley, Haley Qaissaunee, Kelly Sherretz, 11 mo.

Delaware Department of Education $ 155,784

DDOE Support, Carlos Asarta, 1 yr.

Delaware Department of Education $ 203,300

Professional Development and Support to Social Studies Teachers at Delcastle Technical High School for Instruction and Assessment of Social Studies Standards, Michael Feldman, 11 mo.

Delcastle Technical High School $ 4,748

HMA Healthy Communities Delaware, Steven Peuquet, Julia O’Hanlon, Sarah Pragg, Eric Jacobson, Roger Hesketh, Gina Crist, Nancy Mears, Signe Bell, Sarah Bercaw, 7 mo.

Health Management Associates $ 329,630

Principal Professional Development, Alison Travers, 9 mo.

Indian River School District $ 8,000

Merck Research Project, Karl Booksh, 1 yr. 6 mo.

Merck & Company $ 50,000

Renewable Resources Extension Act Program, Michelle Rodgers, 1 yr.

National Institute of Food & Agriculture $ 46,448

Two Professional Development Sessions for Red Clay’s Literacy Conference, Jacquelyn Wilson, 2 mo.

Red Clay Consolidated School District $ 1,850

Professional Development Presentations in Literacy During Red Clay’s Writing Institute., Sharon Walpole, 2 mo.

Red Clay Consolidated School District $ 1,874

Red Clay Consolidated School District Service Agreement, Carol Vukelich, 9 mo.

Red Clay Consolidated School District $ 76,991

Contributions of Executive Function to Literacy Development in Impoverished Settings, Kaja Jasinska, 1 yr. 8 mo.

Society for Research in Child Developmnt $ 15,000

Optimization and Design of Next Generation Low Surface Energy FPS Coatings Technologies, Thomas Epps, 1 yr.

The Chemours Company $ 170,694

Study of Early Brain and Behavior Development in Infants With and Without Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Anjana Bhat, 3 yr.

The Dana Foundation $ 200,000

Evaluation of Perceptual Assimilation: English Vowel Perception for Japanese Speakers, Arild Hestvik, 7 mo.

Waseda University $ 4,000

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