The NSF CAREER Proposal Academy is a six-month proposal preparation program to assist participating faculty and researchers to become successful NSF CAREER researchers. The program includes mentoring, grant editing, graphics assistance, feedback and review throughout the program.

A multi-year repository has been developed including a tentative timeline listing deadlines, presentations and additional materials for our participants. Group meetings and other events will be added throughout the program. We invite you to explore these resources by clicking the button below.

2024 Committee Chairs

Angelia Seyfferth,  Associate Professor, Plant and Soil Science
Zhihao Zhuang, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

nih academy mentors

Access resources from program workshops and more.

This page will be updated regularly.


The program will require a certain amount of time commitment throughout the academic year to participate in the various activities of the program. In addition to a time commitment, participants need to commit to the deadlines established by the NSF CAREER Academy for producing the parts of a grant proposal.

The 2024 NSF CAREER Academy application deadline has passed.

For additional information contact:

The Research Development Office
Ph: (302) 831-7088


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