Research Development

We believe UD faculty and researchers are among the best at ideation that positively impacts society, the economy and the world. The Research Development Office serves as a partner to PIs and facilitates all the scaffolding necessary to take your idea from concept to proposal development, submission and beyond. We target a variety of sponsors such as federal and state agencies, corporations, foundations and philanthropic organizations. We work in conjunction with other units at UD including college research deans, Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships (OEIP), Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) , institutes,, and centers and core facilities to engage, enable and leverage all aspects of UD and its partners to make your idea a successful one.


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Faculty & Proposal Development

The Research Development Office (RDO) serves as the primary support office to help faculty navigate today’s challenging research funding landscape and prepare competitive grant proposals. RDO provides support and management for large and/or multi-department proposals, where RDO serves as the primary point of contact for PI for all aspects of a grant application, including proposal project management, finding the right person(s) and UD units to leverage, grant writing and graphics, letters of support from UD leadership, equipment and other cost shares, and special exceptions – all leading to submitting a successful proposal.

The Research Office conducts a variety of workshops and training to help prepare faculty and researchers better compete for external and internal funding opportunities. If you are planning to respond to a grant opportunity, big or small, and/or need help with strategizing on a research theme please contact 302.831.7088

Requesting Letters of Support and Cost Shares

Principal investigators (PIs) are encouraged to review UD’s Cost Sharing Policy. Cost share letters and or commitments, including equipment, require sufficient preparation and often a long lead time for approvals. PIs should start this conversation with their respective department chairs, or college research office/deans as early as possible. All proposals that require cost share commitments and/or letters of support from UD leadership (President, Provost, VP Research) should follow the steps outlined here . Please route all the requests for cost shares and letters of support requiring UD leadership support through the Associate Vice President for Research Development. We encourage the PI’s and Research Deans to engage with the Research Office (RO) as early as possible through the Research Development Office. Email for communication to the Research Office for all such requests.

Grant Writing Program

The program is intended to support efforts by faculty to secure external sponsored research funding by providing them with grant writing, editing and graphic art support for proposal development.

Services Offered
  • Proposal: Editing, Graphic Support and Other Resources
    We have contracted with several external editors and graphic artists with a range of funding agency experience/expertise, with the goal of increasing the quality and success rate of extramural proposals. They can provide the following services for proposal development. The turnaround time varies depending upon the availability of the editor and/or graphic artist.
  • Proposal Preparation
    Editor assesses the narrative for its degree of alignment with the funding opportunity announcement; identifies strengths and weaknesses; ensures proposal is in one voice for multi?investigator collaborations; and outlines opportunities for shaping a more competitive proposal.
  • Proposal Revision for Resubmission
    Editor uses track changes and margin comments to suggest revisions to the research proposal. Special focus is given on achieving clarity and effective use of language. This is primarily intended for resubmissions. The PI must share prior reviews as part of the approval process.
  • Graphics Support
    The graphics support will work with the PI on creating/improving figures, logos, achieving clarity and producing professional looking end products. In rare cases where the RFP allows for animation or video submission, RDO will consider those as a special request.
  • Resources
    For the latest set of resources and services please contact:, 302.831.7088

    Grants Writing Program (UD Login Required)


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Thematic Workshops & Symposia

RDO organized thematic workshops and symposia are designed to engage experts from within and outside of UD on a specific yet broad topic so as to draw widest participation, develop collaborations and new strategic directions for UD’s research and in the state of Delaware. Below is a list of the current and past initiatives. If you have an idea for a thematic workshop or symposium drop us a line at


Past Workshops and Symposia

Neuroscience (2/22/2019)


The Neuroscience symposium brought together Neuroscience/Brain sciences researchers from across UD and State of Delaware. All faculty and researchers interested in the studies of the brain, behavior and central nervous system via theoretical, experimental or modeling approaches attended.

The day long symposium was held on February 22, 2019. The goal of the symposium is to understand common interests, capacities, aspirations for neuroscience research at UD. The day included presentations from UD researchers, keynote speakers from outside UD and breakout sessions to identify challenges and opportunities to strengthen UD’s research initiatives in neuroscience.


Data Science Symposia (5/12/17)

Data Science Symposium

A symposium that brought together data science researchers from across UD. The day long symposium was held on May 12th 2017. The goal of the symposium was to understand common interests, capacities, aspirations for data science research at UD. The Symposium and the resulting white paper were a catalyst for launching the new Data Science Institute at UD, cluster hiring of faculty and launch of the Masters in Data Science program.


Water Workshop (2/3/2017)

Water Workshop

This workshop brought together water researchers across UD's campus. The afternoon started with participants sharing their research interests and followed by breakout sessions to identify challenges and opportunities to strengthen UD’s water research initiatives.


International Research (12/1/2016)

International Research

In December 2016, as part of a workshop organized by the Research Office called "International Meeting of the Minds," a new resource was created. It was a catalyst for conversation centering around international initiatives.


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A number of advisory boards and councils help guide and evaluate research programs at the University of Delaware. They serves as an advisory body to the Vice President for Research, Scholarship and Innovation on matters pertaining to the development of research, creative activities and the achievement of research goals at UD.

Research Dean's Council


The Research Dean’s Council is a body the seeks to develop strategic directions for UD’s research, address tactical issues facing researchers and helps the Research Office plan to best serve the UD research community. It is comprised of the designated Research Deans from all seven colleges, Research Office Assoc. Vice Presidents of Research Development, Regulatory Affairs and Research Administration, Director of OEIP, and, representatives from UD Corporate and Foundation Relations, IT, Libraries and Vice-Provost of the Graduate Office. The Council is chaired by Anshuman Razdan “AR”, Assoc. VP of Research Development.

Anshuman Razdan "AR", (Chair)

  • Leigh Botner, Research Development
  • Jason Cash, IT- Network and Systems Services
  • Laura Desimone, College of Education and Human Development
  • Doug Doren, Graduate and Professional Education
  • Dave Edwards, College of Health Sciences
  • Jeff Friedland, Research Office
  • Shabool Henry, Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Murray Johnston, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sheryl Kline, Lerner College of Business and Economics
  • David Martin, College of Engineering
  • Monica McCormick, Library
  • Cordell Overby, Research Office
  • Fabrice Veron, College of Earth Ocean and Environment
  • David Weir, Office of Economic Innovation and Partnership
  • Eric Wommack, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Senate Research Committee

Senate Research Committee

Jeffrey Buler, (Chair)

  • Jeffrey Buler, Entomology and Wildlife Ecology
  • Lea Palm-Forster, Applied Economics and Statistics
  • Freda Patterson, Behavioral Health and Nutrition
  • Lian-Ping Wang, Mechanical Engineering
  • Shannon Robson, Behavioral Health and Nutrition
  • Charles Riordan, Research Office
  • Karen Stein, School of Public Policy and Administration
  • Amanda Van Horn, Communication Science and Disorders
  • Joshua Zide, Materials Science and Engineering

Research Information Management


The University of Delaware Research Information Management (RIM) Scoping Committee was established to frame an institutional perspective on research data management needs at UD, including the collection, management, delivery, and archiving of research data.

RIM Report: 6/2018

Michael O’Neal and Monica McCormick (Co-Chairs)

  • Jeffrey Caplan Core Facilities
  • Dave Edwards, College of Health Sciences
  • Joe Kempista, Information Technologies
  • Aletia Morgan, Information Technologies
  • Cordell Overby, Research Office
  • Carl Schmidt, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Ex Officio
    • Sharon Pitt, Information Technology
    • Anshuman Razdan, Research Office
    • Maria Palazuelos, Research Office

Proposal Review Panel


Following is a list of UD researchers who serve on the internal proposal review committee. The panel of experts are called upon to act as reviewers for limited submission proposals and internal seed grants. The Research Office acknowledges and appreciates the service of the committee members.

Animal and Food Sciences

  • Ryan Arsenault
  • Tanya Gressley
  • Kali Kneil
  • Hong Li
Applied Economics and Statistics
  • Kent Messer
  • Jing Qiu
Behavioral Health and Nutrition
  • Melinda Duncan
  • Jillian Trabulsi
Biological Sciences
  • Shannon Robson
Business Administration
  • Ji Kyung Park
Center for Drug and Health Studies
  • Tammy Anderson
Center for Environmental and Energy Policy
  • Lawrence Agbemabiese
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Antony Beris
Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Doug Doren
  • Joe Fox
  • Murray Johnston
  • Colin Thorpe
Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Nobuhisa Kobayashi
  • Lindsay Hoffman
Disaster Research Center
  • Joe Trainor
  • Olga Gorbachev
Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Hui Fang
Entomology and Wildlife Ecology
  • Jeff Buler
  • Kyle McCarthy
Fashion and Apparel Studies
  • Marsha Dickson
  • Fei Xie
Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Gladys Ilarregui
  • Sara Rauscher
Geological Sciences
  • Eliot Atekwana
  • Clara Chan
  • Holly Michael
  • Jim Pizzuto
  • Jessica Warren
Hospitality Business Management
  • Sheryl Kline
  • Joanne Yoo
Human Development/Public Policy and Administration
  • John McNutt
Kinesiology & Applied Physiology
  • Dave Edwards
  • Shannon Lennon
Marine Biosciences
  • Ben Bagozzi
  • Tom Hanson
Materials Science and Engineering
  • Darrin Pochan
  • Joshua Zide
Mathematical Sciences
  • Richard Braun
Mechanical Engineering
  • Erik Thostenson
  • Lian-Ping Wang
Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Esther Biswas
  • Sam Biswas
  • Barbara Habermann
  • Lorraine Phillips
  • Regina Wright
  • Katharina Billups
Plant and Soil Sciences
  • Angelia Seyffreth
  • Rodrigo Vargas
  • Randy Wisser
Physical Therapy
  • Anjana Bhat
  • Susanne Morton
  • Darcy Reisman
Physics and Astronomy
  • Michael Shay
Political Science and International Relations
  • Ben Bagozzi
  • Muqtedar Khan
  • Abdol-Razagh Oskooii
Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Jim Hoffman
  • Anna Papafragou
  • Mark Stanton
Public Policy and Administration
  • Steven Peuquet
School of Education
  • Laura Desimone
Sociology and Criminal Justice
  • Ann Bell
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Research Newsletter

Newsletter Archive

Welcome to the UD Research E-Newsletter. Published ten times a year, it features a broad range of current information recognizing the excellence of UD’s scholarly and creative activities, provides information about upcoming funding opportunities and scholarly events on campus and keeps the audience research administrators of policy and process changes. Subscribe below to be on our mailing list.



2020 Archive

2020 Archive

03/07/2019 - UD RESEARCH NEWS: March 2020
02/03/2020 - UD RESEARCH NEWS: February 2020


Anshuman Razdan

Anshuman Razdan
Associate Vice President, Research Development

Upcoming Events

Artificial light in the Arctic

New study examines how artificial light from research vessels affects fish counts

COVID-19 Virtual Town Halls

A COVID-19 virtual town hall presentation given on March 16, 2020 concerning laboratory shutdowns.

Assessing forests from afar

UD’s Pinki Mondal offers recommendations on using remote sensing to quantify forest health

COVID-19 research underway

UD team using supercomputer simulations to analyze the coronavirus

Fight back against loneliness

Research by UD’s Jaremka shows human immune systems are weakened by loneliness, stress

NIH Academy

The NIH Proposal Academy is a year-long proposal preparation program to assist applicants to become successful NIH researchers.

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