University of Delaware researchers are making discoveries that are important locally and globally, in such critical areas as food production, renewable energy, medicine, and homeland security, to name only a few. This has spurred on multiple partnerships which have taken wing to ensure UD’s scholarly efforts have the broadest and most sustained impact.

Our faculty, students and staff reached record-setting levels of productivity with the birth of seven UD startups, and the launching of a new national institute and partnerships which include the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory, the Wilmington Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the Chemours Company. Each collaboration is aligned with UD’s mission to ensure a world-class educational experience for our students, while serving as a major force for economic development consistent with a 21st-century Land Grant mission.

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The following is a list of companies and organizations that have active research agreements with UD. Effective dates of agreements are also provided. If you would like further details of the agreements please reach out to the Research Office.

Oct 2018 to Sept 2023
Jan 2018 to Dec 2023
Feb 2018 to Feb 2023
Apr 2010 to Present
Aug 2010 to July 2020



Filling a Real  Demand for Simulated Care

Filling a Real Demand for Simulated Care

Nursing instructor Amy Cowperthwait and her students are inventing products with a common goal: teaching compassionate patient care. Cowperthwait’s startup links students, engineers, business experts on quest to teach challenging medical procedures.

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Suit Me Up for Mars

Suit Me Up for Mars

When astronauts make the “Journey to Mars,” NASA wants every protective measure available in place. The space agency contracted with ILC Dover to develop a new spacesuit, and ILC enlisted several materials experts at the University of Delaware to work on a suit that can handle whatever space might throw at them.

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A NIIMBL Approach To Making Modern Medicines

A NIIMBL Approach To Making Modern Medicines

Biopharmaceuticals have emerged recently and are having a revolutionary impact on vexing diseases such as cancer. The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), headquartered at the University of Delaware, is at the forefront of making medicines more accessible to Americans.

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Partnerships in progress

Partnerships in progress

Multiple partnerships took wing in the past year to ensure UD’s scholarly efforts have the broadest and most sustained impact. Learn about the collaborations that ensure a UD world-class educational experience while serving as a major force for economic development.

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