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Welcome to the UD Research Office webpage for International Activities. We met in November 2016 as part of a workshop organized by the Research Office called International Meeting of the Minds. It was a good start but only a beginning of the conversation. We hope to continue at UD for faculty and staff, departments and centers, and others who are or wanting to engage in variety of international activities with a bent on research.

Vice President Charles Riordan addresses the first meeting of the International Research Group

We are happy to report that we have added this webpage to the UD Research Website and also created a listserv called internationalresearch. This webpage will be the home of international research events and activities and will allow for exchange of information, including potential opportunities.

Anshuman Razdan We envision this resource constantly growing, changing and renewing. We encourage you to add to this website with information and resources of your own that are available to the UD community of researchers and collaborators. If you would like share a resource or post to this web page please click the button below. As a start, we are posting the USAID spreadsheet that is organized by country but has also been tagged by broad disciplinary areas, the PowerPoint and summary of the discussion from the first workshop. The listserv will serve as a conversation cornerstone where members of the group can post and exchange information on variety of topics. We encourage you to make use of both the mediums as appropriate and also convey to your colleagues who may not have been part of the original workshop to join. For more details on our listserv and on how to join see below.

We are working to put together a follow up workshop on February 17th from 2 to 4 pm in Memorial 111 which will include Provost Grasso, Deputy Provost Okagaki and Vice President Riordan; who will share their thoughts as well as hear from the internationally minded audience. We encourage you to register for this workshop under the “Events and News” section and stay tuned for more information via email. The Research Office would like to receive feedback and comments. Please do not hesitate to either post on the listserv or directly email razdan@udel.edu. We look forward to the continued conversation.

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For questions or comments about this webpage please contact the Research Development Office.

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The University of Delaware Research Office invites you to join a listserv dedicated to bring the UD community together to discuss international activities and opportunities. Visit this group at UD International Research Group

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