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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Composites Research, Engineering and Advanced Technology (CREATE), (2 yr)
Jack Gillespie, Bazle Haque, Mark Mirotznik, LJ Holmes, John Tierney

ARL$ 7,941,580 2019

DNREC Pond Level Monitoring, (9 mo.)
Kevin Brinson

DHS$ 96,547 2019

Assessing Morphodynamics North of Indian River Inlet, (2 yr.)
Jack Puleo

DNREC$ 240,007 2019

Coastal Town Impervious Surface Accuracy and Trend Analysis, (6 mo.)
Tracy Deliberty

DOC$ 9,719 2019

Investigation on the Topic of Crab Pot Fishing Efforts in the Inland Bays, (8 mo.)
Arthur Trembanis, Katherine Fleming

DOC$ 20,000 2019

Horseshoe Crab – Optical and Acoustic Based Surveys, (9 mo.)
Arthur Trembanis

DOC$ 46,980 2019

Microplastics in the Murderkill and St. Jones Rivers and Their Accumulation in Blue Crabs, (9 mo.)
Jonathan Cohen

DOC$ 70,436 2019

The Contribution of Land Subsidence to Relative Sea-Level Rise Along the Delaware Bay Coastline in Central Delaware, (8 mo.)
Thomas McKenna, Changming He, David Wunsch, Daniel Warner

DOC$ 78,281 2019

Storm Surge and High Tide Relationships in Development of a Delaware Inland Bays Coastal Flood Warning System, (9 mo.)
John Callahan, Kevin Brinson, Christina Callahan

DOC$ 79,580 2019

MARACOOS: Preparing for a Changing Mid-Atlantic, (1 yr.)
Matthew Oliver

DOC$ 50,000 2019

MARACOOS: Preparing for a Changing Mid-Atlantic, (1 yr.)
Matthew Oliver

DOC$ 340,792 2019

Promoting Tidal and Marine Invasive Species Awareness and Response, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
Katherine Fleming

DOC$ 6,652 2019

National Sea Grant Law Center Small Grants Program, (1 yr.)
Christian Hauser

DOC$ 9,999 2019

Population Estimates for Participation in the 2020 Census Count Review Program, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
Edward Ratledge, John Laznik

DOC$ 9,972 2019

Modeling and Simulation Framework for Robust Process Design of Thermoset Prepregs, (8 mo.)
Suresh Advani

DOD$ 45,000 2019

Coupled Infusion-Cure Modeling Simulation for Low-Cost Composite Parts for Process Defects and Geometric Conformity, (7 mo.)
Suresh Advani

DOD$ 44,846 2019

Sensing Threats in Natural Environments Using Ligand-Receptor Modules, (3 yr. 11 mo.)
Rodrigo Vargas Ramos

DOD$ 427,039 2019

Computational Modeling and Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering from Textured Metallic Flakes, (7 mo.)
Mark Mirotznik

DOD$ 69,625 2019

Injectable Intraneural Interfaces, (9 mo.)
David Martin

DOD$ 201,695 2019

Comparative Effect of Commercially Available Custom Dynamic Orthoses, (4 yr.)
Elisa Arch

DOD$ 61,133 2019

DARPA Lifelong Learning Machine Systems, (1 yr.)
Cencheng Shen

DOD$ 74,999 2019

Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments, (1 yr.)
John Gillespie, Bazle Haque

DOD$ 742,610 2019

Graph Signal Processing and Underwater Acoustic Modeling Techniques to Assist Automation of Through the Sensor (TTS) for Statistical Inference Module (SIM), (1 yr.)
Kenneth Barner

DOD$ 260,506 2019

Thermoforming of Composite Parts, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Shridhar Yarlagadda, Dirk Heider, John Tierney

DOD$ 50,000 2019

Additive Manufacturing of Robotic and Remote Ground Systems, (1 yr.)
Larry Holmes

DOD$ 127,000 2019

Lagrangian Transport Analysis: Leveraging Models and Observations, (5 yr.)
Helga Huntley

DOD$ 862,489 2019

Tri-Band Radome, (6 mo.)
Mark Mirotznik, Shridhar Yarlagadda

DOD$ 350,000 2019

Advanced Undersea Signal Processing Methods, (2 yr.)
Mohsen Badiey, David Knobles

DOD$ 6,000 2019

The Integrated Sea Ice Dynamics Experiment, (5 yr.)
Chandra Kambhamettu

DOD$ 592,413 2019

Acoustical Oceanography of Shelf Break Regions, (3 yr.)
Mohsen Badiey

DOD$ 596,892 2019


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