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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Creation of an Improved Accuracy LiDAR-Based Digital Elevation Model for St. Jones and Blackbird Creek Reserves, (1 yr.)
Naomi Bates, John Callahan, Thomas McKenna

DOC$ 51,156 2017

Meredith Kurz DE Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Edward Lewandowski

DOC$ 61,500 2018

NOAA NWS National Mesonet Program, (3 yr.)
Daniel Leathers

DOC$ 200,000 2017

Novel Multi-Scale/Multi-Physics Integrated Tool for the Prediction of Manufacturing-Induced Defects in Autoclave Composite Airframe Parts, (1 yr.)
Suresh Advani

DOD$ 328,435 2017

A Framework for Effective Defense Against Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities in Software, (3 yr.)
Haining Wang

DOD$ 593,963 2017

RF Photonics, Hybrid Optical Apertures, and Integration, (3 yr.)
Dennis Prather

DOD$ 612,866 2017

Generation of Optimized SPMD Kernels Using the ROSE Compiler, (5 mo.)
John Cavazos

DOE$ 74,983 2017

Developing Novel Platinum Group Metal-Free Catalysts for Alkaline Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution Reactions, (1 yr.)
Yushan Yan

DOE$ 417,881 2018

Direct Ammonia Fuel Cells for Transport Applications, (3 yr.)
Shimshon Gottesfeld, Yushan Yan

DOE$ 2,009,126 2017

Ultimately Transformed and Optimized Powertrain Integrated with Automated and Novel Vehicular and Highway Connectivity Leveraged for Efficiency (Utopian Vehicle), (3 yr.)
Andreas Malikopoulos

DOE$ 4,031,489 2017

National Register Historic District Update Survey Phase II, (1 yr.)
Catherine Morrissey

DOI$ 7,001 2017

Lewes/NPS National Register District Survey III FY17, (1 yr.)
Catherine Morrissey

DOI$ 7,001 2017

Delaware’s Statewide Seat Belt use Observational Survey Data for OHS, (3 mo.)
Edward Ratledge

DOT$ 21,244 2017

Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program (DDETFP), (1 yr.)
Sue McNeil

DOT$ 35,500 2018

Jefferson County School Curriculum and Instruction Next Steps, (3 mo.)
Sharon Walpole

ED$ 5,000 2018

Development of Chesapeake Bay Technology Assessment Protocol for Manufactured Stormwater Treatment Devices, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Carmine Balascio

EPA$ 45,569 2017

UD Cooperative Extension Chesapeake Bay Program Support, (4 mo.)
Jennifer Volk, Dorothy Abbott

EPA$ 13,655 2017

Delaware Groundwater Monitoring Network, (11 mo.)
Changing He, Alan Andres, Thomas McKenna

EPA$ 43,854 2017

Applying Biochar as Roadway Soil Amendment in New Castle County, DE, (1 yr.)
Paul Imhoff

EPA$ 85,848 2018

Center for Child & Family Health (CCHF) Service Agreement, (7 mo.)
Mary Dozier

HHS$ 14,999 2017

DSCYF Substance Abuse Prevention Program, (6 mo.)
Laura Rapp

HHS$ 47,041 2017

Produce Safety Training, (6 mo.)
Michelle Rodgers

HHS$ 37,015 2017

Physician Survey, (9 mo.)
Tibor Toth, Rebecca Gross

HHS$ 49,701 2018

HHS DATI Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative, (2 yr.)
Beth Mineo

HHS$ 420,700 2017

Development of Mathematical Models and Related Computer Codes, (1 yr.)
Miao-Jung Yvonne Ou

HHS$ 12,801 2018

Trunk Muscle Characteristics and Their Association with Balance, Function, and Participation Among Individuals with Amputations, (2 yr.)
Jaclyn Sions, Gregory Hicks

HHS$ 177,399 2017

Mechanism and Function of TMEM14 Proteins in Vertebrate Heme Synthesis, (2 yr. 9 mo.)
Yvette Yien

HHS$ 474,660 2018

The Relation of Altered Pain Processing to Impact Loading and Response to a Gait Retraining Treatment in Knee Osteoarthritis, (4 yr. 6 mo.)
Joshua Stefanik

HHS$ 873,470 2018

Interdisciplinary Engineering Career Development Center in Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences, (5 yr.)
Dawn Elliott

HHS$ 96,442 2018

A Satellite based Mobile Warning System to Reduce Atlantic Sturgeon Interactions in Delaware Waters, (2 yr.)
Matthew Oliver

NASA$ 382,922 2017


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