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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

xEMU Composite Hard Upper Torso, (1 mo.)
Danny Molligan

DOD$ 849,829 2018

Implementing the Land Bird Monitoring Protocol for the National Park Service Units of the National Capital Region Network, (3 yr. 8 mo.)
W Shriver

DOI$ 97,276 2018

Mesothelial Mechanotransduction as a Key Regulator of Embryonic Lung Growth, (3 yr.)
Rachel Gilbert, Jason Gleghorn

HHS$ 91,993 2018

Walking Mechanics, Early Osteoarthritis Development and Neuromuscular Training After Traumatic Knee Injury, (1 yr.)
Jacob Capin

HHS$ 96,054 2018

Spouse Involvement in Everyday Type 2 Diabetes Care: Effects of Social Control on Continuously Measured Glucose, (2 yr.)
Emily Soriano

HHS$ 106,272 2018

Assessing Physical Activities Occurring on Sidewalks and Streets, (2 yr.)
Richard Suminski

HHS$ 425,374 2018

Small Business Support of Youth Physical Activity in Low-Income, Minority Neighborhoods, (1 yr. 11 mo.)
Richard Suminski, Shannon Robson, Barry Bodt

HHS$ 425,428 2018

Perceptual Learning and Memory Consolidation in Adults With and Without Language Impairment, (3 yr.)
Frances Earle, Xiaopeng Ji, Amanda Van Horne, Barry Bodt

HHS$ 468,000 2018

Mechanisms Underlying Posterior Capsular Opacification, (5 yr.)
Melinda Duncan

HHS$ 1,373,186 2018

Individual Breastfeeding Support with Contingent Incentives for Low-Income Mothers, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
Yukiko Washio

HHS$ 2,734,739 2018

A Plasticity and Reprogramming Paradigm for Therapy Resistance at the Single Cell Level, (1 yr.)
Abhyudai Singh

HHS$ 295,048 2018

Heating and Acceleration of the Solar Corona and Solar Wind: Effects of Turbulence Transport, Eddy Viscosity and Turbulent Resistivity, (3 yr.)
Arcadi Usmanov, William Matthaeus

NASA$ 450,002 2018

Cameroon Collaboration Investigating Anthropogenic Perturbations on Carbon Cycling in an Urbanized Tropical Estuary, (3 yr.)
Eliot Atekwana

NSF$ 179,113 2018

Innovative Carbon Nanotube-Based Composite Sensing Skins for Structural Health Monitoring, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
Erik Thostenson

NSF$ 200,000 2018

Terahertz Spintronics, (2 yr.)
Matthias Jungfleisch

NSF$ 272,088 2018

The Xpert Network: Synergizing National Expert-Assistance and Tool-Support Teams for Computational and Data-Intensive Science, (2 yr.)
Rudolf Eigenmann

NSF$ 298,521 2018

Integrating Cybersecurity Education within Clouds, (2 yr.)
Haining Wang

NSF$ 300,000 2018

Efficient and Modular Methane Upgrading to Liquid Aromatics by Coupling Dehydroaromatization with Reactive Hydrogen Separation, (3 yr.)
Bingjun Xu

NSF$ 300,000 2018

Development of a Thermodynamically Consistent Rheological Constitutive Equation for Thixotropic Suspensions Connecting Particle Properties to Thermodynamics and Rheology, (3 yr.)
Norman Wagner

NSF$ 311,168 2018

Developing a Functional Marker Gene for Fe Oxidation, (3 yr.)
Clara Chan, Shawn Polson

NSF$ 439,086 2018

Modeling Perineural Invasion Using a Bioorthogonally Integrated Hydrogel Platform, (3 yr.)
Xinqiao Jia

NSF$ 545,960 2018

Redirecting Cellular Metabolism Via Synthetic Toehold-Gated dCas9 Regulators, (3 yr.)
Wilfred Chen

NSF$ 552,000 2018

Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholars Program, (2 yr.)
Barbara Habermann

Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence$ 20,000 2018

Professional Development for Kindergarten Teachers to Implement the Bookworms Reading and Writing Curriculum, (1 yr.)
Sharon Walpole

Laurel School District$ 12,948 2018

Professional Development for Teachers in Grades 1-5 to Implement the Bookworms Reading and Writing Curriculum, (1 yr.)
Sharon Walpole

Laurel School District$ 25,897 2018

Professional Development for Teachers at Laurel Middle School in Science, Social Studies and Literacy, (1 yr.)
Francis O’Malley

Laurel School District$ 26,140 2018

Professional Development for Elementary and Secondary Teachers at Laurel School District, (1 yr.)
Sharon Walpole

Laurel School District$ 28,213 2018

Professional Development for Teachers at Laurel High School, (1 yr.)
Amy Trauth

Laurel School District$ 35,358 2018

Design Automation Software for Integrated Nanophotonics, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
Dennis Prather

Lumilant, Inc.$ 75,000 2018

Stress Propagation in Structuring Gels, (1 yr.)
Eric Furst

Procter & Gamble Company$ 60,000 2018


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