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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Investigations in Fisheries Ecology, (1 yr.)
Matthew Oliver

DOC$ 65,000 2018

Anisotropic Inversion of Multi-Excitation Brain MR Elastography Data, (1 yr. 5 mo.)
Curtis Johnson, Thomas Buckley

DOD$ 40,000 2018

Reconstructive Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation: Qualitative Approach to Enhance Patient-Reported Outcome Metrics and the Candidate Screening Process, (3 yr.)
David Tulsky, Pamela Kisala, Jerome Slotkin, Callie Tyner, Aaron Boulton

DOD$ 1,084,330 2018

Professional Development to Support ELA Teachers at Alfred G. Waters Middle School to Build Understanding of Reading Strategies, (10 mo.)
Sharon Walpole

ED$ 3,315 2018

Christina School District Seminars for Delaware Teachers Institute, (7 mo.)
Patricia Hermance

ED$ 16,250 2018

Service Agreement Between University of Delaware and Charles County Dept of Health, (1 yr.)
Mary Dozier

HHS$ 4,320 2018

Interdisciplinary Engineering Career Development Center in Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences, (6 mo.)
Fabrizio Sergi

HHS$ 67,500 2018

Fabrication, Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Aligned Short Fiber Composites, (11 mo.)
Bazle Haque

NASA$ 50,000 2018

Mechanisms of Light Control of Root Growth, (1 yr.)
Erin Sparks

NSF$ 154,566 2018

Acquisition of a III-V Molecular Beam Epitaxy System for a New Materials Growth User Facility, (3 yr.)
Joshua Zide, Stephanie Law Toner, Matthew Doty

NSF$ 1,000,000 2018

Bio-inspired Materials and Systems, (4 yr. 3 mo.)
LaShanda Korley

NSF$ 5,131,543 2018

Laboratory Support for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Spotted Wing Drosophila, Spotted Lantern Fly and Others, (1 yr.)
Douglas Tallamy

USDA$ 35,000 2018

How to Control Small Hive Beetles with Entomopathogenic Nematodes, (2 yr. 10 mo.)
Deborah Delaney, Ivan Hiltpold, Brian Kunkel

USDA$ 19,646 2018

Evaluating Monitoring Techniques and Natural Enemies for Improving Cucurbit Pest Management, (2 yr. 10 mo.)
David Owens, Ivan Hiltpold

USDA$ 26,931 2018

Utilizing Poultry Byproduct Compost for Vegetable Production, (2 yr. 10 mo.)
Gordon Johnson

USDA$ 41,764 2018

Development and Testing of Lima Bean Varieties with Improved Plant Architecture and Stress Tolerances, (2 yr. 10 mo.)
Emmalea Ernest

USDA$ 47,508 2018

Graduate Student Funding for Shober laboratory, (4 mo.)
Amy Shober

USDA$ 10,789 2018

Realizing a Community’s Collective Impact to Improve Fruit and Vegetable Consumption, (1 yr.)
Allison Karpyn

USDA$ 100,000 2018

Discover, Identify and Evaluate the Biology, Ecology and Efficacy of Exotic Predators and Parasitoids as Classical Biological Control Agents of Invasive Arthropod Pests of Agricultural Crops, (9 mo.)
Douglas Tallamy

USDA$ 14,000 2018

Beginning Farmer’s Workshop, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Daniel Severson

USDA$ 16,667 2018

Innovative Manure Management Strategies to Promote Phosphorus Balance and Sustain Agriculture on the Delmarva Peninsula, (2 yr. 11 mo.)
Amy Shober, Leah Palm-Forster

USDA$ 189,804 2018

Tissue Engineered Total Disc Replacement in a Large Animal Model, (2 yr.)
Dawn Elliott

VA$ 48,564 2018

Professional Development for Secondary ELA Teachers at Appoquinimink School District to Support Reading Instruction, (2 mo.)
Sharon Walpole

Appoquinimink School District$ 947 2018

Appoquinimink Seminars for Delaware Teachers Institute, (7 mo.)
Patricia Hermance

Appoquinimink School District$ 6,250 2018

CDS/Air Force i-SLEDS, (6 mo.)
Fouad Kiamilev

Chip Design Systems$ 74,328 2018

Thermal Transport in SiC and Diamond Based Composites, (1 yr.)
Chaoying Ni

II-IV Foundation$ 95,000 2018

Professional Development to Provide Support to Mathematics Teachers Across All District Middle Schools, (10 mo.)
Faith Muirhead

Red Clay Consolidated School District$ 118,420 2018

Professional Development for Support to Teachers at Smyrna Elementary School to Improve Writing Instruction, (1 yr.)
Sharon Walpole

Smyrna School District$ 6,000 2018

Development of Stable Fluorinated Anion Exchange Membrane, (1 yr.)
Yushan Yan

The Chemours Company$ 130,595 2018

Structured VS. Pelleted Catalysts for Biomass Conversion, (2 yr.)
Dionisios Vlachos

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.$ 294,699 2018


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