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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Developing a Decision Support Tool for Agricultural Nutrient Application Timing Using the National Weather Service National Water Model Framework, (1 yr. 7 mo.)
Yao Hu

DOC$ 90,000 2020

National Mesonet Program, (11 mo.)
Daniel Leathers, Kevin Brinson

DOC$ 146,211 2020

Broadband Acoustic Wave Propagation on the New England Continental Shelf, (3 yr.)
Mohsen Badiey

DOD$ 260,000 2020

New Directions in the Development of Atomic Clocks, (3 yr.)
Marianna Safronova

DOD$ 602,635 2020

Flexible Hybrid Electronics for Smart Textile with Embedded and Printed Sensors, (1 yr. 5 mo.)
Mark Mirotznik

DOD$ 100,000 2020

Surface and Subsurface Mechanics of Lubrication Failure: Toward Fuel Flexibility in Military, (4 yr.)
David Burris

DOD$ 534,018 2020

U.S. Urban Land Use Projections for the 21st Century, (6 mo.)
Jing Gao

DOE$ 120,790 2020

4D Rheo-SANS Sample Environment for Soft Matter, Biology and Materials Processing, (2 yr.)
Norman Wagner

DOE$ 300,203 2020

Delaware City National Register Historic District Update Survey, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Catherine Morrissey

DOI$ 15,414 2020

National Register Historic District Update Survey, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Catherine Morrissey

DOI$ 5,104 2020

Lewes National Register Historic District Update Survey, (1 yr. 1 mo.)
Catherine Morrissey

DOI$ 5,104 2020

Establishing National Borehole Inventory, (6 mo.)
Mojisola KunleDare

DOI$ 37,399 2020

Carbonate Microbiome, (4 yr.)
Jennifer Biddle

DOI$ 49,800 2020

Geologic Map of Wilmington South and Delaware City Quadrangles, (1 yr.)
Kelvin Ramsey

DOI$ 175,913 2020

Methods to Support Evaluation of Health and Social Impacts of Transportation Options, (1 yr.)
Ardeshir Faghri

DOT$ 70,259 2020

Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab Baseline Service, (1 yr.)
Earl Lee

DOT$ 78,196 2020

Living Laboratory: On-Call Support for Community Outreach and Development of Pop-up Projects for Local Plan Development and Evaluation of Innovative Non-motorized Infrastructure, (1 yr.)
Julie Bruck, Marcia Scott, Nina David

DOT$ 97,497 2020

Statewide Traffic Data Analysis and Evaluation, (1 yr.)
Earl Lee

DOT$ 102,395 2020

Evaluation of New Data Sources for Operations and Planning, (1 yr.)
Earl Lee

DOT$ 104,439 2020

Travel Demand Modeling Support, (1 yr.)
Earl Lee

DOT$ 123,890 2020

On-Call Transportation, Freight, Ports and ITS Planning Activities, (1 yr.)
Troy Mix, James Corbett

DOT$ 184,148 2020

Administrative support for the Technology Transfer Center, (1 yr.)
Earl Lee

DOT$ 538,122 2020

Virtual or In-Person Professional Development to Supplement ELA Components of Bookworms Curriculum, (1 yr.)
Jaime True Daley

ED$ 2,600 2020

Special Education Partnership for the Amicable Resolution of Conflict, (1 yr.)
Kathleen Murphy

ED$ 185,220 2020

Professional Development Support to 8th and 11th Grade US History Teachers Shifting to Apprenticeship Approach of Teaching Skills, (11 mo.)
Michael Feldman

ED$ 12,000 2020

Virtual and Onsite Professional Development to Implement Middle School Bookworm Curriculum, (11 mo.)
Jaime True Daley

ED$ 26,000 2020

Linking Data and Policy to Improve College Readiness in Delaware, (4 yr.)
Henry May, Katrina Morrison, Jeffrey Klein, Roderick Carey

ED$ 1,400,000 2020

System of Care Expansion and Implementation Grant, (2 yr. 4 mo.)
Ryan Beveridge

HHS$ 227,584 2020

Investigation of Annual Substance Use Disorder and Opioid Use Disorder Prevalence, and its Correlates, Among Delaware Medicaid Clients, (5 mo.)
Kathryn Gifford, Katie Fitzpatrick

HHS$ 31,865 2020

Substance Use Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment for Patients and Communities, (11 mo.)
Mary McDuffie

HHS$ 72,267 2020


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