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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments Collaborative Research Alliance, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
John Gillespie

DOD$ 261,893 2020

Inverse Problems in Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, (3 yr.)
Peter Monk

DOD$ 260,442 2020

Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program, (3 yr.)
Daniel O’Connell

DOJ$ 75,000 2020

Opiod Response, (3 yr.)
Daniel O’Connell, Ellen Donnelly

DOJ$ 148,800 2020

Ongoing Research, Evaluation and Preservation of the Indian River Inlet Bridge Structure Health Monitoring System, (3 yr. 10 mo.)
Harry Shenton, Michael Chajes

DOT$ 284,856 2020

Mechanisms of Sex Differences in Neonatal Pulmonary Oxygen Toxicity, (5 yr.)
Jason Gleghorn

HHS$ 251,450 2020

Organelle Dynamics and Retrograde Signaling During Plant Innate Immunity, (3 yr. 10 mo.)
Jeffrey Caplan, Chandra Kambhamettu

HHS$ 1,092,305 2020

Peripheral and Environmental Factors Affecting Postpartum Mood State, (1 yr. 10 mo.)
Jaclyn Schwarz

HHS$ 416,960 2020

StretchfMRI: a New Technique to Study the Brainstem Correlates of Long-Latency Responses, (2 yr.)
Fabrizio Sergi

HHS$ 456,665 2020

ABC Training, (1 yr.)
Caroline Roben

HHS$ 5,000 2020

Material Culture Conservation Education and Training, (3 yr.)
Debra Hess Norris

NEH$ 350,000 2020

Biophysical Characterization of the Native SARS-CoV-2 Virion by Atomistic Simulations, (1 yr.)
Juan Perilla, Jodi Hadden-Perilla

NSF$ 200,000 2020

Collaborative Research: Modeling Wave Breaking Onset and Dissipation in Energy-Conserving Models for Surface Waves, (2 yr.)
James Kirby

NSF$ 238,685 2020

Anthropomorphic Robotic Ankle Prosthesis with Programmable Materials, (3 yr.)
Panagiotis Artemiadis

NSF$ 741,565 2020

Slug and Natural Enemy Phenology in the Mid-Atlantic Field Crops, (2 yr.)
David Owens

USDA$ 27,831 2020

Military Youth Maker Camp, (8 mo.)
C Crouse

USDA$ 9,559 2020

Technical Lignins Potential to Prevent Spoilage Losses During Conserved Forage Storage and Feeding, (1 yr.)
Changqing Wu

USDA$ 5,156 2020

Emergency Poultry Disease Response, (2 yr.)
Eric Benson, Jennifer Horney

USDA$ 257,494 2020

Developing Sustainable Crop-Livestock Systems Involving Free-Range Poultry and Dual-Purpose Teff for Small Scale Producers in the Mid-Atlantic Region, (2 yr.)
Changqing Wu

USDA$ 15,249 2020

Kids Count Activities, (1 yr.)
Janice Barlow

A E Casey Foundation$ 100,000 2020

Evaluation Plan for Preschool Development Grant Birth-5, (3 mo.)
Laura Lessard

Delaware Department of Education$ 66,170 2020

Delaware Behavioral Emergency and Emotional Support Team, (6 mo.)
Bethany Hall-Long, Ingrid Hansen, Celeste Peart

Delaware Dept of Health & Social Service$ 72,950 2020

PADE Partner Organization, (11 mo.)
Christina Morrow

Girls Incorporated of Delaware$ 14,500 2020

Advanced Leadership Training for Professionals, (11 mo.)
Nancy Weiss, Steven Eidelman

Texas Tech University$ 64,710 2020

Parkinson’s Disease Telehealth Clinic, (1 yr.)
Jenny Hughes

The Parkinson Council$ 20,000 2020


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