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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Software Tool to Count Small Warehouse Parts Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning, (3 mo.)
Chandra Kambhamettu

DOD$ 15,000 2020

Resilient, Resource-Adaptive Multi-sensor Fusion for Persistent Navigation, (1 yr.)
Guoquan Huang, Herbert Tanner

DOD$ 976,410 2020

Engineering Sciences: Electronics: Optoelectronic Response of Inter-Crystalline Phase Change Materials, (3 yr.)
Tingyi Gu

DOD$ 360,000 2020

Competing Instability Mechanisms in Hypersonic Boundary Layers, (3 yr.)
Joseph Kuehl

DOD$ 397,529 2020

SIPS: Cross-Cutting Metrology Tools for In Operando Characterization of Carrier Dynamics in Photovoltaic Devices, (1 yr.)
William Shafarman, Shannon Fields, Brian McCandless

DOE$ 80,000 2020

RheoSurfR Neutron Reflectivity-Rheology Sample Environment for Studying Soft Matter, Biology, and Materials Processing at Air-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid interfaces, (9 mo.)
Norman Wagner

DOE$ 103,268 2020

Improving Shad Passage in the White Clay Creek, (7 mo.)
Jason Fischel

DOI$ 72,848 2020

Brandywine River Shad Restoration Project, (2 yr.)
Gerald Kauffman, Martha Narvaez, Andrew Homsey

DOI$ 241,000 2020

4-H National Mentoring Program, (1 yr. 3 mo.)
C Crouse

DOJ$ 116,196 2020

Professional Learning to Secondary English Language Arts Teachers to Support Reading and Writing Instruction for Adolescents, (6 mo.)
Jaime True Daley

ED$ 2,597 2020

EISENBERG 4-H After School Program – 21st Century Project for Colonial School District, (1 yr. 2 mo.)
C Crouse

ED$ 16,000 2020

EISENBERG 4-H After School Program – 21st Century Project for Colonial School District, (1 yr.)
C Crouse

ED$ 106,957 2020

Multi-State Examination of Medicaid Opiod Use Disorder Treatment, (10 mo.)
Mary McDuffie, Kathryn Gifford

HHS$ 28,662 2020

Rape Prevention and Education Evaluation, (8 mo.)
Cheryl Ackerman

HHS$ 35,000 2020

Intervening with Opioid-Dependent Mothers Living in Poverty: Effects on Mothers’ and Infants’ Behavioral and Biological Regulation, (5 yr.)
Mary Dozier, Robert Simons, Jean-Philippe Laurenceau

HHS$ 3,133,446 2020

Early Academic Achievement and Intervention Response: Role of Executive Function, (1 yr.)
Stephanie Del Tufo

HHS$ 2,783 2020

Classifying Cosmic-Ray Events Detected by Radio Probes, (1 yr.)
William Matthaeus, Frank Gerhard Schroeder

NASA$ 100,000 2020

High Performance Radiation Hardened GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors on Silicon Substrate for Space Applications, (3 yr.)
William Matthaeus, Yuping Zeng

NASA$ 100,000 2020

U.S. Science Support Program Office Associated with the International Ocean Discovery Program, (1 yr. 3 mo.)
Chandranath Basak

NSF$ 17,998 2020

Advanced Manufacturing Platform for Gene Therapeutic Production, (1 yr.)
Kelvin Lee

NSF$ 50,000 2020

Polymer-Free Durable Carbon Nanotube Film Membrane, (6 mo.)
Daniel Freeman

NSF$ 50,000 2020

Anisotropic Imaging of the Alaska-Aleutian Subduction Zone from Shear Wave Splitting Analyses, (2 yr.)
Colton Lynner

NSF$ 223,138 2020

Collaborative Research: GEM: Transition from Ion-Coupled to Electron-Only Reconnection, (3 yr.)
Michael Shay

NSF$ 268,659 2020

Designing Biomaterials Through Computational Simulation and Manipulation of Phase Behavior in a Class of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins, (3 yr.)
Kristi Kiick

NSF$ 274,293 2020

Understanding Relationships Between Synthesis, Structure, Solid-State Electrochemistry, and Phase Stability in Clathrates and Related Materials, (3 yr.)
Svilen Bobev

NSF$ 285,000 2020

Hierarchical Control of a Smart Ankle-Foot Prosthesis that Supports Increased Mobility for Real-life Activities, (10 mo.)
Panagiotis Artemiadis

NSF$ 607,466 2020

Small Business Development Centers CARES Act, (1 yr.)
J Bowman

SBA$ 1,280,000 2020

Back from the past: Recovery of Nutrient Processes and Microbial Communities in Relict, Hydric Soils Following Restoration, (3 yr.)
Shreeram Inamdar

USDA$ 499,830 2020

The UD ENVISION Program: Undergraduate Research, Education and Extension Exploring One Health and Food Sustainability, (5 yr.)
Mark Parcells

USDA$ 500,000 2020

Biology, Management and Slowing the Spread of the Spotted Lanternfly on Grapes and Tree Fruit in the Mid-Atlantic Region, (3 yr. 11 mo.)
Charles Bartlett

USDA$ 418,425 2020


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