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Research funding recently awarded to UD Faculty

Identifying Thresholds in Coupled Biogeochemical-Biological-Economic Systems Under Multiple Stressors, (3 yr.)
Wei-Jun Cai

DOC$ 218,307 2018

Waterford, Virginia National Historic Landmark District Documentation, (1 yr. 7 mo.)
Catherine Morrissey, Kevin Barni, Kimberley Showell, Michael Emmons

DOI$ 47,446 2018

Graduate Research Internship Program for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, (1 yr. 11 mo.)
Mingxin Li

DOT$ 49,154 2018

Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab Baseline Service, (1 yr. 9 mo.)
Earl Lee

DOT$ 68,000 2018

Evaluating the State of Mobility Management and Coordination of Specialized Transportation Services in Delaware, (9 mo.)
Julia O’Hanlon, Sarah Pragg, Troy Mix, Andrew Homsey, Marcia Scott

DOT$ 112,500 2018

Analytical Data Support Services, (1 yr. 11 mo.)
Edward Ratledge, John Laznik, Wei-Ming Chen, Eric Best

DOT$ 141,930 2018

Delaware Travel Monitoring System, (9 mo.)
Tibor Toth, Rebecca Gross, David Racca

DOT$ 272,857 2018

On-Call Transportation, Freight, Ports, Aviation and ITS Planning Activities, (9 mo.)
Troy Mix, James Corbett, William DeCoursey, Lindsay Naylor Jasper

DOT$ 299,297 2018

Long Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program: Weathering Steel Performance Data Collection, (4 yr.)
Jennifer McConnell, Harry Shenton

DOT$ 599,905 2018

Transportation Justice Study, (3 mo.)
David Racca

DOT$ 14,066 2018

Coastal Monitoring Program, (11 mo.)
Edward Whereat

EPA$ 147,649 2018

Reduction of Energy, Water, and Hazardous Material Technical Assistance for Food and Beverage Manufacturers in the Mid-Atlantic Region, (2 yr.)
Keith Goossen

EPA$ 223,231 2018

Interview Services for Youth Risk Behavior Survey and School Health Profiles Survey, (1 yr.)
Sharon Merriman-Nai

HHS$ 80,000 2018

Specialist Report for Physician Survey, (9 mo.)
Tibor Toth

HHS$ 9,800 2018

Mental Health Professional Analyses, (1 yr.)
Tibor Toth, John Laznik

HHS$ 49,590 2018

Physiological, Psychological and Genomic Factors that Predict the Transition from Acute to Chronic Pain in Patients with Traumatic Lower Extremity Fracture, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
Mari Griffioen, Joseph Glutting

HHS$ 1,549,150 2018

Life on Clays: Evaluating Fe(II)-Smectites as Electron Donors on Early Earth and Other Planetary Bodies, (1 yr.)
Clara Chan

NASA$ 348,616 2018

Inquiry and Equity: Who Gets to Ask Questions in Mathematics?, (2 yr.)
Amanda Jansen

NSF$ 55,293 2018

Controlling Glycosylation and Increasing Cell Performance by Inhibiting Genes in the Glycolytic Pathway, (1 yr.)
Maciej Antoniewicz

NSF$ 45,000 2018

A Symposium on Sediment Dynamics in Geophysical Flows Using Two-Phase Flow Methodology, (1 yr.)
Tianjian Hsu, Jack Puleo, James Kirby

NSF$ 15,000 2018

USDA Hatch Multistate Appropriations, (1 yr.)
Mark Rieger

USDA$ 499,301 2018

Delaware Hatch, (1 yr.)
Mark Rieger

USDA$ 1,129,569 2018

Northeast Extension Risk Management Education (ERME) Center, (1 yr.)
Laurie Wolinski

USDA$ 2,365,704 2018

Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Helath Services Administration Project AWARE (Advancing Welnness and Resilience in Education)State Education Agency Grants Project DelAWARE, (11 mo.)
Sharon Merriman-Nai

Delaware Department of Education$ 252,190 2018

Studying the Connections and Gaps between Education Research and School Practices, (1 yr.)
Henry May

Delaware Department of Education$ 292,388 2018

Radio America Production of Educational Audio and Video Features for the Center for Economic Educations and Entrepreneurship, (2 mo.)
Carlos Asarta

Donner Canadian Foundation$ 57,451 2018

Direct Fed Microbial Study II: C to O, (1 yr.)
Brian Ladman

DuPont Company$ 19,934 2018

Direct Fed Microbial Candidate Poultry Trial 3, (1 yr.)
Brian Ladman

DuPont Company$ 20,530 2018

iSPARC Membership Agreement, (1 yr.)
Dennis Prather

Futurewei Technologies, Inc.$ 300,000 2018

Measuring Real World Application Performance on Next-Generation Computing Systems, (1 yr. 6 mo.)
Sunita Chandrasekaran, Rudolf Eigenmann

Indiana University$ 141,076 2018


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