Catherine Fromen’s Return to Campus Request Summary

SENT TO: Eric Furst 01/03/2021
Submission Number 1292
Opening Phases Phase 3
Name Catherine Fromen
Academic Classification Assistant Professor Tenure-Track
PI Email
Emergency Contact / Phone Number 7818565410
College College of Engineering
Lab/Facility COLBURN LAB
Physical Distancing and Density Requirements My lab has been operating with a calendar to maintain the 1/125 sq ft density. Our lab space is 400 ft2 and can allow for 2 people per lab. We will maintain >6ft separation while in the lab and restrict access to the visitor and the subject being filmed for the duration of the visit. The shoot should require 2 people in the lab for less than 3 hours with frequent breaks. Filming without two people will be pursued when possible.
Visitor Access Request This request is for a “visitor” to an on-site campus research facility.

I am hoping to arrange a visitor to my lab space on Jan 11, 2021 from JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments). As part of our accepted manuscript, I am requesting access for a single videographer (Bob Finkelstein) to come to CLB 114/160 for a video shoot. The manuscript text can be found here:

Additional team members that will need access
Department Chair Eric Furst
Department Chair Email