Steve Bai’s Return to Campus Request Summary

SENT TO: Brian Bahnson 01/04/2021
Submission Number 1293
Opening Phases Phase 3
Name Steve Bai
Academic Classification Director of Core Facility
PI Email
Emergency Contact / Phone Number 3028318901
College College of Arts and Sciences
Lab/Facility BROWN LAB
Physical Distancing and Density Requirements Located in 049 BRL (1540 sq ft) and 045 BRL (609 sq. ft), the CBC NMR laboratory is an open Core facility to serve the research projects on campus. We have developed a dynamic scheduling that assures the social distancing in the lab while keeping the maximum occupancies of the lab less than 5 and 3 in 049 BRL and 045 BRL, respectively
Additional team members that will need access

Junhui Zhou

TITLE: Graduate Student, EMAIL:, CONTACT: 3022567621, LAB/FACILITY: BROWN LAB, RM# 045/049 BRL

Department Chair Brian Bahnson
Department Chair Email
Signature Shi Bai