Recently Funded Awards
Nozzle heating and cooling patterns for improved hypersonic quiet wind-tunnel design. $ 973,636
Rocky Shores Experiments and SImulations $ 1,242,328
Chiral Exceptional Point Manifested Active Tuning in Integrated Photonics $ 916,016
Studying the Connections and Gaps Between Education Research and School Practices $ 225,726
DE Network for Excellence in Autism $ 500,000
HR Competencies for Restaurant Managers $ 22,500
Spin In- Cultivating A High-Skilled Regional Workforce $ 509,615
The Persistence of Cover Cropping in the U.S. $ 175,000
A Large Constellation of Spacecraft for Mapping the 3D Magnetic Structure of the Solar Wind $ 249,694
Carbon Monitoring System Across Mexico $ 1,455,582
Floodplain Management in the United States: Where, Why, and How Policies to Limit or Remove Development have Shaped Exposure Outcomes $ 290,090
Enhancing Soldier Protection to Defeat Evolving Threats $ 4,999,997
Middle and High School Reimagine Math Coaching and Professional Development $ 201,900
Intelligent CyberInfrastructure with Computational Learning in the Environment $ 450,578
Mechanisms and Consequences of Reverse Transcription in HIV-1 Cores $ 596,072