Recently Funded Awards
NSF I-Corps Hub: Northeast Corridor Region $ 2,547,489
Lab-Scale Production of Particle Bonded Filaments with High-Loading Coal-Derived Carbon $ 1,000,000
Multilevel Hybrid Quantum-Classical Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization $ 624,615
Protein Engineering and Processing of Plant Viral Templates for Controlled Nanoparticle Synthesis $ 587,623
Lagrangian Transport and Patchiness of Buoyant Material in Estuarine Systems $ 574,550
Measuring and Predicting Natural and Enhanced Rate and Capacity of Abiotic Reduction of Munitions Constituents $ 399,866
Closing the Gaps: Improving Animal Disease Mitigation, Identification and Response Knowledge of Private Veterinary Practitioners and Small Flock Owners and Training the Next Generation of Emergency Disease Response Professionals $ 236,609
IREX Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders $ 214,982
Avoiding Blind-Spots and Bias Due to Incomplete Data with Machine Learning $ 49,931
Masculine and Feminine Attributes of Major Party Candidates: Understanding American’s Changing Conceptualization of Candidates and Parties $ 9,045