Recently Funded Awards
UD IPA Recovery Planning Assistance$ 35,000
Communtiy Mobile Healthcare and Wellness Initiative$ 200,000
Production of Macronutrients from Thermally Oxo-Degraded Wastes$ 877,040
Measurement of the Consolidation of US Local Television Stations Affects Local News Content at Scale$ 70,000
Investigation of TDRD7 in Lens Cell Defects and Cataract Pathobiology$ 70,000
A Hydrogel-Based Cellular Model of the Human Vocal Fold$ 2,498,414
Actin Cytoskeleton Regulation of Lens Architecture, Transparency and Mechanics$ 1,404,200
Motor and Multisystem Symptom Clusters in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A SPARK Dataset Study$ 707,455
Software Ecosystem for kNowledge diScOveRY: A Data-Driven Framework for Soil Moisture Applications$ 249,776
Fundamental Limits in Ambiguous Communication$ 182,588
Lattice-Matched InGaBiAs on InP for Extended Wavelength SWIR Detection$ 625,325
Agriculture Risk Management Education Partnerships Competitive Grants Program$ 6,621,750