Recently Funded Awards
Elucidating how Durable Disease Resistance Curtails Fungal Infection in Maize Using Deep-Learning Facilitated Microscopy$ 182,000
Enhanced Sensing and Distribution Using Quantum States$ 474,977
Studying the Connections and Gaps Between Education Research and School Practices.$ 299,179
Adapting Curriculum and Classroom Environments for Student Success$ 851,292
Scientific Challenges and Cost-Effective Management of Risks Associated with Implementation of Produce Safety Regulations$ 428,327
Stereolithography Additive Manufacturing of Silicon Carbide$ 239,995
Neutron Metrology for Solving Grand Challenge Problems by Engineering the Tools of Scientific Discovery$ 4,734,024
CK2.1, A Novel Peptide for Cartilage Repair$ 381,788
Does replicon Biochemistry Define the Infection Dynamics of Viruses Within Ecosystems?$ 499,999
Particle Astrophysics with VERITAS and CTA$ 862,080
Anticipating Threats to Natural Systems$ 7,616,189
Integrated RF Photonic Devices for Frequency Agnostic Sensors$ 833,122