Recently Funded Awards
Controlling Cellular Fate Using Micromachines $ 2,000,000
The Delaware Offshore Wind Training Pilot Program $ 1,060,000
Heating, Acceleration, and Diffusion in the Outer Heliosphere: Self-Consistent Solar Wind Modeling with Turbulence Transport, Eddy Viscosity and Pickup Protons $ 1,049,700
Storm Treatment Effects on Ecosystem Processes of Coastal Forests $ 896,156
In-situ Hydrogen Microstructural Characterization of Si Heterojunction Passivation: Addressing VOC Degradation and Mitigation Pathways $ 300,000
COVID-19, Vaccinations and School/Community Resources: Children’s Longitudinal Health and Education Outcomes Using Linked Administrative Data $ 169,035
Introduction of Immune Tolerance to Cas9 Protein in MPS IVA Mice $ 148,945
Nancy Grace Roman CGI Precursor Science: Upper Limits on Exozodiacal Emission from Nearby Star Systems $ 33,000