Recently Funded Awards
Developing Engineering Practices Using Ecosystem Design Solutions for Future Army $ 9,455,054
Initial Evaluation of an eHealth Self-Management System to Reduce Depression and Increase Resilience After SCI $ 1,748,467
Novel Reactions of Electrophilic Nitrogen for Preparing Bioactive Molecules $ 1,315,432
Investigating Munitions Mobility at a Riverine Munitions Response Site using a Rapidly-Deployable Monitoring System $ 1,093,173
The Delaware Space Observation Center $ 900,000
Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood, Delaware Family Child Care Networks $ 850,000
Delaware Nutrient Management Program $ 548,484
Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Program for Municipal Grant Development $ 354,000
Geologic Map of the Wyoming Quadrangle in fulfillment of Guidance Criteria Category 1: New Mapping Options $ 136,526
Development of Biological Control Methods for Management of Spotted Lanternfly $ 26,416
Sleep and Stress in Families with Socioeconomic Disadvantage: A Snapshot of Daily Life $ 25,000
Can Market Incentives Reduce Deforestation and Promote Compliance with Environmental Law? Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon $ 14,385
Addressing Incomplete Data with Artificial Intelligence $ 14,140
Studying the Effects of Moral Violations on Entrepreneurial Decision Making $ 12,500