UDare Cyber Scholarships For Service Program Kenneth Barner NSF $ 3,435,151
Microscale Habitat Use and Demographic Fitness of Different Sourced Translocated Bobwhite into Pennsylvania and Other Grassland Songbirds at Letterkenny Army Depot Christopher Williams Pennsylvania Game Commission $ 801,560
Chain Transform Fault: Understanding the Dynamic Behavior of a Slow-Slipping Oceanic Transform System Jessica Warren NSF $ 552,903
Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant and Substance Use Project Evaluation Daniel O’Connell DOJ $ 400,000
Understanding Soil Phosphorus Pools, Soil Phosphorus Buffering and Crop Response Amy Shober OCP North America Inc $ 249,920
Developing Scale-Up Manufacturing of Engineered Waste Coal Ash Based Lightweight Aggregate for Concrete Applications Jovan Tatar NSF $ 132,204
Historic Documentation for Want Water Catherine Morrissey DOI $ 44,818