Neural Subtypes of Developmental Stuttering Ho Ming Chow HHS $ 3,050,005
Comparative Assessment of Total Water Levels for Coastal Military Facility Readiness and Resilience Using Numerical Models Jack Puleo DOD $ 2,137,395
The Influence of Capsule Composition on Lens Biology Melinda Duncan HHS $ 1,956,855
CAREER: Towards Proactive and Collaborative Mobility-Aware Edge Intelligence Lena Mashayekhy NSF $ 671,835
Online Decision-Making and Control During Human-Human Interactions Joshua Cashaback NSF $ 592,083
Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative Beth Mineo HHS $ 447,432
Managing Notifiable Avian Influenza Calvin Keeler USDA $ 245,235
Modelling Bioreactor Performance from CHO Cell Clone Data Marianthi Ierapetritou GlaxoSmithKline $ 180,000
Aerostat Enabled Drone Glider Delivery System Wesley Connor NASA $ 160,000
Studying Host-Pathogen Interaction of Poultry Bacteria Infectious Disease and the Mechanism of Action of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Alternatives Ryan Arsenault Vetagro S.P.A. $ 104,556