Ecological Response and Resilience to Press-Pulse Disturbances and a Recent Decadal Reversal in Sea Ice Trends Along the West Antarctic PeninsulaCarlos Moffat VarasNSF$ 63,458
Delaware School Survey ServicesJames HighbergerHHS$ 108,000
Controlling and Preventing Asthma Progression and Severity in KidsMedina Jackson-BrowneHHS$ 152,000
Development of Bio-Inspired Nano-Sensors for Underwater Explosives and Hazardous MaterialsAustin BrockmeierDOD$ 170,658
Fundamental Studies of InAlN/GaN HEMTs on Si SubstrateYuping ZengDOD$ 239,724
Learning Leader Collaborative Culture Creation PartnershipMark HolodickDelaware Department of Education$ 250,000
Experimental and Numerical Study of Bed Shear Stress and Turbulent Boundary Layer Structure Induced by Breaking-Wave-Generated VorticesJames KirbyNSF$ 390,198
Attachment Biobehavioral Catch-Up in Philadelphia Infant Toddler Early Intervention ProgramCaroline RobenPhiladelphia Health Partnership$ 660,300
TuFF Thermoplastic Composites for Navy PlatformsShridhar YarlagaddaDOD$ 5,399,536