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COATs: Collagen-Mimetic Peptide and Therapeutic Gene-Modified Collagens for Cell-Mediated Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
Millicent Sullivan, Kristi Kiick

HHS $ 5,194,340 2021

Bio-inspired Materials and Systems, (4 yr. 3 mo.)
LaShanda Korley

NSF $ 5,131,543 2018

Delaware Clinical and Translational Research ACCEL Program State of Delaware, (5 yr.)
Stuart Binder-Macleod, Thomas Buchanan, Allison Karpyn, Susan Giancola

DE $ 5,000,000 2018

Delaware INBRE 4 State, (4 yr. 11 mo.)
Steven Stanhope

DEDO $ 5,000,000 2019

Enhancing Soldier Protection to Defeat Evolving Threats, (1 yr.)
Joseph Deitzel, Sanjib Chowdhury, John Gillespie, Bazle Haque, Md Hossain, John Tierney, Shridhar Yarlagadda

DOD $ 4,999,997 2021

BMGF NIIMBL Collaboration Project, (2 yr. 2 mo.)
Christopher Roberts

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $ 4,880,000 2022

Chronic Low Back Pain in Older Adults: The Rold of Co-Existing HIP Impairments, (3 yr. 9 mo.)
Gregory Hicks, Jaclyn Sions

HHS $ 4,756,743 2018

Neutron Metrology for Solving Grand Challenge Problems by Engineering the Tools of Scientific Discovery, (5 yr.)
Norman Wagner, Paramita Mondal, Eric Furst, Susana Marujo Teixeira

DOC $ 4,734,024 2020

Assessing Rehabilitation Outcomes After Severe Neuromusculoskeletal Injury: Development of Patient Reported Outcomes Assessment Instruments, (5 yr.)
David Tulsky, Pamela Kisala, Ratna Nandakumar, Jerome Slotkin

DOD $ 4,114,824 2016

Ultimately Transformed and Optimized Powertrain Integrated with Automated and Novel Vehicular and Highway Connectivity Leveraged for Efficiency (Utopian Vehicle), (3 yr.)
Andreas Malikopoulos

DOE $ 4,031,489 2017

Behavioral- and Bio-Markers of Subconcussion with Controlled Human Head Impact, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
John Jeka, Matthew Hudson

HHS $ 3,875,152 2016

Water Security for Delaware’s Changing Coastal Environment, (5 yr.)
Kent Messer, Elizabeth Chajes, David Weir, Donald Sparks, Amy Slocum, Amalea Rassias, Jeanette Miller, Madeline Valinski

DE $ 3,840,005 2018

Delaware Sea Grant 2018-2022 Omnibus, (1 yr.)
Edward Lewandowski, Fengyan Shi, Naomi Bates, Mark Jolly, James Kirby, Christopher Sommerfield, Jonathan Cohen, John Callahan, John Madsen, Carlos Moffat Varas, Kathryn Coyne, Thomas McKenna, Daniel Pettay, Jack Puleo, Tobias Kukulka

DOC $ 3,838,732 2017

Measuring Symptom Clusters in People with Sudden-Onset Disabilities, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
David Tulsky, Pamela Kisala, Mari Griffioen, Jerome Slotkin, Callie Tyner, Aaron Boulton

HHS $ 3,744,154 2019

GCR: Life Cycle Management of Materials: Sustainable Biomass to Designer Polymer Systems, (5 yr.)
Thomas Epps, Changqing Wu, Dionisios Vlachos, LaShanda Korley, Basudeb Saha, Delphis Levia, Aditya Kunjapur

NSF $ 3,699,999 2019

Delaware INBRE, (1 yr.)
Steven Stanhope, Jeffrey Caplan, Jeremy Crenshaw, Lisa Jaremka, Curtis Johnson, Brewster Kingham, Laura Lessard, Christopher Modlesky, Susanne Morton, Shawn Polson, Jessica Tanis, Erik Thostenson, Cathy Wu

HHS $ 3,676,470 2017

Recasting and Book Reading Under Ideal and Typical Conditions: The Role of Fidelity and Adherence in Production and Comprehension Outcomes for Children with DLD, (5 yr.)
Amanda Van Horne, Helen Mach, Henry May, Giovanna Morini

HHS $ 3,643,866 2020

Intervening Early with Neglected Children: Key Behavioral and Neurobiological Outcomes in Adolescence, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
Mary Dozier

HHS $ 3,512,496 2019

Delaware Stars Program, (1 yr.)
Rena Hallam, Kristy Jo Sheffler, Jason Hustedt

DDOE $ 3,400,399 2018

Early Childhood: Delaware Stars Program FY18, (1 yr.)
Rena Hallam, Jason Hustedt, Kristy Jo Sheffler

DDOE $ 3,367,670 2016

Examining the Efficacy of a Fraction Sense Intervention Grounded in Principles from the Science of Learning, (5 yr.)
Nancy Jordan, Henry May, Nancy Dyson, Adrienne Lucas

U.S. Dept of Ed. $ 3,299,955 2020

Health Consequesnces of Fear of Cancer Recurrence in Breast Cancer Survivors and Partners, (5 yr.)
Jean-Philippe Laurenceau

HHS $ 3,247,354 2020

The Payload for Ultrahigh Energy Observations: A Long-Duration Balloon-Borne Instrument for Particle Astrophysics at the Highest Energies, (1 yr.)
John Clem, David Seckel

NASA $ 3,208,104 2021

Cardiovascular Consequences of Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophinopathies, (4 yr.)
Melissa Witman, David Edwards, Ryan Pohlig

HHS $ 3,202,193 2021

Intervening with Opioid-Dependent Mothers Living in Poverty: Effects on Mothers’ and Infants’ Behavioral and Biological Regulation, (5 yr.)
Mary Dozier, Robert Simons, Jean-Philippe Laurenceau

HHS $ 3,133,446 2020

Delaware Sea Grant 2022-2024 Omnibus, (2 yr.)
Joanna York, Eric Bardenhagen, Anna Birkenbach, Julie Bruck, Aaron Carlisle, Jonathan Cohen, Edward Hale, Christian Hauser, Martin Heintzelman, Jennifer Horney, Mark Jolly, Miling Li, Christina McGranaghan, Kent Messer, Lindsay Naylor, Kimberly Oremus, Leah Palm-Forst

NOAA $ 3,077,561 2022

Cognitive and Biological Mechanisms in Pediatric Voice Therapy, (5 yr.)
Katherine Verdolini Abbott

HHS $ 3,076,319 2019

Industry 4.0 Implementation in Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, (1 yr. 8 mo.)
Marianthi Ierapetritou

HHS $ 3,060,006 2020

Neural Subtypes of Developmental Stuttering, (5 yr.)
Ho Ming Chow, Evan Usler

HHS $ 3,050,005 2022

Vascular Effects of Dietary Salt in Humans with Salt-Resistant BP, (4 yr. 10 mo.)
William Farquhar, David Edwards, Shannon Lennon

HHS $ 3,031,645 2016


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