NSF Science & Technology Center

Idea & Collaborative Session


Thursday, DECEMBER 13, 2018

11:00 am – 1:30 pm

*Lunch will be provided.

The NSF Science and Technology Center (STC) call for proposals is expected to be released in early 2019. Professors Karl Booksh and Andrew Teplyakov from Chemistry and Biochemistry are soliciting ideas and collaborations around the thematic topic of Multiscale Adaptive Sensing. The project would have elements of sensor design, data analyses, and environmental applications. It is envisioned that the research and technology advances will be based on automated and adaptive multiscale sensor networks that enable exploration, monitoring, and understanding of chemical spaces in the environment. Please see the attached draft powerpoint presentation for more thoughts on the project ideas.

A successful STC proposal must span multiple disciplines and units (departments, colleges, and institutions). The UD Research Office, in conjunction with Karl and Andrew, is organizing the first of the brain storming/ideation sessions. The session is open to all faculty and researchers who have an interest in participating. After an initial presentation, there will be an open discussion of ideas. A large window of time has been allocated to maximize participation and to allow individuals to attend for part or stay the whole session. If you think we have missed someone whose participation would be of value, please forward this invitation to her/him. We look forward to your participation and robust discussion of ideas leading to collaborations. If you want to join remotely please connect using Zoom. If you would like to make a short (less than 5 min) presentation that connects your research to this ideas please let us know in advance by uploading your presentation on the participation form below.

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