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Instructions for Ordering Radionuclides

Only the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) may place orders for radionuclides. Researchers may contact radionuclide providers to inquire about product information, availability, cost, etc. but they may not place an order.

Most radiochemical vendors provide the university with discount pricing that is less than the catalog or on-line price advertised. DEHS can provide researchers with the price for an item upon request– the following information is needed: vendor name, catalog number, and amount of activity desired (e.g. 250 microcuries).

To request that DEHS place an order, individuals submit the Radioactive Material Requisition (RMR) form found on the UD Webforms site (

  • The RMR form may be used to order up to three different products from the same radiochemical vendor. If a product from another vendor is desired, then a second RMR must be submitted.
  • When placing the order, DEHS will request that the vendor deliver the shipment to the university on the date that the submitter enters in the “Desired arrival date” field. Orders will be placed with the vendor on the same day that DEHS receives a correctly completed Radioactive Material Requisition. Submitters should be aware that it is unlikely that a request for a shipment to arrive the next day will actually result in a next-day arrival if they submit the RMR in the mid or late afternoon. Even when ordered early in the day, shipments which are requested to arrive on the next day do not always arrive as expected– submitters should make allowances for late shipments when they submit their RMR and plan their experiments.
  • When completing the Radioactive Material Requisition, it is not necessary for the researcher to know the total price of the item(s) to be ordered. The “Total price of all units” field may be left blank or an estimated price may be entered. If no price is entered, DEHS will place the order regardless of cost. If a known or estimated cost is entered, DEHS will contact the submitter before finalizing the order with the vendor if the actual cost is much higher that that entered.
  • For shipments to be delivered to the Lewes campus, the researcher must enter a name in the field “Name of person who will receive package” to ensure proper delivery. This field may be left blank for shipments to the Newark campus.
  • In the “Funding” section, choose “Other” in the Nickname field and enter your “SpeedType” (Purpose Code). If you are uncertain what this number is, contact your departmental business office. The “UserField” may be left blank. Click on “Next Step” to go to page two of the form.
  • In the section “Accounting Information”, enter the following number in the “Account” field: 140180. Entries in all the other fields are optional.
  • In the section “Routing and Authorization”, chose the appropriate “Purpose Approver” from the pull down menu. If you do not know which name to select, contact your departmental business office. Click on “Finish and Submit”.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE!! DEHS will not receive your order request until the Purpose Approver opens the form and approves. This could be a source of delayed orders. If you desire an order to arrive on the following day, it is recommended that you confirm that the Purpose Approver you select on the form is actually at-work that day. Contacting the Purpose Approver immediately after you submit the webform and requesting that they “approve” the order, will also expedite your order.
  • Those placing orders are welcome to contact Bill Fendt (x1434) or Geri Foster (x8476) to see if their order has reached DEHS (i.e. has been “approved” by the Purpose Approver).
  • The individual submitting the Radioactive Material Requisition form may also identify others to receive a copy of the RMR by entering their email addresses in the COPY fields of the Routing and Authorization section of the form.

The cost of the ordered items will be charged against the identified account but this may take several weeks since shipping charges are not always known at the time the order is placed.

Submitters are welcome to contact DEHS (302-831-8475) if they have questions on how to complete a Radioactive Material Requisition or to inquire whether a RMR has been received or processed.


Procedure Details:

OWNER: Environmental Health & Safety

RESPONSIBLE OFFICE: Environmental Health & Safety

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